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Killi-News Index

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BKA publications

The Aphyosemion calliurum group A.C. Radda and R.H. Wildekamp (May 1977)

A review of Cameroonian Aphyosemion calliurum with remarks on relationships within the A. calliurum group J.J. Scheel

A review of the Aphyosemion scheeli Group J.J. Scheel

A review of Aphyosemion gardneri and its allied J.J. Scheel

A review of Aphyosemion gulare (Blgr. 1901) and its relatives, with the description of Aphyosemion kribianum nov. spec. Dr. Alfred C. Radda

The Epiplatys Species of the “Senegalensis – bifasciatus” Group including the provisional description of Epiplatys bialrenus sp.nova. Dr. Alfred Radda

Notes on the Distribution, Ecology and Variability of the Aphyosemion gardneri – Super species in West Cameroon, Aphyosemion pascheni and Aphyosemion ahli Alfred C. Radda

On the identity of Oesers Aphyosemion On the identity of Aphyosemion santa-isabellae Scheel J.J. Scheel

The Aphyosemion cameronense group A.C. Radda and R.H. Wildekamp

Notes on the genus Procatopus (Boulenger) Fred Wright

The subgenus Chromaphyosemion Radda (1971) A.C. Radda (March 1977)

The Aphyosemion exiguum and Aphyosemion batesii groups A. C. Radda and R. H. Wildekamp

A review of the Cyprinodont fauna of the coastal plain in Rio Muni, Gabon, Congo, Cabinda and Zaire, With taxonomic Shift in Aphyosemion, Epiplatys and West African Procatopodins Dr. J.H. Huber (Nov 1981)

A review of Aphyosemion arnoldi and its allied J.J. Scheel|

A study of Cyprinodontides in the Southern Cameroons. 3. The area around Kumba. Dr A.C. Radda

Aphyosemion oeseri (H.Schmidt 1928) By E. RoIoff

A Synopsis of the subgenus Aplocheilus (McClellan, 1839) Dr. Alfred C. Radda  

Aphyosemion gardneri obuduense sub-species novel,  A description of a new Aphyosemion gardneri sub- species from Nigeria By A.J. Wright & J, Jeremy

Provisional description of Aphyosemion marmoratum nov. spec. and Aphyosemion rubrolabiale nov. spec. from West Cameroon Dr. Alfred C. Radda (1974)

Contribution to the Knowledge of the Cyprinodonts of Gabon (with the description of four new species and one new subspecies of the Genus Aphyosemion) MYERS Dr. Alfred C. Radda (June 1975)

Cyprinodontids collected in the Ivory Coast 1974 to 1978 J.H. Huber (Translated by Peter Watkins, prepared by Tim Addis and Richard Cox. Illustrated by Ruud Wildekamp.1984)

Cyprinodontidae Studies in Gabon IV The Du Chaillu Massive J. H. Huber and Dr. A.C. Radda (March 1978) The Genus Cynolebias Jan-Willem Hoetmer (Translated by Tonny Woeltjes) (Feb 1980)

The Roloffia species of Liberia with research into the identity of Roloffia melantereon (Fowler, 1950) and a description of Roloffia jeanpoli spec.nov.  Heinz O. Berkenkamp and Dr Vollrad Etzel (1979)

Cyprinodontidae Studies in Gabon V The Lowlands of West Gabon and the Mayumbe Hills J. H. Huber and Dr. A.C. Radda (July 1978)

On the Possible Identity and Status of Haplochylus lacazei Rochebrune 1885 Jean H. Huber

A B.K.A. Separatum April 2000 

A new Nothobranchius from the Sudan. A provisional description of Nothobranchius nubaensis n sp. Marc Bellemans (June 2003)

The Nothobranchius of Southern Africa. R.A. Jubb

Roloffia chaytori spec. nov. (a description of a new Roloffia species from Sierra Leone). E. Roloff

The killifish of West Cameroon and adjacent parts of East Cameroon and Nigeria, J.J .Scheel

Schedule of points for difficulty of breeding.

A review of Cameroonian Aphyosemion calliurum with remarks on relationships within the Aph.calliurum group — J.J.Scheel

Roloffia viridis – sp. nov. W.Ladiges and E. Roloff.  

Epiplatys lamotteiE. Roloff.

The Epiplatys Species of the ”Senegalensis – bifasciatus’” Group including Roloffia chavtori. E. Roloff  Callopanchax (Roloffia) monroviae spec, nov. – E, Roloff & W. Ladiges. 

Roloffia.brueningi spec. nov. – E. Roloff.

BKA Information Pamphlets (IPs)

IP 1 Water conditions

IP 2. Receiving eggs, incubation and feeding of fry
IP 3. Micro worm culture

IP 4. A new species
IP 5. Transportation of fish & eggs

IP 6. Austrofundulus transilis

IP 7. Pteroiebias zonatus

IP 8. Nothobranchius rachovii

IP 9. The genetics of sex

IP 10. Epiplatys dageti monroviae see IP 80

IP 11. Aphyosemion calliurum see IP 76

IP 12: Procatopus nototaenia

IP 13. Aphyosemion striatum

IP 14. Infusoria culture

IP 15. Pterolebias longipinnis

IP 16. First BKA Show

IP 17. Fundulopanchax (Aphyosemion) gardneri see IP 75
IP 18.
Nematolebias (Cynolebias) whitei

IP 19. Aplocheilus lineatus

IP 20. Fundulopanchax (Aphyosemion) walkeri

IP 21. Fundulopanchax (Aphyosemion) cinnamomeus

IP 22. Aphyosemion bualanum

IP 23. Rivulus dorni

IP 24. Rivulus cylindraceus

IP 25. Fundulopanchax (Aphyosemion) sjoestedti

IP 26. Cynodonichthys (Rivulus) tenuis

IP 27. Aphanius mento

IP 28. Rivulus milesi see IP 81

IP 29. Epiplatys sexfasciatus

IP 30. Austrolebias (Cynolebias) nigripinnis

IP 31. Anablepsoides (Rivulus) peruanus

IP 32. Aplocheilus dayi

IP 33. Chrom(Aphyosemion) bivittatum

IP 34. Jordanella floridae

IP 35. Epiplatys macrostigma

IP 36. Aphyosemion cognatum

IP 37. Pterolebias maculipinnis

IP 38. Epiplatys chaperi see IP 77

IP 39. Austrolebias (Cynolebias) bellottii

IP 39a. Simpsonichthys boitonei

IP 40. Scriptaphyosemion (Roloffia) geryi

IP 41. Aphanius iberus

IP 42. Callopanchax (Roloffia) toddi

IP 43. Pterolebias peruensis

IP 44. Aphyosemion christyi

IP 45. Epiplatys olbrechtsi

IP 46. Epiplatys bifasciatus

IP 47. Epiplatys sexfasciatus

IP 48. Rachovia hummelincki

IP 49. Austrofundulus dolichopterus 

IP 50. Name changes

IP 51. Chrom(Aphyosemion) bivittatum hollyi 

IP 52. Fundulopanchax (Aphyosemion) gulare

IP 53. Fundulopanchax (Aphyosemion)  fallax

IP 54. Aphyosemion exiguum

IP 55 2.3 gallon Peat Tank

IP 56. Pseudepiplatys annulatus

IP 57. Nothobranchius guentheri 

IP 58. Aphyosemion melanopteron

IP 59. Scriptaphyosemion (Roloffia) guineensis

IP 60. Scriptaphyosemion (Roloffia) liberiensis

IP 61. Aphyosemion labarrei

IP 62. Aphyosemion ahli

IP 63. Aphyosemion australe
IP 64. Epiplatys spilargyreius

IP 65. Scriptaphyosemion (Roloffia) roloffi

IP 66. Fundulusoma thierryi

IP 67. Cynolebias ladigesi

IP 68. Aphyosemion (santaisabellae) oeseri

IP 69. Nimbapanchax (Roloffia) petersi

IP 70. Nothobranchius melanospilus

IP 71. Rachovia splendens

IP 72. Nothobranchius kirki

IP 73. Aphyosemion celiae

IP 74. Aplocheilus panchax

IP 75. Fundulopanchax (Aphyosemion) garneri supersedes No 17
IP 76.
Aphyosemion calliurum supersedes No 11.

IP 77. Epiplatys chaperi supersedes No 38

IP 78. Epiplatys bifasciatus supersedes No 46

IP 79. Cyprinodon variagatus

IP 80. Epiplatys dageti supersedes No. 10

IP 81. Rivulus milesi supersedes No. 28

IP 82. Aphyosemion elegans

IP 83. Roloffia hastingsi

IP 84. Chrom(Aphyosemion) riggenbachi

IP 85. Aphyosemion mirabile traudae

IP 87. Rivulus Magdalenae

IP 88. Fundulopanchax (Aphyosemion) walkeri

IP 89. Aplocheilus blockii 

IP 90. Scriptaphyosemion (Roloffia) roloffi

IP 91. Aphyosemion christyi

IP 92. Aphyosemion striatum Microphtalmun

IP 93. Provisional description of Aphyosemion scheeli (colour)

IP 94. Aphyosemion ahli

IP 95. Aphyosemion striatum striatum

IP 96. Fundulopanchax (Aphyosemion) mirabile

IP 97. Epiplatys chevalieri

IP 99. Scriptaphyosemion (Roloffia) liberiensis (Firestone plantation)
IP 100.
Fundulopanchax (Aphyosemion) gardneri (Cameroon)

IP 101. Anableopsodies(Rivulus) limoncochae

IP 102. Epiplatys grahami (Lagos)

IP 103. Fundulopanchax (Aphyosemion)puerzeli

IP 105. Callopanchax (Roloffia) occidentalis

IP 106. Anablepsoides (Rivulus) urophthalmus

IP 107. Anablepsoides (Rivulus) urophthalmus ?

IP 108. Fundulopanchax (Aphyosemion) arnoldi

IP 109. Epiplatys olbrechtsi

IP 110. Aplocheilus lamottei

IP 111. Aplocheilus singa

IP 112. Chromaphyosemion (Aphyosemion) bivittatum 

IP 113. Aplocheilus barmoensis 

IP 114. Aphyosemion gabunense “Boehme” 

IP 115. Aphyosemion ocellatum

IP 116. Aphyosemion exigoideum 

IP 117. Aphyosemion rectogoense 

IP 118. Fundulopanchax (Aphyosemion) filamentosus

IP 119. Austrolebias (Cynolebias) bellotti

IP 120. Diapteron georgiae

IP 121. Aphyosemion primigenium

IP 122. Epiplatys zimiensis

IP 123. Aphyosemion punctatum

IP 124. Aphyosemion splendidum

IP 125. Aphyosemion coeleste

IP 126. Aphyosemion chaytori 

New IP 1. Aphanius anatoliae anatoliae

New IP 2. Nothobranchius taeniopygus

New IP 3. Laimosemion (Rivulus) frenatus

New IP 4. Plesiolebias bitteri

New IP 5. Chromaphyosemion (Aphyosemion) lugens
New IP 6.
Cynolebias bokermanni

New IP 7. Epiplatys bifasciatus

New IP 8. Aphyosemion chauchei

New IP 9.  Foerschichthys flavipinnis

New IP 10.  Nothobranchius neumanni

New IP 11.  Fundulus waccamensis

New IP 12.  Laimosemion (Rivulus) lyricauda

New IP 13.  Procatopus similis

New IP 14.  Pterolebias wishmanni

New IP 15.  Callopanchax (Aphyosemion) occidentale
New IP 16.
  Cyprinodon eximius

New IP 17.  Laimosemion (Rivulus) cladophorus
New IP 18. Aphyosemion pascheni

Killi-News 1965

1965 Issue 1 Sep 

p1 General Introduction to BKA and MC.

1965 Issue 2 Oct

p2 Fish Reclassification p3 Filtration media

1965 Issue 3 Nov

p2 Species Propagation committee

1965 Issue 4 Dec

p3 Austrolebias (Cynolebias) bellotti

p3 Anablepsoides (Rivulus) holmiae, Laimosemion (Rivulus) agilae, Anablepsoides (Rivulus) micropus

p6 Rules and aims of the new species propagating and stabilising committee

Killi-News 1966  

1966 Issue 5 Jan

p1 Astrofundulus myersi

p2 Fundulus U2

p3 Review of Aquarium Illustrated (American) and Akvariet (Sweden) 2 publications featuring killifish

p4 Rachovi brevis

p4 Austrolebias (Cynolebias) nigripinnis

p5 Nothobranchius orthoronotus

p5 Astrofundulus transilis

p5 Pterolebias peruensis

p5 Rivulus milesi

p5 Winter feeding

1966 Issue 6 Feb

p1 19 Classes for the BKA show
p2 Publications – Pets Monthly

p2 Technical editors report

1966 Issue 7 Mar p1 MC report

p2 Haggis hageri

p6 Luck with Daphnia A.J. Wright

1966 Issue 8 Apr

p4 Growth rate in fry Fred Wright

1966 Issue 9 May

p1 Reclassifactions

p3 Fish Husbandry – Aplocheilus lineatus Frank Partington

p5 A technique with Nematolebias (Cynolebias) whitei

1966 Issue 10 Jun

p2 Reclassification Pt.elegans to Cyn.whitei

p2 Aplochielus dayi

p5 Plants vs Fish Frank Partington

1966 Issue 11 Jul

p2 BKA International Members Show Bingley Hall Birmingham Aug 24/27th

p3 Breeding competition

p4 Technical Editors report

p5 Epiplatys sexfasciatus Joergen J Scheel translated by Erik Juhl-Sorensen BKA 112

1966 Issue 12 Aug  

p1 Membership roll

p2 BKA International members show Aug 24/27th Bingley Hall

p2 Use of water sprite in fish tanks

p4 Technical editors report A concise summary of Floridan Killiefish

p5 Description of some unknown killifish: Ibadan stock, Large Barombi stock, Benin city stock, stock of Longiventralis from Erik Juhl-Sorensen

1966 Issue 13 Sep 

p1 Association rules

p2 Discussion on the spelling of Killifish

p2 BKA International members show Aug 24/27th Bingley Hall report

p3 Show results

p4 Major awards

p5 Technical editors report

1966 Issue 14 Oct  

p1 New Editor Cliff Bill

p1 New Species report – (Austrofundulus transilis, Aphyosemion australe gold, Fundulopanchax (Aph.) cinnamomeus)

1966 Issue 15 Nov  

p1 review of slide shows

p2 Menu Calendar for tropical fish (incl. adult house flies dried and ground!) Erik Juhl-Sorensen BKA 112

1966 Issue 16 Dec  

p1 Around and about new imports (Cynolebias ladegesi, Aphyosemion christyi, Nothobranchius rachovi, Aphyosemion liberense, Aphyosemion exiguum, Aphyosemion bualanum, Chromaphyosemion (Aph.) bivittatum, Rochovi hummelinki, Fundulopanchax (Aph.) walker, Albino whitei)

p2 Peat divers and choosing the right medium

p4 Crossing experiments with Epiplatys dageti Monroviae “Chaperi” J.J. Scheel

Killi-News 1967

1967 Issue 17 Jan  
p1 Members Advisory Committee

p2 Know your Fish letter John Open

p3 Rivulus achille 

p4 Cynopoecilus

p5 Exhibition in Birmingham

p6 Fine finnage of South Americal – Pterolebias zonatus P.R. Stokes

1967 Issue 18 Feb 

p1 Half yearly booklet

p1 New Hull area group forms

p2 3 new species – Austrofundulus transilis, Aphyosemion spurrelli, Rachovia brevis 

p3 Percentage of hatchings with annuals Jim Collet

p4 Around and about Nematolebias (Cynolebias) whitei (Albino)

1967 Issue 19 Mar 

p1 Around and about Epiplatys annulatus Monrovia

p4 Bingley Hall, Birmingham show

p6 Austrofundulus myersi A sand spawning annual P. R. Stokes

1967 Issue 20 Apr 

p1 Recent importations – Fundulopanchax (Aphyo.) cinnamomeus, Procatopus notataenia, Austrofundulus transilis

p5 Aquagram 1

1967 Issue 21 May 

p3 Technical editors report – Rivulus achilles

p6 Freelance show – London report

p7 Aquagram 2

1967 Issue 22 Jun 

p2 AGM – June 4th Wood End Youth club, Wednesfield

p3 Stone (Staffs) A.S. Open Show

p5 BKA International show Bingley Hall, Birmingham

1967 Issue 23 Jul  

p1 The clown of the Epiplatys species (Epiplatys annulatus) P.R. Stokes

p3 Plataplochilus chalcopyrus

1967 Issue 24 Aug  

p4 Plataplochilus miltotaenia (Lambert)

p4 Sponge method of incubating killie eggs

1967 Issue 25 Sep

p1 BKA drop the ‘E’

p2 Taxonomy changes Ted Seymour

p4 BKA Birmingham show results

1967 Issue 26 Oct 
p2 Rivulus milesi

1967 Issue 27 Nov 

p4 Trials and tribulations

1967 Issue 28 Dec

p1 Nylon mops versus Java Moss Vesicularia dubyana Allan Ekman

p3 Fundulopanchax (Aphyosemion) nigerianum hybrids Fred Wright

p5 Review Fish, Fur and Feather show at Hackney

Killi-News 1968

1968 Issue 29 Jan

p4 Report of Hendon Convention where J.J. Scheel was the speaker

1968 Issue 30 Feb

p1 A look at bloodworns Fred Wright

p3 Reply to Fundulopanchax (Aphyosemion) gardneri question J.J. Scheel

1968 Issue 31 Mar

p1 Recommended books Allan Ekmar

p4 Travel tips in Ghana David Blair

1968 Issue 32 Apr

p1 New species report Gordon Richardson

1968 Issue 33 May

p1 Notes on the breeding of Pseudepiplatys annulatus

p3 A “house-cure” against Oodinium on Nothobranchius specics

p5 Use of sphagnum Moss as Spawning medium Fred Wright BKA 59

1968 Issue 34 Jun

p1 A Trio of Nothobranchs (Nothobranchius orthonotus, Nothobranchius neumanni, Nothobranchius palmquisti) Gordon Richardson Chairman N.S.S.

p3 Regional Group Reports

1968 Issue 35 Jul – Not Available

1968 Issue 36 Aug – Not Available

1968 Issue 37 Sep  

p1 AGM agenda of the BKA

p2 Group Reports

p3 New Species report Gordon Richardson Chairman N.S.S.

1968 Issue 38 Oct  

p2 Fishing for Valencia hispanica and Aphanius iberius in their natural habitat J.M. Arrendondo BKA 303

p5 Thoughts of the Chairman Dave (Brooks?)

p5 Formation of a new group – North East Yorks Group

p6 Report from the new species stabilising committee Don Craven BKA 19

1968 Issue 39 Nov – Not Available

1968 Issue 40 Dec – Not Available

Killi-News 1969  

1969 Issue 41 Jan – Not Available

1969 Issue 42 Feb – Not Available

1969 Issue 43 Mar

p1 BKA slides

p2 Visit to the British Museum (Natural History) Anthony Coles BKA 398

p4 Technical Editors report (Review of Rivulins of the Old World by J.J. Scheel) EJ Seymour

p4 London Group report

1969 Issue 44 Apr

p2 A casual observation on raising killifish fry Joe Anascavage BKA 333

p3 A killifish for the community tank – Procatopus gracilis

p4 London Group report Norman Snelling

p4 Join the Egg container revolution

1969 Issue 45 May  
p2 list of IPs 1-46

p3 Rivulus ocellatus (Hensel 1868) Kjeld Bo Larsen

1969 Issue 46 Jun 

p2 Deutsche Killifish Gemeinschaft (DKG) forms

p3 Report of trip to Germany Tom Glass BKA 93

p5 Technical editors report E.J. Seymour BKA 2

1969 Issue 47 Jul 

p2 AGM Sun 7th Sept Clifton Road Community centre, Isleworth, Middlesex

p2 BKA International show – Royal Horticultural Society Old Hall, London SW1

p3 A trip to catch Valencia hispanica (Aphanius iberus) Jose Arrendondo

p5 The Tadcaster get-together Killie-show

1969 Issue 48 Aug 

p2 BKA AGM Agenda

p3 Technical editors report

p3 Exchange emails between Ken Owen and TFH President Herbert R. Axelrod

p4 Chairmans final report David Ellis

p6 BKA Grand prize draw

1969 Issue 49 Sep

p1 Chairman’s inaugural report Ron Short

p3 New species

p4 B.K.A. U1

p6 Group Reports

1969 Issue 50 Oct

p2 Chairman’s report Ron Short

p3 Diapteron (Aphyosemion) cyanostictum, 

p4 Diapteron (Aphyosemion) georgiae

p4 Aphyosemion striatum ogoense, Aphyosemion striatum microphtalum, 

p5 Aphyosemion exiguum, 

p5 Aphyosemion splendidum, 

p5 Aphyosemion cameronense 

p7 London group meeting Norman Snelling

p9 Report of Killie Show and get-together, Collingham memorial hall

p10 NEYG report

p12 Species controller report Dick Armstrong

p14 B.K.A. U1

1969 Issue 51 Nov

p1 Chairman’s report Ron Short

p3 Results of A.G.M. 1969 Ken Owen

p12 B.K.A. U1

p12 Group reports

p14 Tape/slide show available

p14 Sex ratio and temperature

1969 Issue 52 Dec

p1 Chairman’s report Ron Short

p2 Results of 1969 B.K.A. 4th International show

p6 Species controller report Dick Armstrong

p7 B.K.A. U1

p7 Fundulosoma thierryi

Killi-News 1970

1970 Issue 53 Jan

p3 Species Controller’s report Archiaphyosemion (Roloffia) guineensis Dick Armstrong
p4 B.K.A. Abbreviations 

p5 Plataplochilus mimus, Plataplochilus pulcher, Plataplochilus cabindae Fred Wright

p6 Nothobranchius palmqvisti Paul Blowers

p6 Storage of “Optional Eggs” Fred Wright

1970 Issue 54 Feb

p4 Epiplatys nigromarginatus (Schultze 1937) IP Fred Wright

p6 Foods – letters

p6 Killies by Post -letters

1970 Issue 55 Mar

p1 Posted Killies Frank Coleman

p4 Spawning mops

1970 Issue 56 Apr

p3 Egg storage conditions for Aphyosemion & Roloffia Chris Partridge

p5 Breeding Epiplatys dageti Gordon Churchill

p6 Growth observations of Aphyosemion striatum Chris Partridge

1970 Issue 57 May

p2 Chromaphyosemion (A.) bivittatum, Aplocheilichthys hutereaui, Aphyosemion melanopteron Fred Wright

p3 Mortality of newly hatched fry Dick Armstrong

p5 A Killifish egg incubator T. J. Griffiths  

p6 Breeding Fundulopanchax (Aphyosemion) sjoestedti Jose M. Arredondo

p7 Receiving eggs and fish through the post Allan Ekman

p9 Report on David Blair 1969 imports D. W. Ellis

1970 Issue 58 Jun

p1 Details of B.K.A. groups

p3 Tropical fishkeeping in Cyprus Bob Riley
p5 Breeding top spawners
Fred Wright

1970 Issue 59 Jul

p4 (Cynolebias) constanciae Fred Wright

p6 Breeding and egg collection of bottom spawners Fred Wright

p7 Suggestion as to why fish won’t spawn Fred Wright

1970 Issue 60 Aug

p2 Austrolebias (Cynolebias) nigripinnis Fred Wright

p3 A selection of Welsh hints and tips Syd Burrows

p4 Comments on egg storage of “substrate ploughers” Cynolebias marmoratus, Cynolebias splendens Fred Wright

p6 Genetics – Determination of individual characteristics Chris Lee

1970 Issue 61 Sep

p2 Report on 5th International Show John Fellows. BKA 141.

p5 Notholebias (Cynolebias) minimus Fred Wright BKA 59

p6 Brine Shrimp Hatcher Ray Huey BKA 206

p7 Killifish Egg Hatcher Peter Brown BKA 268

1970 Issue 62 Oct

p2 Green/Red Rivulus R. cylindraceus or R.compressus Fred Wright T.Ed BKA 59

p3 Breeding Austrolebias (Cynolebias) nigripinnis Tom.Kamedulski BKA 566

p4 Variance in Egg Production with Coloured Mops in Aphyosemion exiguum preference – Blue, very different results with Fundulopanchax (A.) cinnamomeus Steve Sellers, BKA 224.

p5 1969/70 Financial Report

1970 Issue 63 Nov

p2 Fundulopanchax oeseri (Aphyosemion santaisabellae) Fred Wright T.Ed BKA 59

p3 Report on David Blair 1970 African Expedition Dick Armstrong, Species Controller.

p4 Aphyosemion K3 Fred Wright T.Ed BKA 59

p5 Colour Perception by Fish Fred Wright T.Ed BKA 59

p6 Some observations on the spawning habits of Jordanella floridae John Laidler BKA 324

p7 Report on Collingham 1970 Meeting Lol Greenall. BKA 21.

p10 Discovery of the Rivuline Cyprinodontid, Rachovia hummelincki, near Barranquilla, Columbia. notes on its biology and distribution. Fred Wright T.Ed BKA 59

1970 Issue 64 Dec

p2 Catfish in Breeding Tanks (Corydoras aeneus) Peter Wilson BKA 327

p3 Fundulopanchax (Aphyosemion) cinnamomeus -CIN K (Kumbe) 2 Fred Wright

p4 Fundulopanchax (Aphyosemion) cinnamomeus CIN K3 Fred Wright

p4 Fluviphylax pygmaeus (Myers and Carvalho) Fred Wright, Tech. Ed.  

p5 The Genus Austrofundulus (A.dolichopterus and A.transilis)

p6 List of I.P’s.

p7 What is the hardness of water? Roy Welsbie. BKA 28

p9 Posting Fish and Eggs Ray Huey BKA 206

Killi-News 1971

1971 Issue 65 Jan

p2 Heat Loss During Transit Arthur Ewing BKS 296
p2 Obituary William Paul Haley BKA 228

p5 Water Softening Bob Edwards BKA 242

p6 Jordanella floridae a response Eddy Lough. B.K.A.396.

p7 Aphyosemion Kl

1971 Issue 66 Feb

p3 Some observation of the species Aphyosemion christyi complex (A.christyi, A.cognatum, A.schoutedeni) Fred Wright

p5 G.P.O. Regulations Concerning Fish F.A.Greensword

p6 Share schemes for fish importation John Open

p7 Sterile Killies Fred Wright

p8 Errata (See Killi-News 65) (Page 2) Graph for Dr Ewing Temperature losses was wrong

p8 Spawning Inducement

1971 Issue 67 Mar

p3 Remarkable Chromaphyosemion (A.) bivittatum Behaviour A. van den Nieuwenhuizen,

p4 Use of Fish in Mosquito Control 

p5 Hydra David Blair

1971 Issue 68 Apr

p2 Live Foods in the Soil Fred Wright

p4 Catfish in Breeding Tanks

p5 Group Reports

1971 Issue 69 May

p2 Possible Live Foods Fred Wright

p3 Record Keeping Fred Wright

p4 Species Study Groups Fred Wright

p5 Attempted Aphyosemion christyi x A. cognatum Cross Fred Wright

p5 Scientific Nomenclature

p6 Effect of Temperature on Dried Eggs 

p10 Fish Posting

1971 Issue 70 Jun

p2 Something more on the sp. Valencia hispanica Jose Arredondo, Madrid.

p3 Technical editors report Aphyosemion exiguum Fred Wright

p4 Aphyosemion celiae Fred Wright

p5 Killie-keeping in the Home Ron Short B.K.A. 1.

p6 Nimbapanchax (Roloffia) petersi David Blair
p8 Ion-exchange Resins for Water Softening Roy Welsbie BKA 28
p10 Group Reports

1971 Issue 71 Jul

p2 Fish House in a Cellar Brian Hughes B.K.A. 258

p4 Mini-killie (Fundulopanchax (A.) gardneri (from Cameroon, Eymojok) Fred Wright

p5 Breeding Fundulopanchax sjoestedti Bob Schwiegerath, BKA 454

p6 Group Reports

1971Issue 72 Aug

p3 Technical Editors report Aphyosemion ahli Fred Wright

p4 An odd little bod is a Daph (Daphnia) N.B. Hulme-Vickerstaff BKA 188.

p6 DKG AGM and International Show Len Emsden BKA 371.

p8 Group Reports

1971 Issue 73 Sept

p3 A New Spawning medium (filter wool) Graham Nosworthy

p4 Feeding Mosquito egg rafts to fry Bob Heap

p5 The Forwarding of Fish and Eggs N.B. Hulme-Vickerstaff

p5 Group Reports

1971 Issue 74 Oct

p2 Technical Editor’s Report Fred Wright

p3 Species Controller’s Report Dick Armstrong

p4 MAC Problem Corner

p4 Food for thought Ray Huey

p5 My Experience with Aphyosemion bualanum Maurice Nicholson

p6 Clarification of Minutes — June Meeting

p6 Group Reports

1971 Issue 75 Nov

p6 Minimal Requirements for “Aquarium balance” Blondel H Carlton

p9 Aphyosemion bualanum Gordon Churchill

p9 Group Reports

1971 Issue 76 Dec

p3 Concerning Chromaphyosemion (A.) riggenbachi Technical Editors report

p4 Temporary and Permanent Hardness Jim Queen

p9 Some Techniques with Fundulus chrysotus N. B. Hulme-Vickerstaff & Gerry Elliot

Killi-News 1972

1972 Issue 77 Jan

p3 A further report on Aphyosemion celiae sp. Nov Fred Wright Tech. Editor B.K.A.

p4 Species Controller’s Report Dick Armstrong

p5 The Sydney Killie Group Fred Wright

p5 An Everyman’s guide to killies – easy species Trevor Lambert

p6 Announcement: The Hybrid Register

p7 Nothobranchius and Velvet Bob Schwiegerath

p8 Rapid Velvet cure

p8 A new species of Rivulus -R.NSC-2 David Sale

p9 A Fairy Story? Scott Morgan

p10 Group Reports

1972 Issue 78 Feb

p3 Aphyosemion calliurum Fred Wright

p4 What has gone wrong with Aphyosemion australe G. Molloy

p6 Group Reports

1972 Issue 79 Mar
p2 Preliminary description of two new subspecies of the genus Aphyosemion Myers from West Cameroons Fundulopanchax (Aphyosenion) mirabile mirabile sub sp. nov. Fundulopanchax (Aphyosemion) mirabile moense sub sp. nov.  Dr. A. Radda

p3 Social Behaviour in Killifish A.W. Ewing BKA 296

p5 Callopanchax occidentalis Bob Schwiegersth BKA 383

p5 Group Reports

1972 Issue 80 Apr

p2 Honorary Membership – Dr A Radda

p2 AGM. & 2nd International Show of the DK.G.

p3 The Value of Pond Foods David Sale

p4 A review of the available treatments for Velvet Infections in Killifish Neville B. Hulme-Vickerstaff
p7 Instant Fish John Open

p8 Group Reports

1972 Issue 81 May

p2 Treasurer’s Report Brian Tate BKA 3

p3 Technical Editor’s Report Nimbapanchax (Roloffia) petersi Bill Carter B.K.A. 470
p4 Provisional Description of
Aphyosemion scheeli sp. nov.  Dr. A. Radda

p5 Species Controller’s Report

p5 MAC Problem corner: cross-breeding

p5 Some Further Observations on Aphyosemion australe G. Molloy BKA 299

p6 Breeding of Fundulopanchax walkeri Gerry Elliott B.K. A. 96

p7 Group Reports

1972 Issue 82 June

p3 Food for thought! Jose Arredondo BKA 303

p4 Would you believe it? 6 weeks in the post Austrolebias (Cynolebias) nigripinnis H.Gough B.K.A, 238

p4 Water hardness W.B. Pearson BKA 275

p7 A Good Word for Showing B. Forrester B.K.A.349

p7 Group Reports

1972 Issue 83 July

p4 Plants Have Their Place Too You Know! A. H Closs BKA. 477

p6 Would you believe it? “Was this then Shock – heart attack or what? Or a fish playing possum” Gordon Churchill BKA, 345

p7 Scriptaphyosemion (Roloffia) brueningi sp. nov. Fred Wright T/E BKA, 5

p8 Group Reports

1972 Issue 84 Aug

p2 Simpsonichihys boitonei Carvalho 1959 Fred Wright, Tech, Ed. B.K.A. 5.

p2 Scriptaphyosemion (Roloffia) roloffi Fred Wright, Tech, Ed. B.K.A. 5.

p3 Water Wisteria, A Variable Plant A.H. Closs. B.K.A, 477

p4 More Food for Thought! dry food G. Molloy, B.K.A. 299.

p5 Yeast to prevent mold in microworm cultures Jose Arredando, B.K.A. 303.

p5 Some observations on the breeding and raising of Aphyosemion labarrei G. Molloy. B.K.4. 299
p6 Group Reports

1972 Issue 85 Sep

p2 Technical Editor’s Report Neglected Epiplatys (Epiplatys bifasciatus, E. grahami, E. macrostigma and E. spilargyreius) Fred Wright

p4 Plants of the genus Hygrophila. A.H. Gloss

p5 Water Wisteria – Synnema triflorum. A.H. Gloss

p5 Cyprinodon variegatus. Pete Godwin, Brian Tate

p6 Tips on showing fish. Bryan Forrester

1972 Issue 86 Oct

p2 Epiplatys dageti, E. nigromarginatus, E. chaperi and Pseudepiplatys annulatus. Fred Wright
Cyprinodon variegatus. N. B. Hulme-Vickerstaff

p6 Nothobranchius genus.

1972 Issue 87 Nov

p4 Nothobranchius taeniopygus. D. Blair

p5 Maintenance and breeding Aplocheilicthys spilauchen. N. B. Hulme-Vickerstaff

1972 Issue 88 Dec

Aphyosemion fallax.

Cyprinodonts in the Southern Cameroons.

Killi-News 1973

1973 Issue 89 Jan

p4 Some notes on the genus Aphanius with particular reference to Aphanius fasciatus (Aph.dispar richardsoni, Aph.iberus, Aph. Mento, Aph.chantei, Aph.burduricus) Alex Cross and Charles Zammit

p7 An experiment on growth rates Pete Goodwin

1973 Issue 90 Feb

p3 Studies in Cyprinodonts in South Cameroons The area around Kribi. Dr. A.C. Radda
p8 Under Gravel filtration.
N.B. Hulme-Vickerstaff BKA 10

1973 Issue 91 Mar

p4 Another fairy story Aphanius sophiae. Scott Morgan p5 Fundulopanchax (Aphyosemion) oeseri. E.Roloff
p6 Views on Killi-keeping.

1973 Issue 92 Apr

p4 Aphyosemion raddai (meinkeni) (Myers 1933) E.Roloff Translated by Marcel Hausheer
p7 Alarms and emergency systems.
W.B. Pearson

p10 Aphyosemion ahli. N.B. Hulme-Vickerstaff BKA 10

1973 Issue 93 May

p6 Species Control? W.B. Pearson

p8 Species Owner Location Service.

p10 A review of Killifish native to Sri Lanka (Aplocheilus lineatus, Aplo.blockii, Aplo.dayi, Aplo. (Oryzias) melanostigma). N.B. Hulme-Vickerstaff

1973 Issue 94 Jun

p4 Species Control Report N.B. Hulme-Vickerstaff BKA 10

p5 Contribution to the Nothobranchius problem identifying U2-U5 (Nothobranchius furzeri, N.kuhntae, N.orthonotus, N.melanospilus, N.guentheri) R.A. Jubb

p7 Assessment of questionnaire on belly sliding in Aphyosemion australe Bob Bunting and Bob Heap

1973 Issue 95 Jul

p5 Killifish Top of the Pops list

p6 Aphyosemion exiguum Dr. R.B. Ingersoll BKA 377

1973 Issue 96 Aug

p4 Species in need of breeding (Part 1) N.B. Hulme-Vickerstaff

p7 An interim report on an unestablished species of Lampeye Bert Shelton

p8 Report on the Maintenance and Breeding of Anablepsoides (Rivulus) micropus N.B. Hulme-Vickerstaff
p9 Personal observations on
Cynodonichthys (Rivulus) tenuis Hans van Es

1973 Issue 97 Sep

p1 Fundulosoma thierryi and its relatives Dr. A Radda

p6 Aplocheilus panchax (By courtesy of ‘The Net’, Brighton and Southern. A.S. Magazine 5/1/73) Bert Shelton
Anablepsoides (Rivulus) micropus Bob Riley

p11 Species in need of breeding (Part 2) N.B. Hulme-Vickerstaff

1973 Issue 98 Oct

p1 Nematolebias (Cynolebias) whitei a hardy annual Bert Shelton, B.K.A. 480
p4 Some thoughts on ‘Annualism’ in killifish N.B. Hulme-Vickerstaff

p8 Bloodworms (Chironomus) B Heap

1973 Issue 99 Nov

p1 A brief review of the coded species of Nothobranchius from Malawi, East Africa (U7-U10) N.B. Hulme- Vickerstaff

p3 Notes on the Evolution of the genus Aphyosemion J.J. Scheel

p7 Provisional description of Fundulopanchax (Aphyosemion) gardneri from Obudu, S.E. Nigeri Fred Wright
p8 Services Secretary report IP list

p12 Laimosemion (Rivulus) strigatus – Laimosemion (Rivulus) agilae? Bob Riley

1973 Issue 100 Dec

p1 Callopanchax (Roloffia) monroviae Hans van Es BKA 284
p3 Velvet diseases in killies E. Hemingway BKA 552 (Ernest?)
p6 Seasonal spawners
Fred Wright

Killi-News 1974

1974 Issue 101 Jan

p1 Observations on the biotope of Nothobranchius korthausae spec nov. Frau E. Korthaus, translated from “Das Aquarium” 1973

p4 Peat bricks and their uses Bob Riley

p5 A Review of Species suitable for Beginners. (Rivulus cylindraceus, Cyndonichthys (R.) magdalenae, R.milesi, Fundulopanchax gardneri, Chromaphyosemion bivittatum, Aphyosemion australe) NBH-V BKA 10
p7 Some observations on the growth rate of fry
Fred Wright

p8 Management committee reports

p9 Oyez! Oyez!

p11 Group Announcements

1974 Issue 102 Feb

p1 remarks on the identity of Fundulopanchax (Aphyosemion) oeseri A. C. Radda
p4 Aphyosemion pascheni and its breeding Fred Wright

p6 Starting points 1 Constructing tanks

1974 Issue 103 Mar

p1 The maintenance and breeding of Fundulopanchax (Aphyosemion) ndianus (Scheel 1968) Fred Wright
p3 Mites in cultures
G Mamonov (Kiev 1973)

p5 Starting points 2 Setting up the tank

p7 The incidence of belly sliders in Aphyosemion australe fry

1974 Issue 104 Apr

p2 A description of a new Aphyosemion species from East Cameroon — Aphyosemion wildekampi spec. nov. H.O. Berkenkamp

p7 Starting points 3: Suitable fish for beginners. Sending for fish. Payment of money to non-sterling areas.
p8 MC Reports

p10 Oyez! Oyez!

p11 Group Announcements

1974 Issue 105 May

p1 Aplocheilus panchax rubropunctatus syn siamensis in West Sumatra Dr. Vollard Etzel
Scriptaphyosemion (Rol.) liberiensis “Muller’s Aphyosemion” Tony Coates, BKA 244.
p6 Starting points 4 Foods and feeding

p7 Drosphila – wingless fruit fly

p8 DKG International show

p10 Species control report

1974 Issue 106 Jun

p1 Chromaphyosemion (A. bivittatum) loennbergii (Boulenger 1903) Fred Wright
p3 Starting points 5 Breeding Top and switch spawners, Bottom spawners
p5 A “D.I.Y.” Brine shrimp hatchery Bert Shelton BKA 490

1974 Issue 107 Jul

p1 Fundulopanchax (A.) marmoratus (Radda 1974) its care and breeding Fred Wright
p3 Do you know
Chirocephalus diaphanous Prevost? – Fairy shrimp Richard Cox

p7 Starting points 6 Raising fry

p8 Micro-eels Bert Shelton BKA 490

1974 Issue 108 Aug

p1 A Fundulopanchax (A.) gardneri from West Cameroon Fred Wright
p3 Starting points 7 Posting fish

p5 Egg hatching cabinet (temperature controlled) K.N. Dossor BKA 565

1974 Issue 109 Sep

p1 Breeding Cyprinodon variagatus Peter Brown BKA 6

p3 Glossary of technical terms

p5 A layman’s appreciation of cell division and karyotype Rich Marsden BKA 17
p8 Starting points
Bob Heap BKA 9

1974 Issue 110 Oct

p1 Fundulopanchax (A.) robertsoni nov.spec. a new rivulin from Cameroon A.C. Radda and J.J. Scheel
p2 sphagnum moss a spawning medium Roy Chapman BKA 267

p5 Glossary of technical terms

1974 Issue 111 Nov

p1 Fundulopanchax (A.) puerzli A new rivulin from Cameroon A.C. Radda and J.J. Scheel
Aplocheilichthys loeti Fred Wright

p5 Jordanella floridae Ed Lough

p8 Service Secretary report including IP listing

1974 Issue 112 Dec

p1 on the identification of an Epiplatys species originally titled Epiplatys ansorgei Fred Wright
p3 A further enquiry into belly sliders in Aphyosemion australe Richard Cox

p5 A problem with Hydra Bob Heap

Killi-News 1975

1975 Issue 113 Jan

p1 Aphyosemion calliurum (vexillifer) C. Turner, B.K.A, 268

p3 Willow root as spawning mops Roger Winter B.K.A. 453

p4 Breeding Aphyosemion exiguum J. Willerton B.K.A. 558

p4 Raising Fruit Fly Drosophila melanogaster Tony Coates, Bob Heap

p5 M.A.C Problem Corner – breeding Aphyosemion striatum, Information on Cynolebias antenori and Austrolebias (Cynolebias) alexandrii Terry O’Brien, BKA 12

p6 Oyez! Oyez!

p8 Group Announcements

1975 Issue 114 Feb

p1 Catching, Maintenance and Breeding of Killies in Zaire (Epiplatys chevalier, Aphyosemion christyi, Aphyosemion cognatum. Epiplatys spilargyreius (alias senegalensis)) Geoff Wood B.K.A. 414

p5 Choosing a Tank J. Jeremy BKA 1

p5 Hygiene & the Home Aquarium Dr. K. Burr BKA 323 Bob Heap BKA 9.

p8 Species Control Report John & Pete

p8 Oyez! Oyez!

p12 Group Announcements

1975 Issue 115 March

p1 On the location (biotope) of Aphyosemion scheeli (+Aphyosemion calliurum (vexillifer)) Fred Wright.TE BKA. & N.W. Emery BKA

p3 Anguillula silusae (microworms) – A method of culture Richard Cox B.K.A. 559
p5 Chairman’s reports

p6 Oyez! Oyez!

P8 Group Announcements

1975 Issue 116 April

p1 A Small Problem for Roloffia Keepers Fred Wright. TE/BKA

p2 Factors affecting the growth and eventual size of Fish. (Genetics) Bob Purdy BKA 233

p6 Antibiotics in the Aquarium Keith Burr, BKA 323

p8 Secretary’s reports

p8 Oyez! Oyez!

p10 Group Announcements

1975 Issue 117 May

p1 Fundulopanchax (A.) cinnamomeus (Boduma, Kumba forms) R.A. HEAP B.K.A. 9

p7 Delta Fish J. Jeremy BKA 1

p8 Management Committee reports

p11 Oyez! Oyez!

P12 Group Announcements

1975 Issue 118 June

p1 Factors affecting the growth and eventual size of Fish. (water conditions) Bob Purdy BKA 233

p3 Experiments on aquarium “remedies”

p4 Packaging fish a cautionary tale Bob Heap BKA 9

p5 Management Committee reports

p6 Oyez! Oyez!

P7 Group Announcements

1975 Issue 119 July

p1 Dr. A.C. Radda Treberfydd Hall on Sunday 31st August, 1975 at 2p.m.

“Collecting trip to Biafra”’ and “The Cyprinodonts of Cameroon’s and neighbouring States’’ Poster

p2 Factors affecting the growth and eventual size of fish (Feeding, heating, lighting, General) Bob Purdy BKA 233

p7 Management Committee reports

p7 Oyez! Oyez!

p8 Group Announcements

1975 Issue 120 Aug

p1 Annual General Meeting 1975 Sunday 5th October Mons Hotel, Liverpool Meeting commences 2.00 p.m p2 An Outline of the Genus Cyprinodon (Cyprinodon dearborni, Cyprinodon baconi Cyprinodon bondi, Cyprinodon variegatus artifrons, Cyprinodon hubbsi, Cyprinodon jarnaicensis, Cyprinodon faciniatus,  Cyprinodon atrorus, Cyprinodon bifaciatus, Cyprinodon latifaciatus, Cyprinodon bovinus, Cyprinodon elegans, Cyprinodon. n. armagose, Cyprinodon macufarius, Cyprinodon rubrofiuviatifis, Cyprinodon salinus, Cyprinodon milleri, Cyprinodon nevadensis, Cyprinodon n. calidae, Cyprinodon n. mionectes, Cyprinodon i. pectoralis, Cyprinodon n. Shoshone, Cyprinodon diabolis, Cyprinodon radiosus) Estella Flather, member of NANFA, AKA, and the jointly sponsored Cyprinodon Study Group

p6 Management Committee reports

p9 Oyez! Oyez!

p10 Group Announcements

1975 Issue 121 Sep

p1 Notes on the topography of Africa Fred Wright TE/BKA

p4 What’s going on out there? – Fish house Dave Wilson BKA 243

p5 An Introduction to the New Management Committee

p7 Group Announcements

1975 Issue 122 Oct

p1 The Okefenokee Swamps (Fundulus linealatus, Leptolucania ommata) David Morel AKA, MAKA

p4 A compact killie unit D. Greenwood BKA 446

p6 An answer to Fred Wright’s comments (K/N120) on the article “Factors affecting the growth and eventual size of fish” (K/N 119) Vitamin review Bob Purdy BKA 233
p9 Group Announcements

1975 Issue 123 Nov

p1 Roloffia or Callopanchax or Aphyosemion Dr. Vollrad Etzel Stolberg.

p4 Report on the Genus Rivulus Ray Mecca BKA

p6 What’s going on out there? Pat Townsend B.K.A, 229

p7 Oyez! Oyez! Chairman’s Comments

p8 Judging and Showing Ted Sedman BKA 513

p10 further letter on the “Food Debate” Fred Wright T/E BKA

p11 Group Announcements

1975 Issue 124 Dec

p1 A Visit to East Africa in Search of The Genus Nothobranchius. Malcolm Walpole BKA 89

p6 Spawning Mediums for the Annual Fishes R.S. La Corte Hon. Member BKA

p12 Further thoughts on Vitamins Bob Purdy BKA 233

p15 Oyez! Oyez! Chairman’s Comments

p16 Foods and Feeding!!!

p16 Group Announcements

Killi-News 1976

1976 Issue 125 Jan

p1 A visit to East Africa in Search of the genus Nothobranchius part 2 “Mwazuma Notho” Malcolm Walpole BKA 89

p3 Technical Papers – Some questions answered Fred Wright TE/BKA

p4 Hints on Fish House Insulation D. WiIson BKA 243.

p10 Oyez! Oyez! The naming of Fish G. Molloy BKA 158

p11 Announcements Betty Simpson BKA 587

p12 New Zealand Killifish Association

p13 Group Announcements

1976 Issue 126 Feb

p1 On the species Lucania goodei (Jordan) by Fred Wright Technical Editor BKA

p3 Oyez! Oyez! 5 letters to the editor

p6 Water Changes

p8 Group Announcements

1976 Issue 127 March

p1 Three interesting species of Nothobranchius (Nothobranchius patrizii, Nothobranchius korthausae, Nothobranchius brieni) R. A. Jubb. Albany Museum, Grahamstown South Africa.

p6 Oyez! Oyez!

p6 Chairman’s Comments

p10 Group Announcements

1976 Issue 128 Apr

p1 Chromaphyosemion (A.bivittatum) bivittatum Dave Lee B.K.A. 410

p3 The Kinshasa Aphyosemion christyi Observations for comment! George Molloy B.K.A. 158

p5 Manchester group discussion No.1 Beginners problems Dave Lee B.K.A. 410

p8 Oyez! Oyez!

p10 Chairman’s Comments

p10 Group Announcements

1976 Issue 129 May

p1 Fundulopanchax (Aphyosemion) robertsoni (Radda 1974) Fred Wright T/E BKA

p2 Further comments on Aphyosemion “decorseii” and Aphyosemion christyi (Kinshasa) Geoff Wood B.K.A. 414

p4 Oyez! Oyez! 

p6 Wife’s viewpoint Joyce Churchill

p7 Group reports

1976 Issue 130 Jun

p1 The Edea population of Aphyosemion ahli Roger W. Langton

p2 A Journey to Sierra Leone Fred Wright. T/E BKA

p9 Technical Editor’s Report Fred Wright

p9 Species control report

p10 Oyez! Oyez!

p10 Chairman’s Comments

p11 Species control comments

p12 The current controversy

p14 Group Announcements

1976 Issue 131 Jul

p1 A New Species of Epiplatys from Sierra Leone (Epiplatys njalaensis (Newmann 1976), Epi.fasciolatus) Fred Wright T/E BKA

p4 Water Changes George Molloy BKA 159

p6 Manchester Group Discussion No 2 – Bottom Spawners Dave Le e BKA 410

p8 The Kinshasa Aphyosemion christyi G. Molloy, BKA 159

p9 Oyez! Oyez! 

p10 Group Announcements

1976 Issue 132 Aug

p1 On the species Aphyosemion gabunense (Radda 1975) Fred Wright

p3 Oyez! Oyez!

p4 Show Standards and Group Membership Bob Heap

p7 Group Announcements

1976 Issue 133 Sep

p1 RivuIus Report (R.urophthalmus, R.agilae, R.dibaphus, R.punctatus, R.santensis, R.magdalenae, R.milesi) Ray Mecca B.K.A.

p4 What are Killifish? Bob Heap B.K,A. 9

p12 Oyez! Oyez! An introduction to the management committee

p16 Group Announcements

1976 Issue 134 Oct

p1 A pretty population of Chromaphyosemion (A.) bivittatum “Meko” Hans van Es.

p3 A live-food pond of your own. George Molloy BKA 158

p5 Personal comments on microphotography and observations on the development of killifish eggs. Bob Heap BKA 9

p8 Oyez! Oyez!

p10 Group Announcements

1976 Issue 135 Nov

p1 The genus Oryzias – and in particular Oryzias latipes. Ian Sellick

p5 Fundulopanchax (A.) sjoestedti (dwarf red form) Dave Lee, BKA 410

p6 Further observation on the development of eggs of Fundulopanchax (A.) cinnamomeus Bob Heap BKA 9

p7 M.A.C. (Members Advisory Committee) Problem corner – hybrids, incubation times Austrolebias (C.) nigripinnis

p9 Oyez! Oyez!

p10 Group Announcements Acknowledgments and show results from our A.G.M. 1976

1976 Issue 136 Dec

p1 Fundulopanchax (Aphyosemion) litoriseboris Radda 1976 Name changes Fred Wright

p2 Occurrence of a Facultative Annual Cyprinodont in North America with comments on annualism (Fundulus confluentis) J, Cokendolpher Department of Biology Midwestern State University Wichita Falls, Texas U.S.A

p6 On the species Fundulopanchax (Aphyosemion) amieti Radda. Fred Wright

p8 Food for free – Earthworms Bob Dobson

p8 Oyez! Oyez!

p9 Group Announcements

Killi-News 1977

1977 Issue 137 Jan

p1 Difficulties around Nothobranchius guentheri Hans van Es BKA 284  

p4 “in the beginning’ Bill Matthew B.K.A. 93  

p6 M.A.C. Report Bob Purdy BKA 13  

p7 Oyez! Oyez!

p9 The Good and the Bad. by Beryl Scates B.K.A, 135  

p10 Aquarian Advisory Service Leaflet No. 13 The Protein Levels in Aquarian 

p11 Group Announcements

1977 Issue 138 Feb

p1 Fundulopanchax spoorenbergi a new Species from the border area of Nigeria/ West Cameroon by H. O. Berkenkamp

p4 Beginning with North American Killifish Estella Flather & James Cokendolpher, BKA 289

p8 A spate of new fishes. Fred Wright T/E BKA 

p8 Oyez! Oyez! AKFB Association Killiphile Francophone de Belgique  

1977 Issue 139 Mar

p1 Contribution to the Study of the Fundulopanchax walkeri (Boulenger, 1911) Superspecies Maurice Kottelat  

p4 Fundulopanchax (Aphyosemion) amieti Don’t discount your eggs before they’ve hatched. Allan Brown 313 

p5 Hints on hatching annual killifish eggs. BKA Severnside Group  

p6 Oyez! Oyez! A Synopsis of the Liverpool Group’s Discussion of lan Sainthouse’s letter printed in Killi-News No 137 Bill Matthew B.K.A, 93  

p9 Group Announcements 

1977 Issue 140 April

p1 Some observations on Laimosemion (Rivulus) strigatus Regan 1912 B. Hickling B.K.A. 266

p2 Oyez! Oyez! Letter from Rhodesia Brian Goodwin B.K.A. 207

p9 Group Announcements 

1977 Issue 141 May

p1 The ‘Deltafish’ – Aphyosemion deltaense (Radda 1976) G, Wood BKA 414

p3 Oyez! Oyez! General Meeting – Manchester

p5 Group Announcements 

1977 Issue 142 June

p1 Frozen Beef Heart Dave Lee B.K.A. 410

p2 A use for slate D. Walker B.K.A. 55

p2 Oyez! Oyez! Election of Chairman

p5 Group Announcements 

1977 Issue 143 July

p1 A summary of the egg development of annual kilIifish Bob Heap B.K.A. 9.

p8 Oyez! Oyez! A.G.M.

p10 Group Announcements 

1977 Issue 144 Aug

p1 Austrolebias (Cynolebias) nigripinnis (Regan 1912)

p4 Oyez! Oyez! A.G.M. Lunches

p8 Group Announcements 

1977 Issue 145 Sep

p1 Further Comments on Fundulopanchax (A.) amieti Ian Sainthouse

p2 Anablepsoides (Rivulus) holmiae (Eigenmann) Bill Matthew

p5! Oyez! Oyez! A.G.M.

p5 Group Announcements 

1977 Issue 146 Oct
p1 Some Observations on the Keeping and Breeding of Simpsonichthys boitonei Albert Howgate BKA236
p2 Peat Fibre Geoff Wood

p3 Where are they now? A review of E&F list Ian Sainthouse

p5 Not Just Any Old Mop Allan Brown

p7 OYEZ! OYEZ! Slide show

1977 Issue 147 Nov

p1 A Journey in Nigeria (Nothobranchius kiawense, Nothobranchius rubroreticulatus) Fred Wright
Nothobranchius kuhntae; its care and breeding D. Wood, BKA 102

p4 Chairmans comments


p5 AGM report

p8 Group Reports 

1977 Issue 148 Dec

p1 A Journey in Nigeria-Part 2 (Aplocheilichthys, Epiplatys bifasciatus, Chromaphyosemion (A.) bivittatum, Procatopus andraesenius, Epiplatys sexfasciatus) Fred Wright

p4 A Seasonal Story John Open, BKA 1

p5 An Egg Hatching and Fry Raising Cabinet-(temp. controlled) (An advance on my original temperature- controlled hatcher) Ken Dosser, BKA 565

p6 You too can write for Killi-News Joe Wylie, BKA 345

p7 Further Comments on Fundulopanchax (A.) amieti D. E. Green, BKA 524


p8 Group Reports 

Killi-News 1978

1978 Issue 149 Jan

p1 Aphyosemion melanopteron Some personal observations I. Sainthouse, BKA 8
p3 Tubifex
John Open, BKA 1

p4 A Culture Medium for Drosophilia (Fruit Flies)

p5 Some observations on packaging Fish and Eggs-1 A.Gabbutt BKA 445

p7 Notes on the Acclimatisation of Fish and Eggs M. Addicott, BKA 370

p8 Oyez! Oyez!

p9 A letter on peat divers Mike Brooks BKA 452

p9 Group Reports

1978 Issue 150 Feb

p1 My Experiences with Fundulopanchax (Aphyosemion) puerzli S. Barratt, BKA 414
p2 Mosquitos
John Open, BKA 1

p3 A Bag Full of Trouble (problems with plastic bags) Alan Charlton, BKA 477

p4 Technical Editors Report Fred Wright  

p4 How Not to Kill I Fish Fred Wright

p5 A Cheap and Simple White Worm Breeder David E. Green, BKA 524

p6 Egg Hatching and Fry Raising Mick Carrier, BKA 540

p7 Willow Root as a Spawning Medium Mick Carrier, BKA 540

p7 How Lucky You Are – cost of killifish Jon Sievewright, BKA 106

p7 British Killifish Association Notice of General meeting

p8 Oyez! Oyez!

p9 British Killifish Association Statement of affairs at 31st August 1977

p10 Group Reports

1978 Issue 151 Mar

p1 Adinia Xenica (Jordan & Gilbert) Rod Roberts BKA 283

p2 Melanorivulus (Rivulus) Punctatus (Boulanger 1895) (An unknown fish that won First Prize) (reproduced from Killi Kontakt by kind permission of the Belgische killifish Vereniging) Paul Berat

p5 Killies in Outdoor Ponds John Open, Chairman

p6 Calling all killi-widows (I humbly submit this for KiIIi-News) Mrs. Gloria J. Bodges, BKA 201

p7 Unwanted Hybrid Alan Charlton, BKA 477
p7 The Reluctant Egg Herbert J. “Dick” Aylott, BKA 22

p8 Problems of Rhodesian Killi-Keepers Jonathan Ivy, BKA 186
p8 My Way of Breeding Fruit Flies
George Scarth, BKA 189

p9 Species Maintenance Programme Geoff Wood

p10 Oyez! Oyez! – killies in colour – colour photos in killi-news
p13 Group Reports

1978 Issue 152 Apr

p1 What’s in a name! No. 1 Fundulopanchax (Aphyosemion) Gardneri Ian Sainthouse, BKA 8
p3 Ideas concerning Sex Ratios
J. Skillcorn, BKA 261

p6 Aphyosemion bamilekorum Radda 1971 Paul Berat

p7 Mosquitos Peter L. Bird. BKA 203

p8 Keep your Cultures Alive (Grindal, white, microworms) Ken Dosser, BKA 565

p9 Oyez! Oyez!

p10 Group Reports

1978 Issue 153 May

p1 Melanorivulus (Rivulus) Punctatus (picture) to help with article – Issue 151 p2

p2 What’s in a Name-No. 2 Aphyosemion scheeli (was A.vexillifer), (A.striatum, A. microphthalmum, A.ogoense, A. decorsei, A. gabunense)  p4 Fish with Peculiar Names John Open, BKA 1

p5 Oyez Oyez – Killifish Show in Holland, AKA convention, White earth worms

p7 Group Reports

p9 Killi Conversations Q&A starting with killies Les Evans, Allan and Barbara Brown

1978 Issue 154 Jun

p1 Rivulus Report (NSC15, NSC13, R.hildebrandi) Ray Mecca

p3 The Semi-annual Killifish of Southern Nigeria (Fundulopanchax (Aphyosemion) arnoldi, F.deltaense F.fallax F.filamentosum F.gulare F.sjoestedti) Geoff Wood

p11 Some Observations on raising Epiplatys macrostigma R. F. Rumney, BKA 591

p12 Procatopus gracilis, Clausen, 1959 P. Goris

p12 In reply to some questions posed in the article ‘What’s in a Name’ No. 2 Fred Wright, TIE BKA

p13 Oyez Oyez – Auctions

p14 Group Reports

1978 Issue 155 Jul

p1 North American Killifish Part 1: The sub-family Fundulinae (Genus: Fundulus, Profundulus, Lucania, Leptolucania) Reprinted by courtesy of the Belgische Killifish Vereniging. Ed.)  P. Berat

p7 Nothobranchius Rachovii

p10 Further Observations on Epiplatys macrostigma (Pellegrin 1904) R. F. Rumney, BKA 591

p11 An Efficient Polystyrene Cutter Ken Dosser, BKA 565

p12 Oyez Oyez – Collingham meeting 4/6/78

p14 Group Reports

1978 Issue 156 Aug

p1 North American Killifish Part 1: The sub-family Cyprinodontinae (Genus:Cyprinodon, Floridichthys, Garmaneila, Jordanella) Reprinted by courtesy of the Belgische Killifish Vereniging. Ed.)  P. Berat

p8 Aphyosemion cyanostictum

p9 European Killies (Valencia hispanica, Aphanius fasciatus, Aphanius iberus) Bill Matthew, BKA 9
p11 Some Questions on ‘Dry’ Storage of Eggs

p12 Notes on Kryptolebias (Rivulus) marmoratus, Poey, 1880 R. J. Goldstein

p13 Aplocheilus (Epiplatys) multifasciatus BLGR 1913

p14 Oyez Oyez – Killi club de France

p15 Aphyosemion cognatum (A. cognatum decorseii, A. decorseii) letter from A Brown BKA 3

p16 Group Reports

1978 Issue 157 Sep

p1 AGM advert

p2 Some Experiments with Pterolebias NSC 1 L. Emsden
p3 Aphyosemion raddai, Scheel, 1975 J. Buytaert

p4 Dry Storing Killie Eggs A Report Allan & Barbara Brown

p5 Watching my Killifish or Killingfish with Kindness D. S. Langdon, BKA 288
p6 On making glass tanks
T. Scates, BKA 135

p7 Oyez Oyez 

p10 Group Reports

1978 Issue 158 Oct

p1 Aphyosemion christyi (Boulenger, 1915) J. Buytaert

p2 Gravel (or rather coal)

p3 Hints on Hatching Non-annual Killifish Eggs

p6 Nomenclature notes on new species principally from Gabon (Aphyosemion exigoideum (Radda & Huber 1977), A. primigenium (Radda & Huber 1977), A. punctatum (Radda & Plirzl 1977)) P.Berat

p7 The Electric bill B. Tate

p8 Oyez Oyez 

p10 Group Reports

1978 Issue 159 Nov

p1 Some Observations on Fundulopanchax (A.) robertsoni R. Scoltock, BKA 66
p2 Beef Heart the Easy Way Roy Chapman. BKA 267

p3 Oyez Oyez Show results, 

p3 Auction Report Chris Lee

p3 A Letter from Barbara Brown BKA 149½  

p6 Species maintenance

p9 Group Reports

1978 Issue 160 Dec

p1 Messages from Tanzania -Part I (Aplocheilicthys usanguensis “Mbeya”, Nothobranchius Spec. “Mbeya” N. taeniopygus, Pantanedon podoxys) R. H. Wildekamp

p4 Messages from Tanzania -Part II (Pantanedon podoxys) R. H. Wildekamp

p5 Nothobranchius Steinforti & N. Palmqvisti Ian Sainthouse, BKA 8

p6 New species of Nothobranchrius (Nothobranchius Steinforti, N.lourensi, N. janpapi, N. brieni, N polli, N symoensi and N mallaisei) R. H. Wildekamp

p8  Disease C West, BKA 86

p9 Water Test Kits D. Wilson, BKA 368

p10 Oyez Oyez 

p14 Group Reports

Killi-News 1979

1979 Issue 161 Jan

p1 Messages from Tanzania-Part III (Nothobranchius brieni, Nothobranchius taeniopygus) R. H Wildekamp
p5 Melanorivulus (Rivulus) punctatus (Boulenger 1895) J. P. Van Es

p8 Anablepsoides (Rivulus) beniensis Myers 1927 R Bitsch

p10 Oyez Oyez

p12 A letter on Fundulopanchax gardneri from Dick Armstrong  

p13 Group Reports

1979 Issue 162 Feb

p1 Messages from Tanzania – part IV (N. guentheri (Kimamba), N. melanospilus, N. orthonotus, N. steinforti, Pachypanchax playfairi, N. palmqvisti, N. spec. “Malindi”, N. neumanni, Nothobranchius seychellensis N. patrizii, N. U-6, N. spec. “Mwazuma”, N. elongatus, N. taeniopygus) R.H. Wildekamp

p7 Aphyosemion Coeleste

p8 Hatching Brine shrimp Chris Lee

p9 Nomenclature (Aphyosemion amoenum (Radda and Piirzl 1976), Aphyosemion cameronense haasi (Radda and Piirzl 1976), Aphyosemion cameronense halleri (Radda and Piirzl1976))

p10 Oyez Oyez 

p11 Pupfish Presumed Extinct – The Tecopa Pupfish (Amargosa river)

p11 South American Annual Species Study Group 

p13 Group Reports

1979 Issue 163 Mar

p1 Messages from Tanzania – part V (N. guentheri, N. steinforti, N. spec. “Mbeya”, N. neumanni, Aplocheilichthys usanguensis, Aplocheilichthys omoculatus) R.H. Wildekamp

p6 A description of Aphyosemion kunzi  

p7 On the species Norhobranchius furzeri (Jubb 1971) lan Sainthouse

p10 Oyez Oyez 

p11 Using micro eels Bill Bowman BKA 543

p13 Group Reports

1979 Issue 164 Apr

p1 Some notes on Pseudepiplatys annulatus 

p4 An experience with Chromaphyosemion bivittatum Hollyi W. Matthew
p6 Aplocheilus Lineatus (Valenciennes 1846)
M. Wuyts

p8 Water Hardness Scales Roy Mathers BKA 451

p9 What Price Space Heating? K. Rosser 565

p10 Oyez Oyez  

p12 Group Reports

1979 Issue 165 May (cover – Aphyosemion species?)

p1 Biotope of Rivulus spec. ‘Pegasus’ A trip to Guyana Ian Sainthouse BKA8

p3 In brief: Four new Aphyosemions from Brazzaville, Congo: (A.buytaerti Radda & Huber, 1978 A.schluppi (Radda & Huber, 1978) A.thysi (Radda & Huber, 1978) A.wachtersi (Radda & Huber, 1978) New and renamed Epiplatys F.W.Harvey

p4 Glossary

p8 Oyez Oyez  

p12 Group Reports

1979 Issue 166 Jun (cover – Aphyosemion species?)

p1 Messages from Tanzania – part VII (Nothobranchius guentheri, N. korthausae) R.H. Wildekamp
p6 Community killies John Gilbert BKA 361

p7 A new strain of Fundulopanchax (A.) gardneri “Lokoja” from Nigeria Richard Cox BKA 559
p10 Oyez Oyez

p12 Species Import Committee

p13 A home made worm feeder Bill Bowman BKA 543

p13 Group Reports

1979 Issue 167 Jul (cover – Aphyosemion gabunense boehmi Mel Addicott)
p1 A trip to Guyana part 2
Ian Sainthouse BKA 8

p4 S.I.C. Report

p5 A simple alarm

p6 A collecting trip in the new forest 

p7 Oyez Oyez  

p12 Group Reports

1979 Issue 168 Aug (cover – Aphyosemion celiae Ed Purzl)

p1 Nothobranchius steinforti

p3 Fishes with peculiar names John Open  

p5 Some literature concerning killifish A review by Barbara Brown

p6 The South American Annuals Study Group Andrew Gabbutt BKA 445
p8 Oyez Oyez

p8 S.I.C. Report Ian Sainthouse BKA 8

p12 Group Reports

1979 Issue 169 Sep (cover – Aphyosemion coeleste Gabon John Buytaert)

p1 Hints on Breeding and Rearing Killies for Beginners Charles Zammit

p6 Some New Fishes from the Congo Aphyosemion wachtersi RPC19, RPC 30, A.thysi, A. schlouppi RPC18, RPC28, A. buytaerti, A.spec. RPC18, A.spec RPC28) Photographs from original slides by John Buytaert

p9 Letter from Abroad Tony Terceira – Editor of J.A.K.A. writes

p10 News & Views Species Import Committee Ian Sainthouse BKA 8
p12 An easy way to breed Daphnia
Bill Bowman BKA 543
p12 Group Reports

1979 Issue 170 Oct (cover – Fundulopanchax (Aph.) deltaense Alan Brown)

p13 Malawi and its Nothobranchius Species (Nothobranchius kirki, N.orthonotus, N.kuhntae, N.spec U9) Ruud H. Wildekamp
p18 Spawning Mediums for use with Annual fishes
Andrew Gabbutt BKA 445

p21 Some New Fishes from the Congo (contd.) (Aphyosemion spec RPC33, RPC32, A.Louessense RPC24, A.coeleste RPC5, RPC15) John Buytaert

p23 Under Tank Heating Ken Dossor BKA 565

p24 Melanorivulus (Rivulus) punctatus J.P. van Es BKA 284

p26 News & Views

p28 Group Reports

1979 Issue 171 Nov (cover – Aphyosemion exogoideum Richard Cox)

p29 Problems Around Annuals J.P. van Es BKA 284

p34 Culture of Freshwater Rotifer J Clark BKA 492, J.Moyes BKA 332

p36 Killifishes of Southern Iraq (Aphanius dispar (Riippel 1862), A. sophiae (Heckel 1846) and A.mento (Heckel 1843)) Dave Astbury BKA 40

p38 Breeding Methods for Most Surface arid Mop Spawners Ken Dossor BKA 565

p41 News & Views

1979 Issue 172 Dec (cover – Fundulopanchax (A.) puerzli Mel Addicott)

p45 Rivulus Spec. Pegasus (Anablepsoides (Riv.) holmiae, A. (Riv.) hartii) Hans van Es BKA 284

p49 Improve your Fish Photography Dr. A. Corchix

p53 Sources of fish stress and its relation to outbreaks of parasitic disease, using velvet as an example disease John Clark Bsc BKA 492

p56 Keep a few Epiplatys Ken Dossor BKA 565

p57 Are we keeping our fish too hot? Andrew Gabbutt BKA 445

p58 News and Views

Killi-News 1980

1980 Issue 173 Jan (cover – Simpsonichthys boitoni Hans van Es)

p61 The Elegans Group (Aphyosemion elegans, A.lujae, A.christyi, A.cognatum, A.decorseii, A.rectogoense, A.melanopteron, A.lamberti, A.schoutedeni, A.wildekampi, A.margaretae) lan Sainthouse BKA 8

p68 News & Views (Nothobranchius microlepis)

p70 Aphyosemion exiguum lan Sainthouse BKA 8

p72 Group Reports

1980 Issue 174 Feb (cover – Aplocheilus dayi Mel Addicott)

p73 Some of the newer species of Aphyosemion (Part 1) (Aphyosemion pyrophore RPC 18) Fred Wright, F .R.H.S.

p74 The genus Pterolebias (Pterolebias bockermanni, Pt. hoignei, Pt. longipinnes, Pt. maculapinnes, Pt. NSC-I, Pt. peruensis Pt. zonatus) Jan Willem Hoetmer

p80 News and views Chairman’s report Rod Roberts

insert This is the Species Maintenance Programme 1979-1980 Barbara Brown BKA 149

1980 Issue 175 Mar (cover – Fundulopanchax (A.) sjoestedti “dwarf red” Mel Addicott)

p85 Rivulus spec. Vermeulen Hans van Es BKA 284

p87 Two’s Company – Trios? (female-female aggression in a trio) Stan Langdon BKA 288
p88 Description and Care of
Fundulopanchax (A.) gardneri Nsukka Frank Cochrane BKA 115
p90 A few points straightened?
Fred Wright BKA 28

p92 Terranatos dolichopterus R.H. Wildekamp

p94 News & Views

p95 Group Reports

1980 Issue 176 Apr (cover – Nothobranchius rachovii Mel Addicott)

p97 Aphyosemion exigoideum Some personal observations Peter Watkins BKA 586

p99 Aphanius mento Gordon Churchill BKA 345

p101 A method for photographing fish embryos by direct projection Roy Mathers BKA 451
Pachypanchax playfairi Dave Astbury BKA 40

p106 News & Views Chairman’s report Rod Roberts

p107 Species import committee report April 1980 Tim Addis BKA 522

p108 Group Reports

1980 Issue 177 May (cover – Epiplatys singa Mel Addicott)
p109 The Species of Gabon
Dr. J.H. Huber

p119 Aphyosemion bualanum Matapit Stan Langdon BKA 288
p121 News & Views Chairman’s report
Rod Roberts

p122 Group Reports

1980 Issue 178 Jun (cover – Scriptaphyosemion (Roloffia) etzeli Mel Addicott)

p125 Some Notes on the Nutrition of Fry, and on the biology of their food organsims – a Literary Review John Clark BKA492  

p137 Rivulus spec ‘Martinigue’ (NSC-13, NSC-15) Hans van Es BKA 284  

p139 News & Views Chairman’s report Rod Robert

p139 Species import committee report June 1980 Tim Addis BKA 522

p140 Group Reports

1980 Issue 179 Jul (cover – Aphyosemion caudofasciatum John Buytaert)

p141 Aphanius fasciatus (Valenciennes 1821) Charles Zammit BKA 520 Hans Van Es BKA 284
Aphyosemion caudofasciatum (Code: CAU Huber et Rada 1979) Fred Wright BKA 28
p146 A method of keeping
Rivulus Chris Cheswright BKA 308

p147 Questions? Ian Sainthouse BKA 8

p148 News & Views Chairman’s report Rod Robert

p152 Group Reports

1980 Issue 180 Aug (cover – Aphyosemion gabunense gabunense Ed Purzl)

p153 Some Little-known species of Aphyosemion from Gabon (Aphyosemion herzogi, A. bochtleri, A. gabunense, A. georgiae fulgens. A.splendidum) Ian Sainthouse BKA 8

p156 A Corner for Killies James Barrie BKA 126

p158 Aeration on Tap Ken Dossor BKA 565

p159 Is This a Killie? (Aphanius dispar?) Alan Hunter BKA 606

p160 A New Form of Elegans Aphyosemion aff. elegans ‘Brazzaville’? Ian Saintahouse BKA 8

p161 News & Views Chairman’s report Rod Robert

p163 Group Reports

1980 Issue 181 Sep (cover: BKA Convention Vista complex caravan park, Dorset)

p1 Some aspects of the biology of Nothobranchius guentheri part 1 Chris Lee BKA 508

p4 Answers to Questions John Clark BKA 492

p5 The Manchester Group discussion …Sending fish eggs through the post Andrew Gabbutt BKA 445
p7 The Maltese Connection
Gordon Churchill BKA 345

p8 News & Views Chairman’s report Rod Robert  

p9 Group reports

p10 Programme 1980 Convention

1980 Issue 182 Oct (cover: BKA Convention Vista complex caravan park, Dorset)

p13 Synopsis of the Genus Fundulus (Cyprinodontidae: Pisces) (Fundulus heteroclitus, F.parvipinnis, F.lima, F.confluente, F.grandissimuis, F.pulvereus, F.diaphanus, F.waccamensis, F.majalis, F.similis, F.rathbuni,

F.albolineatus, F.cingulatus, F.chrysotus, F.sciadicus, F.persimilis, F.seminolis, F.luciae, F.catenatus, F.stellifer, F.notti notti, F.notti lineolatus, F.notti dispar, F.jenkinsi, F.olivaceous, F.notatus, F.zebrinus, F.kansae) Glen E. Collier, Texas

p23 Aphyosemion riggenbachi (Ahl 1924) population from Yabassi David Astbury BKA 40

p25 Initial Swim Bladder Inflation in Newly Hatched Larvae of the Annual Fish Nematolebias (Cynolebias) whitei John Clark BKA 492

p26 News & Views Chairman’s report Rod Robert  

p27 Group reports

1980 Issue 183 Nov (cover – Fundulopanchax (A.) arnoldi Mel Addicott)

p29 Water Chemistry (Dissolved gases, Conductivity, Hardness, Rainwater) Harry Casey

p31 My Experience with Cynolebias boitonei R. Brown BKA 68

p33 Swordtails in the Transvaal river! Some distribution problems (Nothobranchius patrizii, N.orthonotus, N.rachovii, N. microlepis, N.taeniopygus)  R.A.Jubb

p37 News & Views – Convention ‘80 A personal account Vice Chairman’s report Brian Tate  

p38 A personal view of the Convention lottery Tom Scates BKA 12

p40 Group reports

1980 Issue 184 Dec (cover – Fundulopanchax (A.) gardneri “Rayfield” Mel Addicott)

p41 My Interesting New Nothobranchius (N.spec Kayuni, N.polli, N.patrizii) lan Sainthouse BKA 28
p43 All you need to know about
Nematolebias (C.) whitei Andrew Gabbutt BKA 445

p47 Breeding Aphyhosemion rubrolabiale Andre Schonewille K.F.N.

p48 Anablepsoides (Rivulus) hartii (A. (Rivulus) holmiae) Hans van Es BKA 284

p50 News & Views Chairman’s report Rod Robert  

p50 Killie Eggs and X-Rays Ray Westley BKA 265

p51 Group reports

p52 Killifish Crossword set by Frank Cochrane BKA 115

Killi-News 1981

1981 Issue 185 Jan (cover b/w photo: Rivulus guineesis Mel Addicott)

p53 Something You Might Like to Know about Nematolebias whitei Richard Cox BKA 9

P55 Notes on Certain Groups of Killifish, The Genus Nothobranchius, Aphyosemion striatum Group, Aphyosemion georgiae Group J.J. Scheel – Honorary Member

p58 Introducing some New KiIlies (Scriptaphyosemion (Roloffia) schmitti, Roloffia jeanpoli, Aphyosemion seegersi, Aphyosemion kunzi = splendidum, Nothobranchius jubbi jubbi, Nothobranchius jubbi interruptus, Nothobranchius foerschi, Epiplatys nigricans = E. chevalieri, Adamas formosus) Translated from Killi-News Nederland by Hans van Es

p63 News and Views

p64 Group Reports

1981 Issue 186 Feb (cover b/w photo: Chromaphyosemion (Aph.) volcanum Mel Addicott)

p65 Notes on Certain Groups of Killifish – 2 Some Aphyosemion from Gabon, Congo and Cameroon (A.bivittatum, A.calliurum, A.striatum, A.bochtleri, A.herzogi, A.mimbon, A.comeronense, A.primigenium, A.ocellatum, A.coeleste, A.splendidum, A.batesii, A.amoenum, Aplocheilus boulengeri, Apl.messogramma, Scriptaphyosemion (A.) etzeli, A.chaperi chaperi, A.chaperi sheljuzhkoi, A.chaperi schreiberi, A.olbrechtsi, A.fasciolatus tototaensis, A.fasiolatus fasciolatus, A.melanteron, A.jeanpoli, A.schmitti, A.roloffi, A.fredrodi, A.liberiense, Aplocheilichthys johnstoni, Aplo.normani, Aplo. myaposa, Procatopus aberrans, Proc.similis) J.J. Scheel – Honorary Member

p68 Build your own garden fish house Tim Addis BKA 522

p73 Aphyosemion exiguum – Boulenger 1911 Ruud Wildekamp

p75 Aphyosemion elegans – Aquarium Strain (1980) Stan Langdon BKA 288

p77 News & Views Chairman’s report Rod Robert  

p80 Group reports

1981 Issue 187 Mar (cover b/w photo: Epiplatys bifasciatus TOGO Mel Addicott)

p81 Warming and Conserving Heat in a Fishroom Charles Zammit BKA 520

p83 Is Low pH the Cause of Premature Ageing in Killifish? Stan Langdon BKA 288

p84 Aphyosemion australe chocolate Tim Addis BKA 522

p87 Introducing some New KilIies (Rivulus amorphoreus (Huber 1979), R.xiphidius (Huber 1979),  Rachovia pyropunctata (Taphorn and Thomerson 1978), Rachovia splendens = Rachovia brevis Originally printed  in Killi-News Nederland Translated by Hans van Es

p89 Reducing Temporary Hardness Ian Sainthouse BKA 28

p89 News and Views

p92 Group Reports

1981 Issue 188 Apr (cover b/w photo: Nothobranchius palmqvisti Mel Addicott)
p93 Breeding Experiences with New Species (Aphyosemion wachtersi RPC 19 & RPC 30, Aphyosemion buytaerti, Aphyosemion thysi RPC 6, 7, 9, 20 & 22, A.pyrophore (RPC 18 and RPC 19), Aphyosemion thysi, schluppi, pyrophore, A.caudofasciatum and A.louessense (RPC 24, 31,32,33))  Ton Hannink KFN

p97 Getting the Most from Your Fish House Tim Addis BKA 522

p99 Rivulus – A Neglected Species Bob Riley BKA 62

p103 News and Views

p104 Group Reports

1981 Issue 189 May (cover b/w photo: Fundulopanchax (Aph.) gulare Ed Purzl)

p105 Fundulopanchax (Aphyosemion) gardneri nigerianum David Astbury BKA 40

p107 The Spanish Minnow – Aphanius iberus Francisco Casado Pasamontes BKA 41 (New Member from Madrid)

p108 Making use of the Egg, Fish and Plant List Charles Zammit BKA 520

p110 Breeding Cynolebias ladigessi and Cynolebias NSC 2 Eddie Jones BKA 548

p110 Aplocheilus panchax Richard Cox BKA 9

p113 News and Views Rod Roberts

p116 Group Reports 

1981 Issue 190 Jun (cover b/w photo: Anablopsoides (Rivulus) holmiae Mel Addicott)

p117 Some Aspects of the Biology of Nothobranchius guentheri Part II Chris Lee – Technical Editor

p119 Zambia – An overlooked Notho. Country (Nothobranchius symoensi, N.spec. Kafue river, N.taeniopygus) John Rosenstock – Denmark

p122 Stimulating Growth Rate in Fish Fry Charles Zammit BKA 520

p123 Some Notes on Scientific Names Chris Lee – Technical Editor

p124 News and Views

p125 Sending Fish by Post John McClenaghan BKA 347

p128 Group Reports

1981 Issue 191 Jul (cover b/w photo: Epiplatys microstigma Mel Addicott)

p129 Notes on Annual Environments (African annuals) Tim Addis BKA 522

p132 Preserving Live Food Charles Zammit BKA 520

p133 About Aphyosemions Gerry Edgecombe BKA 113

p135 An Encounter with Cynolebias adloffi (AhI1922) Norman G. Grant BKA 613
p137 News and Views Chairmans report
Rod Roberts

p139 Group Reports

1981 Issue 192 Aug (cover b/w photo: Fundulopanchax (Aph.) cinnamomeus Mel Addicott)

p141 A Review of the Common Aphanius Species with Special Notes on Aphanius fasciatus (A.dispar, A.mento, A.fasciatus, A.iberus) Charles Zammit BKA 520

p144 Making Your Own Under Gravel Filter Tim Addis BKA 522

p145 Note on Mate Recognition (N.rachovii) R.A. Jubb Honorary Member

p146 White Worms Jean Ellis BKA 444

p147 News and Views

p146 New Species and non-species (Rivulus cryptocallus, Aphyosemion aureum, A.hormni, A.coeleste, Epiplatys ansorgei, Epi.macrostigma, Epi.ornatus, Epi.singa, Foerschichthys flavipinnis) Chris Lee Technical Editor

p151 Group Reports

1981 Issue 193 Sep (cover: BKA Convention Vista complex caravan park, Dorset)

p1 ’81 – Year of the Notho? Ian Sainthouse BKA 8

p5 Aphyosemion kribianum – At Last! Ian Sainthouse BKA 8

p6 Group reports

p7 Judges and judging killifish Gordon Churchill

p8 The early development of Aphyosemion scheeli A.T. Wood – University of Southampton, Biology dept.
p10 Bits and pieces

1981 Issue 194 Oct (cover drawing: Austrolebias nigripinnis diving into substrate)
p13 “Oeseri” or “Santa Isabellae’? Ian Sainthouse

p18 A rarely seen killifish- Rivulus roloffi Chris Cheswright

p19 A little luck with Aphyosemion wachtersi RPC I9 Andre Schonewille (Holland)
p20 Aphyosemion caudofasciatum Keep It Cool! Ian Sainthouse

p21 Hatching Nothobranchius guentheri – my first attempt Bob Appleby

p21 Fish and chips Eric Byatt BKA 289

p22 Pterolebias NSC 1 Ian Sainthouse

p23 An interesting book The Complete Aquarium Encyclopedia of tropical freshwater fish – Dr J.D. van Ramshorst  Tim Addis

p24 Chairman’s report Rod Roberts

p24 Pterolebias hoignei (Thomerson 1974) Ian Sainthouse

1981 Issue 195 Nov (cover drawing: Austrolebias nigripinnis diving into substrate)

p25 On the theme of Nothobranchius guentheri and Nothobranchius melanospilus Ruud H. Wildekamp
Fundulopanchax (Aphyosemion) gardneri gardneri Tim Addis

p32 A New Strain of Pterolebias longipinnis Dave Astbury

p34 Fundulopanchax (Aphyosemion) walkeri – An Old Favourite Tony Rowley

p35 Beginners page “What species should I keep” 

1981 Issue 196 Dec (cover drawing: Austrolebias nigripinnis diving into substrate)

p37 Our Three New Nothobranchius (N.microlepsis, N. spec. “Warfa-blue” N. spec.”Ruhoi”) Tim and Les Ball   
p39 New Rivulus species – Described and undescribed (Laimosemion (R.) xiphidius, R.amophoreus) Anders Cassell – SKS. Sweden 

p41 M.A.C. report Gordon Churchill

p42 Moina macrocopa The Japanese Daphnia Hans van Es  

p44 Adamas formosus A challenging Killifish Ian Sainthouse  

p46 Beginners Page Water Conditions 

p47 A brief review of some recently published papers from Europe Ian Sainthouse  

Killi-News 1982

1982 Issue 197 Jan (cover drawing: Austrolebias nigripinnis diving into substrate)

p49 Two Interesting populations of Aphyosemion ogoense Lutete and GH170 Tim Addis BKA 522
p52 Infusoria – The Easy Way
Tim Addis BKA 522

p53 The Most Colourful Rivulus Seen in the Hobby Laimosemion (Rivulus) xiphidius Ian Sainthouse
p57 Making All Glass Tanks Tim Addis BKA 522

1982 Issue 198 Feb (cover drawing: Austrolebias nigripinnis diving into substrate)

p61 A Variety of Austrolebias (Cynolebias) nigripinnis or is it a New Species? E. Susena
p62 Speculation on Some Causes of Imbalance in Sex Ratios
Ian Sainthouse

p65 Aphyosemion thysi RPC 9 (Red) Tim Addis

p66 To Wet or Not to Wet Callopanchax occidentalis “Dick” Aylott

p67 Beginners Page Prepared Foods – Beef Heart

p68 Technical Information and How to Collect It Andrew Gabbutt

p71 Making a Large Volume Air Pump from an Old Fridge Compressor A. Burge BKA 233

1982 Issue 199 Mar (cover drawing: Austrolebias nigripinnis diving into substrate)

p73 Cynopoecilus melanotaenia Ian Sainthouse

p77 Experiences in breeding Terranotus dolichopterus. Ray Perry

p79 Aphyosemion bualanum G Edgecombe and R.Roberts.

p84 Beginners Corner. Peat-It’s preparation for use:

p87 Hatching eggs of Annuals. C.Martin.

p88 Another interesting book. Naturalists guide to fresh water Aquarium fish by J.J. Hoedeman Photos by A van den Nieuwenhuizen. Steve King.

1982 Issue 200 Apr (cover drawing: Austrolebias nigripinnis diving into substrate)

p89 Nothobranchius foerschi and others of the Palmqvisti group (N.palmqvisti (Lonnberg,1907); N.guentheri (PFEFFER, 1893); N.patrizii (VINCIGUERRA, 1927): N.steinforti (Wildekamp 1977; N.spec. “Warfa-blue” N.spec. “Kaloleni”, N.spec.”Kikambala). Dave Astbury

p94 Aphyosemion cognatum (Meinken 1951) Ian Sainthouse

p98 Beginner’s page – peat It’s use

p100 Further comments on Chromaphyosemion bivittatum population from Funge. R. Cox  

1982 Issue 201 May (cover drawing: Austrolebias nigripinnis diving into substrate)

p101 Megalebias (Cynolebias) elongatus Hans Van Es

p103 Nothobranchius cyaneus – A new killifish from Kenya Dave Astbury

p104 New species – Epiplatys huberi (Radda and Purzl 1981) Scriptaphyosemion (Rol.) guignardi (Romand 1981) C. Lee

p106 Species maintenance programme Brian Tate

p108 How I started with killies (1) Pat Townsend

p109 Species import procedure

p110 How I started with killies (2) C. Brindle

p111 A.K.F.B. Convention Marcinelle 1982 Keith Wilbraham

1982 Issue 202 Jun (cover drawing: Austrolebias nigripinnis diving into substrate)

p113 Hypsolebias (Cynolebias) heloplites N.SP. A new but well-known cyprinodont from the Brazilian Serato J.H. Huber

p118 Fundulus lima A curious killie Chris Lee

p120 Experiences with Chromaphyosemion (A.) bivittatum Funge A. Burge

p121 Spawning mops Charles Zammit

p124 Rule changes proposed

1982 Issue 203 Jul (cover drawing: Austrolebias nigripinnis diving into substrate)

p125 List and possible relationship of the species Cynolebias and related Genera: Cynopoecilus. Terranatos and Campellobelias. J.H. Huber

p127 Status of the Cyprinodontid fish genus Rivulus in Costa Rica, With descriptions of new endemic species. A partial reprint from: William A. Bussing Brenesia 17: 327-364. 1 80 Costa Rica. 

p142 Aphyosemion scheeli Akampaense Tim Addis

p143 Publicity officers report

p144 Chairmans report

p145 BKA Third convention September 24th to 26th 1982 Devonshire Hall Cumberland Road, Leeds

p147 KFN Killifish Show – The Netherlands

p147 K.C.F. Congress – 1982

1982 Issue 204 Aug (cover drawing: Austrolebias nigripinnis diving into substrate)

p149 The Superspecies Aphyosemion ogoense A systematic review, together with the description of hypothetical patterns of speciation Jean Henri Huber

1982 Issue 205 Sep (cover b/w photo: Nothobranchius microlepis M.Addicott)
Aphyosemion louessense RPC 24 Stephen Davidson

p171 Aphyosemion labarrei Tony Rowley

p172 Lucania goodei – The blue fin top minnow. Chris Cheswright

p174 A fish from the Oman (Aphanius dispar) Brian Snell

p176 Wingless Fruit Flies Tim Addis

p177 M.A.C. report – how to become a judge Gordon Churchill

p178 More on Mops. Tim Addis

p180 pH. What is it? Ken Dossor

1982 Issue 206 Oct (cover b/w photo: Laimosemion (Rivulus) xiphidius Mark Laister)

p1 The Rivulus recently caught in the Guyanas, with descriptions of Laimosemion (Rivulus) xiphidius n.sp. and Anablepsoides (Rivulus) amphoreus n. species (Anablepsoides (R.) aff. holmiae, A. (R.) cf. urophthalmus, L.R. geayi, Lai. (Riv.) agilae, Lai. (Riv.) manaensis) J.H. Huber.

p13 Chairman’s Report

p14 K.F.N. Convention Report

p16 Publicity Officer’s Report

1982 Issue 207 Nov (cover b/w photo: Nothobranchius species ‘Warfa Blue’ M.Addicott)

p17 Breeding Non-Annual Fish by the Natural Method Dave Astbury and Eddie Jones

p19 Breeding Fundulopanchax (A.) mirabile mirabile B.Moore BKA 215

p20 Discover your departmental chemist and breed fruit flies. Tony Rowley BKA 310

p21 My Favourite Killies (Aphyosemion australe, Fundulopanchax puerzli) Bill Bowman BKA 543
p22 Killifish from Cameroon
Fundulopanchax (A.) amieti Jaroslav Kadlec
p27 A Recent Experience with Aphyosemion ndianum Ken Dossor BKA 565
p29 Killies in China
Alan Silbert BKA 167

p30 A good fry food (Farlene baby food) Tim Addis BKA 522

p31 A cheap way to heat a fish house Tim Addis BKA 522

1982 Issue 208 Dec (cover b/w photo: Callopanchax (Roloffia) toddi J.P. Vandersmissen)

p33 Epiplatys singa (Boulenger,1899.) J.H. Huber

p37 Some New Species of Rivulus from Peru (Laimosemion (R.) rectocaudatus, Anablepsoides (R.) intermittens, 

Anabl. (R.) rubrolineatus, R.iridescens, Anabl. (R.) elongatus Anabl. (R.).speciosus) David Astbury p40 Jordanella floridae (Goode &Bean 1879) and a few comments on the genera, Cyprinodon, Cualac, Megupsilon, Garmanella and Floridichthys Jaroslav Kadlec translated by Mark Nellis

p45 Hints for Beginners Rod Roberts

p46 Chairman’s Report. Rod Roberts

p47 Convention report Reg Brown

Killi-News 1983

1983 Issue 209 Jan Feb (cover drawing: Simsonichthys (Cynolebias) antenori, Notholebias (C.) minimus, Austrolebias (C.) adloffi, Aust. (C.) viarius on South America map)

p49 Aphyosemion ahli (Myers 1933) Tim Addis.

p52 Fundulopanchax (A.) sjoestedti Dwarf Red, some important differences from the blue gularis. John Sutton AKA 1744

p56 In Search of New Species in Congo Brazzaville. John Buytaert  

p65 My Latest Epiplatys Experiences. Ken Dossor

p67 Nothobranchius patrizii Francisco Pasamontes

p68 Questions and Answers Tim Addis

1983 Issue 210 Feb (cover drawing: Nothobranchius Jubbi, Noth, foerschi, Fundulopanchax splendidum on Africa map)

p69 Fundulopanchax (Aphyosemion) walkeri Boulenger 1911. , Dr. J.H. Huber

p75 Aphyosemion Collected by Geoff Wood in Zaire. Ian Sainthouse BKA 18

p80 Notes on the Ecology of the Cyprinodontidae Fauna of the Ivindo Basin in Gabon. David Astbury BKA 40

1983 Issue 211 Mar (cover drawing: Cyprinodon diabolis, Fundulus notatus on USA map)
p89 Nothobranchius elongatus (Wildekamp,1982) David Astbury BKA 44

p93 Beware of these Worms. Roger Gladwell BKA 55

p95 Aphyosemion louessense RPC33 Stan Langdon BKA 288

p97 Questions and Answers Tim Addis

p100 Chromaphyosemion (A)bivittatum funge Stan Langdon BKA 288

p102 Natural light in your fish house Dan Wilson BKA 220

p105 Spawning a Bad Egg. Mark Nellis BKA 254

p107 Convention News

1983 Issue 212 Apr (cover drawing: Aplocheilus linneatus, Aplo. panchax, Aploch sp. Goa on India map)
p109 A New Epiplatys from Gabon – Epiplatys huberi (Radda & Purzl, 1981 GHP/20/80) Jaroslav Kadlec.
Scriptaphyosemion (Aphyosemion, Roloffia) quiqnardi Jean Paul Vandersmissen

p116 Terranatos dolichopterus Tim Ball BKA 228.

p121 Aphyosemion,Callopanchax, Roloffia or What? Richard Cox BKA 24.

p125 Aphyosemion caudofasciatum Tim Addis BKA 522.

1983 Issue 213 May Aug (cover drawing: Valencia hispanica, Aphanius apodus, Aphan. anatoliae on Europe map)

p129 Aphyosemion deltaense from the delta of the river Niger JaroslavKadlec

p135 Kryptolebias (Rivulus) marmoratus Anders Cassel SKS

p139 Questions and Answers Tim Addis

p140 Further Observations on Aphanius dispar Brian Snell

p141 Hatching annual fish Nothobranchius and Cynolebias John Vermaak

p143 Aphyosemion pyrophore Tim Addis
p146 Useful Hints Rod Roberts

1983 Issue 214 Jun (cover b/w photo: Fundulopanchax (Aph.) frubrolabiale Ed Purzl)

P148 Nothobranchius kuhntae Andre Remeur  

p153 Scientific Results of the 1970 Expedition to Argentina and south Brazil and the Research Visit by Dr. K.H. Lilling to Argentina,1975. Karl Heinz Lilling

p159 Aphyosemion thysi. Tim Addis BKA 522

p161 Live Food for Thought Roger Gladwell BKA55

p162 Brine Shrimp Hatchery Alan Gilbert BKA167

p162 5th A.K.F.B .Report. Tony Rowley BKA 310-3

p164 Chairman’s Report. Rod Roberts BKA 1

1983 Issue 215 Jul (cover b/w photo: Fundulopanchax (Aph.) filamentosus Lagos Ed Purzl)

p165 Cynolebias in Cold Water 16 deg C rather than 20 deg C Andre Rareur

p170 Buytaert/Wachters Expedition Series: Aphyosemion buytaerti (Radda & Huber,1978) Tim Addis
p172 In praise of Japanese
Daphnia (Moina macrocopa) Tony Rowley

p173 Snails in your Fry Tanks. Dave Wilson

p174 More on the nematode worm. Bill Drake

p175 Picture Quiz

p177 Feeding tip for holiday periods. G. Richard KCF

p178 Census Report l982 Brian Tate

p180 A method of storing eggs from semi-annuals Tim Addis

1983 Issue 216 Aug (cover drawing: York Minster, BKA Convention York University)

Front cover: obituary Ken Dossor

p181 Diapteron Lothar Seegers

p189 Cynolebias steindachner (1876) Indigenous to the Coastal Area of Uruguay (Part 1) Ian Sainthouse B.K.A. 18.

p193 Zambia once more John Rosenstock

p198 Buytaert/Wachters Expedition Series: Aphyosemion wachtersi (Radda & Huber, 1979) Tim Addis
p199 New Species – New names a new feature (
Nothobranchius sp. ‘Chipogola’, N. spec ‘IZ 83/5’) David Astbury

p200 Chairman’s report

1983 Issue 217 Sep (cover drawing: York Minster, BKA Convention York University)

p1 Cynolebias steindachner (1876) Indigenous to the Coastal Area of Uruguay (Part 2) Ian Sainthouse BKA 18  
p9 Notes on the Naming of Killifish Tim Addis BKA 8

p13 Transparencies in the sink or home developing made easy Adrian Burge BKA 233

p15 Buytaert/Wachters Expedition Series: Aphyosemion scluppi (mis-labelled as A.wachtersi) (Radda & Huber,1978) Tim Addis BKA 8

p17 Nothobranchius microlepis An Outsider in the genus Nothobranchius Holger Hengstler

1983 Issue 218 Oct (cover b/w photo: Chromaphyosemion (Aph.) bivittatum Biafra Daniel Poliak)

p21 Cynolebias Steindachner (1876) Indigenous to the Coastal Area of Uruguay (Part 3) Cynolebias found in southeastern Uruguay Ian Sainthouse BKA18. 

p27 Tips for hatching eggs from peat A.Burge BKA 233

p28 Fish and malaria control in India by A.G.K. Memon A Synopsis by A.J Gilbert

p31 Aplocheilichthys normani A. Burge BKA 233

p32 New species new names (Nothobranchius korthausae “red”, Aplocheilichthys bracheti) David Astbury Tech. Editor

p32. Hints and Tips Tim Addis

p35 Quick, cheap, home-made inside filter. Roger Gladwell BKA 55. Midland Group.

p36 Community fish Brian Tate BKA 2

1983 Issue 219 Nov (cover drawing: Liberian rainforest Tom Scates)

p37 A Journey to Peru (Pterolebias wischmanni) Hermann Josef Wischmann
Aphyosemion labarrei (Poll 1952) Brian Moore BKA 215

p44 Nothobranchius kirki Andre Remeur

p51 Food for thought (linking tanks together) Alan Gilbert BKA 167

p52 Cats and Killies Dave Astbury.T/Ed.

1983 Issue 220 Dec (cover b/w photo: Aphyosemion rectogoense GHP 80/30 Tim Addis)

p53 Aphyosemion rectogoense and other jewels from Gabon and the Congo (A.cognatum, A.schoutedeni, A.melanopteron, A.ferranti, A.christyi, A.lamberti, A.louessense, A.elegans) Lothar Seegers

p59 Notes on the Ecology of Aphanius dispar in Oman Dave Astbury

p60 Convention ’83 in pictures

p62 Recent collections of Cynolebias in Uruaguay (Austrolebias nigripinnis, Aus.carvalhoi, A.luteoflammulatus) Eduardo Susens

p65 Aphyosemion bamilekorum Peter Long

p66 New species, new names (Epiplatys coccinatus, Epi.azureus,Epi.josianae) Dave Astbury

p68 Chaiman’s report

Killi-News 1984

1984 Issue 221 Jan (cover drawing = Chromaphyosemion (Aph.) multicolour Lagos, Umudike and Ijebu Ode Ruud Wildekamp)

p69 The Sub-Genus Aphyosemion A Systematic Review Tonnie Woeltjes  

p84 Chairman’s Report

1984 Issue 222 Feb (cover drawing = a collection site)

p85 Cynolebias boitonei Tim Addis BKA 8

p167 In Search of Aplocheilus (Aplo.blockii, Aplo.lineatus) Alan Gilbert BKA 167
Aphyosemion kribianum Adrian Burge BKA 233

p92 Aphyosemion australe. A Long and well known Killifish Jaroslav Kadlec

p96 Temperature Alan Oldham

p98 All-Bran & Killies Charles Zammit

1984 Issue 223 Mar (cover drawing = Fundulopanchax (Aph.) robertsoni  R.A. Heap)

p114 Aphyosemion lamberti a member of the A.elegans group Jaroslav Kadlec. 

p105 Fundulopanchax (Aphyosemion) sjoestedti Adrian Burge BKA 233  

p106 Fundulopanchax (Aphyosemion) puerzli (Fundulopanchax (A.) cinnamomeus (Boduma form)) Adrian Burge BKA 233  

p107 Aplocheilus blockii Alan Gilbert BKA 167  

p109 Arrow tail & sunken belly is there a cure? Tim Addis BKA 8  

p112 Keeping Tubifex Fresh Adrian Burge BKA 233  

p113 To Group or not to Group Peter Riley BKA 234

p114 Possible Explanation for the many varieties of Killies in Africa. Les McCathie BKA122 

p115 New Species – New Names (Aphyosemion lefiniense) David Astbury Tech Editor

p116 Hints and Tips – the use of leaves in the aquarium Tim Addis BKA 8

1984 Issue 224 Apr (cover drawing = a collection site)

p117 Aphyosemion calliurum “Mojuka” Roger Gladwell BKA 55

p119 Fundulsoma thierryi “Mali” Anthony Pinto BKA 80-9

p122 The ideal fish house Dave Wilson BKA 220

p125 Comments on inbreeding defects Roger Gladwell BKA 55  

p126 Daphnia Peter &Arline Wilson BKA 89  

p127 Nomenclature review of a couple of books “Updated List of Cyprinodont Species” by J.H. Huber, L. Seegers and R.H. Wildekamp. Nothobranchius by Or. R.A. Jubb, T.F.H. Publications David Astbury Tech.Ed.  
p130 Syphon tube for clean gravel R.D. Jones BKA 536-11

p131 Chairman’s report

1984 Issue 225 May (cover drawing = Chromaphyosemion (Aph.) bivittatum Calabar, Chrom. riggenbachi, Chrom. bivittatum Ndian Ruud Wildekamp)

p133 Aphyosemion louessense (Malinga JH 212) D.S.’Stan’ Langdon BKA 288

p136 Fish Photography Eric Locke BKA 583

p137 New Names New Species David Astbury

p141 Avoiding Losses of Fry Mick Agnew BKA 490

p142 Fallax or Deltaense? Roger Gladwell BKA 55  

p144 Brine shrimp hatching & feeding fry. Brian Moore BKA 215-9
p145 Experiences with
Fundulopanchax (A.) puerzli Tom Soper BKA 510-10  
p145 Too clean – Or not to clean Alan Gilbert BKA 167

p146 Another way with White worms Tim Addis BKA 8

p147 Raising & catching Vinegar eels Al.Bossom Canadian K.A.

p148 Chairman’s competitions

1984 Issue 226 Jun (cover drawing = Rivulus – type species x3 Ruud Wildekamp)
Pronothobranchius kiyawensis Ruud Wildekamp

p153 Fundulopanchax (Aphyosemion) gulare “Fallax” Ian Sainthouse

p154 Collecting Nothobranchius in Malawi John Vermaak

p160 Letter from John Skillcorn

p162 Snails in your Fry Tanks Dave Wilson

p163 Gravel Filter for Fry and Adults Alike. Les McCathie

p164 Chairman’s Report

1984 Issue 227 Jul (cover drawing = Aphyosemion bualanum x3 – van Diang, kekemense, and Bamkin)
Fundulopanchax (Aphyosemion) filamentosum Tim Addis  

p169 Scriptaphyosemion (Aphyosemion) banforense David Astbury  

p173 Foerschichthys flavipinnis David Astbury & Keith Wilbraham

p174 New Species, New Names (Aplocheilichthys maculatus, Aplo.kongoranensis, Aplo.johnstoni) David Astbury

p176 The D.K.G. Convention Keith Wilbraham  

p178 Secretary’s Report 

p178 Chairman’s Report 

p179 Pterolebias wischmanni David Astbury  

1984 Issue 228 Aug (cover drawing = BKA Convenvtion – the vista complex Caravan Park Swanage Dorset)
p181 A Collecting Trip to the Cameroons (
N.rubrorecticulus Aphyosemion bualanum, A.bamelekorum, Fundulopanchax cinnamomeus, F.mirabile traudae, Pronothobranchius kiyawensis, Epiplatys spilargyreius, A.splendidum “Djoum”, A.exiguum, A.batesii, Micropanchax camerunensis, Ep.sangmelinensis, Aplocheilicthys cameronensis, Aphyosemion cameronense, Ep.esekanus ) Rod Roberts

p194 Velvet Free Nothobranchius. Mick Agnew

p195 A Review of the Book ‘Breeding Killifish by Marshall E.Ostrow’ Tony Pinto

p196 Obituary – Stan Wade

1984 Issue 229 Sep (cover drawing = 3 Chromaphyosemions)

p1 Chromaphyosemion multicolour from Benin Daniel Poliak Reprint from Killi club de France Journal, February 1984.

Translated by Peter J. Watkins, BKA 3

p6 Aphanius iberus The Spanish Minnow. P.Barrow. 

p9 Nothobranchius eggersi (Seegers,1982). Jaroslav Kadlec.  

p13 Experiences with Anablepsoides (Rivulus) urophthalmus Kourou. Tony Pinto BKA 80-9

1984 Issue 230 Oct (cover drawing = pseudepiplatys annulatus)

p1.  Aphyosemion coeleste Ian Sainthouse. 

p6. Nothobranchius furzeri. Ian Sainthouse. 

p9. New Species-New Names (Aphanius dispar, A.chantrei, A.sirhani) Astbury.  

p10 Darwins Theory of natural selection is alive and well and living in our fish tanks John Skillcorn. 
p13 Hatching Brine Shrimp. John Skillcorn. 

p15 Open Letter M.Laister. 

p16 BKA Convention. 

1984 Issue 231 Nov (cover drawing = Austrolebias nigripinnis a pair diving into substrate)

p1 A review of recent studies on the Killifishes of North America & Mexico Dave Astbury. 

p10 New Species New Names. (Nothobranchius luekei, Kryptolebias (Rivulus) caudomarginatus, Anablepsoides (Riv.) santensis, Riv.rachovii, Cynodonichthys (Riv.) myersi) Dave Astbury

p16 Artemia salina Growing Them On. Tim Addis.  

1984 Issue 232 Dec (cover drawing = none)
p1 An Over-all review of the Trip to the Congo (1978), the Cyprinodontids Collected there, and Micropanchax silvestris synonym of stictopleuron Part 1 J.H. Huber translated for the BKA by Peter Watkins

Killi-News 1985 

1985 Issue 233 Jan (cover drawing = none)

p1 An Over-all review of the trip to the Congo (1978), The Cyprinodonts collected there, and Micropanchax silvestris synonym of stictopleuron. Part2 (Aplocheilichthys spilauchen. Aphyosemion australe Aphyosemion microphtalmum, Procatopus cabindae, Hapiochilus loemensis, Aplocheilichthis micrurus, Epiplatys singa, Aphyosemion , Hypsopanchax zebra, Aphyosemion exiguum, Aphyosemion herzogi , Diapteron cyanostictum , Aphyosemion schioetzi , Aphyosemion mimbon, Aphyosemion rectogoense, A.labarrei, Ep. Boulenqeri, Ep. Mesogramma, Aphyoplatys duboisi, Adamas formosus) J.H.Huber translated for the BKA by Peter Watkins

1985 Issue 234 Feb (cover drawing = Aphyosemion striatum Ruud Wildekamp)

p1 Observations on the Biology of Aplocheilichthys katangae Boulenger 1912 (Pisces: Cyprinodontidae). (Apl. johnstonii, and Apl. myoposae)  D.L.Theron & J.C. du Plessis.

p10 Cynolebias sp. Velazquez. (Cynolebias carvalhoi) John Skillcorn BKA271-9.

p10 New Species New Names. (Nothobranchius virgatus) Dave Astbury – Technical Editor

p16. A Simple Method of Hatching Fruitflies. A. Burge, BKA233-3  

1985 Issue 235 Mar (cover drawing = none)

p1 A Review of the Problems Associated with the Identification of Nothobranchius taeniopygus (Hilgen- dorf 1891) from Central Tanzania. (N.neumanni, N.robustus) I.Sainthouse.

1985 Issue 236 Apr (cover drawing = Fundulopanchax (Aph.) schwoiseri Ruud Wildekamp)

p1 Aphyosemion schwoiseri Scheel & Radda 1974. Maurice Chauche (Killi Club de France).

p6 Killifish from Somalia – Nothobranchius patrizii Vinceguerra 1927. Jaroslav Kadlec.

p11 NewSpecies – NewNames. (Fundulus heteroclitus-grandis and Fundulus majalis Dave Astbury – Technical Editor.

1985 Issue 237 May (cover drawing = Nematolebias (Cynolebias) whitei John Skilhorn)

p1 Callopanchax (Aphyosemion) occidentale (Clausen 1966) Tony Pinto.

p4 Cynodonichthys (Rivulus) tenuis (Meek 1904) (C.  (Riv.) brunneus, C. (Riv.) chucunaque, Anablepsoides (Riv.) hartii, A. (Riv.) holmiae, A. (Riv.) bondi, A. (Riv.) micropus, C. (Riv.) elegans, C. (Riv.) godmanni, C. (Riv.)  leucurus, C. (Riv.)  magdalene, Riv. milesi, C. (Riv.)  montium) Tony Pinto

p8 Egg Dry Storage Times Table. Tim Addis.

p10 A report about Fundulus heteroclitus. Hal Fairfield.

1985 Issue 238 Jun (cover drawing = Pterolebias zonatus John Skilhorn)
pseudepiplatys annulatus (Boulenger 1915). Cliff Bill.

p4 My experience with Aphyosemion bualanum. Maurice Nicholson.

p7. Catching fish in the wild (Fundulopanchax gardneri) Clive Charlton.
p10. Recording Success & Failure.
Fred Wright.

1985 Issue 239 Jul (cover drawing = Terranatos dolichopterus (male) John Skilhorn)
p1. A jewel from Gabon
Diapteron cyanostictum. Jaroslav Kadlec.

p5. Austrolebias (Cynolebias) bellottii. Jaroslav Kadlec.

p13. “Things to make with poster hangers”. Paul Webber.

p14 Heating a Fish house. Author Unknown.

1985 Issue 240 Aug Sep (cover drawing = Austrolebias (Cynolebias) species Velazquez John Skilhorn)
Rivulus cryptocallus. (Seegers and Huser, 1980. A Rivulus species from the Leeward Islands. Jaroslav Kadlec.

p4 Hatching and Maintenance of Annual Killifish. Brian Horsfall.

p15 New Species – New Names (Rivulus haraldsioli, Riv.uropthalmus, Riv.lungi) David Astbury.

1985 Issue 241 Sep (cover drawing = Epiplatys etzeli Ruud Wildekamp) p1 Nothobranchius kirki from Malawi. Ian Sainthouse
p3 A Short Nomenclatural and Taxonomic Account of the Genera Aplocheilus, Pachypanchax and Epiplatys With a Tenative List of Valid Species and Principal Synonyms. Kenneth J.Lazara A.K.A.  

p12 Fish Farming in the Kitchen. P.K.Webber

p13 Treasurer’s Report

p15 Fundulopanchax (Aphyosemion) cinnamomeus Tim Addis

1985 Issue 242 Oct + Issue 243 Nov (cover drawing = Epiplatys special map of Africa showing its distribution)
p17 Overview of the Genus
Epiplatys (part1). Natural history, maps and locations, species groups, General maintenance and breeding Charles A.Nunziata A.K.A. Wantagh,N.Y. U.S.A.

p37 Overview of the Genus Epiplatys (part2). (Epi.c.schreiberi, Epi.c.chaperi, Epi.c.sheljuzhkoi, Epi.c.spillmanni, Epi.coccinatus Epi.dageti dageti, Epi.dageti monroviae, Pseudepiplatys annulatus, Epi.etzeli, Epi.fasciolatus fasciolatus, E.fas.tototaensis, E.fas.huwaldi, Epi.lamottei, Epi.spilargyeius, Epi.fasciatus, Epi.josianae,Epi.hildegarde, Epi.grahami, Epi.zimiensis, Epi.njalaensis, Epi.olbrechtsi olbrechtsi, Epi.olb.kassiapluensis, Epi roloffi, Epi.rukopfi, Epi.bifasciatus,, Epi.sexfasciatus, Epi.chevalieri, Epi.ansorgii, Epi.macrostigma, Epi.singa, Epi.berkenkampi, Epi.biafranus, Epi.chevalieri nigricans, Epi.chevalieri chevalieri, Epi.chinchoxoanus, Epi.duboisi, Epi.esekanus, Epi.flavus, Epi.sangmelinensis, Epi.huberi, Epi.longiventralis, Epi.mesogramma, Epi.multifasciatus, Epi.phoeniceps, Epi.sexfasciatus togolensis, Epi.sexfasciatus baroi, Epi.bandoni)  Charles A.Nunziata A.K.A. Wantagh,N.Y. U.S.A.

1985 Issue 244 Dec (cover drawing = none)

p57 Notes on the Nothobranchius species from Zambia and the adjacent areas of Zaire and Namibia (N.brieni, N.malaissei, N.polli, N.symoensi, N.spec. Kafue NP, N.spec. Kayuni State farm, N. spec. Forkwa N.spec. Nega- Nega, N.spec. Lochinvar, N.spec Chobe River, N.spec.Chuga) Ian Sainthouse

Killi-News 1986

1986 Issue 245 Jan (cover drawing = Fundulopanchax (Aph.) arnoldi Ruud Wildekamp)

p77 A Letter to all BKA Members, Peter Watkins BKA 3-3

p80 Aphyosemion gabunense boehmi, Geoff Besbrode BKA 261-7

p83 Anablepsoides (Rivulus) ornatus (Garman 1895) a jewel of the genus Rivulus Peter Schneider
p85 Community Killies (with distinguishable females),
David Astbury

p87 Water – Back to Basics (‘soft’ and ‘acidic’ Again!), Brian Horsfall BKA 20-12

p92 Chairman’s Report

1986 Issue 246 Feb (cover drawing = Fundulopanchax (Aph.) sjoestedti Ruud Wildekamp)
Cynodonichthys (Rivulus) magdalenae an obliging Rivulus Peter Schneider.

p95. Java Moss Vesicularia dubyana Brian Horsfall.

p97. Murphy’s Killi-Law. Len Emsden.

p98. Groups within the BKA. Beryl Scates.

p100. “Switch Spawners” ??? Brian Horsfall.

p106. Thoughts on the Construction of a fish-house Paul Webber BKA 266-2.

1986 Issue 247 Mar (cover drawing = Aphyosemion australe Ruud Wildekamp)

p109 Fundulopanchax (Aphyosemion) gulare “fallax” Adrian Burge BKA 233-3

p110 Nothobranchius korthausae (N.lourensi) Anthony Pinto BKA 80-3

p114 Some Answers to Questions raised in previous issues (Epiplatys kassiapluensis, Arrow tail, A.bualanum)  Alan Roger Oldham BKA 482-4

p117 For the new members Aphyosemion australe “chocolate” or “gold” Eddie Jones BKA 548-9

p119 Pterolebias longipinnis Jaroslav Kadlec BKA 162-9  

p123 Some observations on the American Flagfish Jordanella floridae S.Andrews BKA 414-12

1986 Issue 248 Apr (cover drawing = Chromaphyosemion (A.) bivittatum Ndian Ruud Wildekamp)

p125. The Dartford Convention. Gerry Edgecombe.

p127. Further Observations on Fundulopanchax (A.) gardneri nigerianum Abuja. Brian Sell.

p129. Chromaphyosemion (A.) bivittatum. Jaroslav Kadlec

p137. Foods for Thought Part I First fry foods – (Algae, Infusoria, Microworms, Brine shrimp) Richard Evans.

1986 Issue 249 May (cover drawing = Lucania (Chriopeops) goodei Ruud Wildekamp)
Scriptaphyosemion (Aphyosemion) geryi. Anthony Pinto.

p144 Some Hints for Members. Peter Riley.

p145 Lucania (Chriopeops) goodei. Ken Dossor.

p146. Adamas formosus J.H. Huber.

p149 Foods for Thought part II (Tubifex, White worms, Earthworms, Daphnia, Cyclops, Gammarus, Mosquito larvae, Bloodworms, Others) Richard Evans

p154 Symptoms and Causes of the More Common Diseases in Fish. Les McCathie.

1986 Issue 250 Jun (cover drawing =Aphyosemion scheeli RA Heap)

p157 Aphyosemion scheeli care and breeding Jaroslav Kadlec.

p161 On the location (Biotope) of Aphyosemion scheeli. Fred Wright and N.W. Emery

p163 The Causes and Course of Non-parasitic diseases due to environmental conditions. Les McCathie.
Pterolebias wischmanni Tonnie Woeltjes and Jouke van der Zee.

p166 Sending Fish & Eggs by Post. Howard Atkin.

p171 Solar Heat for the Fish-House. Barry Pearson.

1986 Issue 251 Jul (cover drawing = Cynopoecilus melanotaenia Ruud Wildekamp)

p173 The Fighting Gaucho, Cynolebias (Cynopoecilus) melanotaenia. (comparison with Betta splendens) Jaroslav Kadlec.

p178 Fundulopanchax (A.) sjoestedti – A Detailed Study of Egg Incubation Conditions. Brian Horsfall.

1986 Issue 252 Aug (cover drawing = Aphyosemion hanneloreae hanneloreae Ruud Wildekamp)

p189 K.C.F. Convention. Peter Watkins

p191 Tech.Editors Report. (Aphyosemion hanneloreae hannelorease, A.hanneloreae wuendschi, Anablepsoides (Rivulus) derhami, Aplocheilus kirchmayeri, Scriptaphyosemion (Roloffia) banforense) Tim Addis

p.194. Lucania goodei. Bill McFarquar.

p195 We’re only trying to help. Dick Aylott.

p196 Japanese Daphnia. Charles Day.

p197 Fife Group Show. Bill McFarquar.

p198 A Day in the life of Murph’s Killi-Law. Barry Pearson  

p199 A Good Neighbourly Appeal (keeping Aphyosemion gulare and Nothobranchius kirki together) Steve Andrews.

p200 Computers in the Fishroom… How can I come up with another justification for the money I’ve just spent Tony Benages.

p204 Wetlands are not Wastelands. World Wildlife Fund factsheet

1986 Issue 253 Sep (cover drawing = No image)

p1. Four larger and interesting species of Nothobranchius. (N.orthonotus, N.furzeri, N.kuhntae, N.melanospilus) Tony Rowley.

p8. Some Observations on the Growth Rate of Fry (Aphyosemion ahli). Fred Wright

p10. Melanorivulus (Rivulus) punctatus. Frank Cochrane.

p12. Changing the Water? (Ammonia, Chlorine, phenol) Brian Horsfall.

p15. Cynolebias antenori. Adrian Burge.

p16. Diary.

1986 Issue 254 Oct (cover drawing = Fundulopanchax (A.) ndianus R.A. Heap)

p17 Fish in the Post. Steve Davidson.

p18. Aphyosemion pascheni and its breeding Fred Wright.

p21. Fundulopanchax (Aphyosemion) marmoratum its care and breeding Fred Wright
Aphyosemion ndianum. Fred Wright.

p27. Measuring ‘Total Salts’ concentration Brian Horsfall

1986 Issue 255 Nov (cover drawing = No image)

p33 The Killifish from West Africa. Part I (Conditions in the wild, General maintenance requirements, Breeding and care of young fish) Jaroslav Kadlec

1986 Issue 256 Dec (cover drawing = No image)

p49 The Killifish from West Africa. Part II (The individual Genera, some Subgenera, Groups, Species, Subspecies and Populations). Jaroslav Kadlec

Killi-News 1987

1987 Issue 257 Jan (cover drawing = Aphyosemion bualanum Mban Ruud Wildekamp)

p69 Catalogue of Additions and Amendments to the ‘Updated List of Cyprinodontid Fishes’. Huber, Seegers & Wildekamp, Tim Addis BKA 8-9

p82 New Species – New Names (Rivulus boehikei, Riv. magdalenae, Epiplatys olbrechtsi dauresi, Epi.olbrechtsi kassiapleuensis, Epi.fasciolatus fasciolatus, Epi.fasciolatus tototaensis, Epi. fasciolatus puetzi) Tim Addis BKA 8-9.

1987 Issue 258 Feb (cover drawing = Aphyosemion bochtleri Ruud Wildekamp)

p85 Scriptaphyosemion (Aphyosemion) roloffi Tony Pinto BKA 80-3

p89 Back from the brink (Aphyosemion ahli Kribi). Jim Hutchings

p90 A new type of Lampeye Tim Addis BKA 8-9 

p92 Recent imports of wild Epiplatys (Epi. sexfasciatus, Epi.dageti monroviae, Epi. fasciolatus fasciolatus) Tim Addis BKA 8-9

p95 Tank making for the amateur aquarist Barry Pearson BKA 126-1. 

1987 Issue 259 Mar (cover drawing = Chromaphyosemion multicolour “Lagos”, Chrom bitaeniatum Ijebu Ode, Chrom. bitaeniatum Umudike Ruud Wildekamp)

p101 From Gabon Aphyosemion schioetzi (A.chauchei, A.christyi, A.wildekampi, A.elegans, A.lamberti) Jaroslav Kadlec  

p106 Scriptaphyosemion (Aphyosemion) etzeli Tony Pinto

p108 Simple Approach to Breeding Killifish. John Chapek

p111 All to Cut a Niche Dick Aylott

p112 Singing in the Rain – tips for using rain water Brian Horsfall

1987 Issue 260 Apr (cover drawing = Austrolebias (Cynolebias) nigripinnis John Skilcorn)
p117 Annuals their care and breeding
Hans van Es

1987 Issue 261 May (cover drawing = Nothobranchius mkuziensis HW Fowler)

p132 Obituary – Les Sunsburg

p133 Scriptaphyosemion (Roloffia) libereinsis RL97 Lee Stevens BKA 470-11  

p135 Notes on Nothobranchius Species of Malawi (N. kirki, N. orthonotus and an unidentified group) Ian Sainthouse BKA 18-9

1987 Issue 262 Jun and Issue 263 Jul (cover drawing = Nothobranchius palmquisti Ruud Wildekamp)
p153 News from Kenya (
Nothobranchius palmquisti, N.melanospilus, N.interruptus, N.elongatus, N.microlepsis, N.jubbi, N.cyaneus, N.korthausae, N.spec”Mnanzini”) Manfred Willert

p163 Observations on Aphyosemion striatum GBL 85 B.J. Pearson BKA 126-1  

p164 Tanks or Ponds B.J. Pearson BKA 126-1  

p166 Fundulopanchax (Aphosemion) mirabile Trudeae Jack Stevens  

p167 Two colour varieties of Nothobranchius korthausae (Meinken 1973) Jaroslav Kadlec

p177 Epiplatys Fasciolatus Tototaensis Paul Webber BKA 266-2  

p173 There at it again Dick Aglott. BKA 22-9  

p174 Further observations on Nothobranchius orthonotus – Red or Blue? A.J. Rowley BKA 310-3  

1987 Issue 264 Aug (cover drawing = BKA Convention University of Leeds)

p177 The “Rivulus” recently caught in four collecting trips in the Guyanas with a description of Laimosemion (Rivulus) xiphidus and Anablepsoides (Rivulus) amphoreus (L. (Riv.) geayi, L. (Riv.) agilae, Anabl.(Riv.) urophthalmus, Anabl.(Riv.) holmiae, Krypolebias (Riv.) ocellatus, Riv spec. Pegausus, Riv spec. Martinique, Riv spec. Vermeula)  J.H. Huber  

p193 Procatapus aberrans A.Burge BKA 233-3  

p195 Feeding your killis Les McCathie 122-2

p199 Colour slides of Aphyosemion (P1-P75) by E. Purzl

1987 Issue 265 Sep (cover drawing = Cynopoecilus melanotaenia John Skilcorn)

p201 South American rarity: Trigonectes strigabundus (Myers 1927) Jaroslav Kadlec BKA 162-9
p205 Cynopoecilus melanotaenia (Regan 1912) Hans van Es

p208 Nimbapanchax (Roloffia) petersi (Sauvage 1884) Les McCathie

p210 Crossword

p212 Water Conductivity meter Brian Horsfall BKA 20-12

p215 Letter from Barry Pearson
p216 Book Review “Colour Atlas of Cyprinodonts of the Rain Forests of Tropical Africa” by Dr. A.C. Radda and Mr. Ed Purzl Fred Wright

p217 Constructing my fishroom Steve Davidson BKA 407

p219 Which Tank Les McCathie BKA 122-2

1987 Issue 266 Oct and Issue 267 Nov (cover drawing = Terranatos dolichopterus Norman Snelling)
p221 Chairmans Report

p223 Aphyosemion spoorenbergi (Berkenkamp 1976) Les McCathie BKA 122-2  

p225 BKA Annual Convention show results

p230 Draw Results 

p231 Balance sheet 

p232 Scriptaphyosemion (Roloffia) brueningi Peter Schneider

p233 Letters

p236 Aplocheilichthys pumilus (Boulenger 1906) (Aplo. spilauchen) Jaroslav Kadlec BKA 126-9
p238 Egg storage times based on “Updated List of Cyprinodontid Species” J.H.Huber, L.Seegers, and R.H.Wildekamp
  compiled by Tim Addis BKA 8-9

p240 Another way of using beef heart Brian Horsfall BKA 20-12

p241 MC names/addresses

p242 Wordsearch

p243 Keeping Killies overseas (South Africa) Paul Carter 307-3

1987 Issue 268 Dec (cover drawing = Fundulus notatus Ruud Wildekamp)

p245 Chairmans Report

p246 Diapteron georgiae the tiny killifish from the ares “Ivindo Basin” Jaroslav Kadlec
p253 Encyclopedia of live food A review
Barry Pearson

p254 Anagram word fit by A.C. Hudson

p255 Aphanius, Garmanella, Fundulus and Valencia Steve Andrews

p257 Grand Draw 1987

p258 Aeration,Filtration and Tank space a personal view Les McCathie  

p260 One day course on fish diseases

Killi-News 1988

1988 Issue 269 Jan (cover drawing = Aphyosemion striatum Ruud Wildekamp)

p1 the Aphyosemion striatum group (A.striatum, A.gab.gabunense. A.gab.marqinatum, A.gabunense boehmi. A.exigoideum, A.primigenium, A.microphtalum).Anthony Pinto BKA 80-3

p9 Aplocheilicthys spilauchen Gary Boot BKA 437-10

p10 Cynolebias affinis (C.luteoflammulatus, C.nigripinnis, C.alexandri, C.bellotti) Hans van Es BKA 234-9
p14 New members section Aphyosemion australe E.Jones BKA 548-9

p15 Letters

1988 Issue 270 Feb (cover drawing = Nothobranchius.spec “Nega-Nega” Zambia Ruud Wildekamp)
p17 Chairmans Apology

p17 Nothobranchius jubbi Ian Sainthouse. 

p19 Printing and Dispatch. 

p19 Is this Velvet Brian Horsfall. 

p21 Scriptaphyosemion (Aphyosemion (callopanchax)) schmitti “Juarzon” Anthony Pinto. 

p23 New Species-New Names Ian Sainthouse. 

p27 Letters A.Higginbottom

p28 Message from France KCF

p30 Useful Feeding Tip for holidays periods with wingless Fruit flies G.Richard  

p31 Froghoppers “cuckoo-spits” Steve Andrews  

p31 My Indoor fish house D. Stolworthy. 

p32 Yet another way with White- Worms (Dog biscuits) D.Stolworthy. 

1988 Issue 271 Mar (cover drawing = Nothobranchius.spec “Chobe River” Caprivi Strip, Ruud Wildekamp)
p33 Chairmans Report. 

p34 Diapteron-their care, breeding and rearing (D.georgiae, D.cyanosticyum, D.fulgens, D.abacinum and D.seeqersi) Brian Horsfall BKA 20-12. 
p43 Letter from S.C.K.A. 

p44 Letter’s.

p44 Publicity Report.

p44 Convention ’88’. 

p45 K.C.H.H. A New Club in Czechoslovakia p46 I.Ps.

p47 Keeping Tubifex fresh A.Burge

1988 Issue 272 Apr (cover drawing = Diapteron cyanostictum Ruud Wildekamp)

p49 Epiplatys callipteron. R.H.Wildekamp

p50 Cyprinodon macularius.Desert pupfish A.Burge.BKA.233-3

p52 New Species-New Names (Hypsopanchax modestus, Chromaphyosemion bitaeniatum, Aphyosemion obscurum, Diapteron seegers, Aphyosemion trilineatus, Pachypanchax sakarami) R.H.Wildekamp.

p55 1 did it my way. A.Higginbottom.BKA.514-3

p57 Fundulus cinqulatus. A.Burge.BKA.233-3

p58 Procatopus aberrans. J.Kadlec BKA.162-9


p61 Snails in your fry tanks. D.Wilson BKA.220

p62 Growing on Artemia. T.Addis BKA.8-9

p63 Japanese Daphnia (moina macrocopa) T.Rowley BKA.310-3

p64 Storing eggs of Semi-Annuals. (Fundulopanchax amieti F.puerzli, F.ndianum, F.mirabile, F.gardneri F.sjoestedti, F.gulare, C.occidentale, C.toddi , F.filamentosum F.arnoldi) T.Addis BKA.8-9

1988 Issue 273 May (cover drawing = Cynolebias species?)

p3 Cynolebias species-new fish, new names (Cyn.cheradophilus, Cyn.luteoflammulatus, Cyn.viarius, Cyn.gymnoventris, Cyn.melanoorus, Cyn.affinis, Cyn prognathous, Cyn.cinereus, Cyn.chacoensis, Cyn.izecksohni, Cyn.bokermanni, Cyn.cyaneus, Cyn.nanus, Cyn.adloffi and Cyn.melanotaenia) R.H.Wildekamp p16 Pterolebias staeki (P.wischmanni, P.rubrocaudatus, P.longipinnis, P.bokermanni, P.peruensis) R.H.Wildekamp

p18 Convention ’88 latest.

p19 Harry Towell, obituary Dick Aylott

p19 Noticeboard

p20 Egg and Fish list

1988 Issue 274 Jun (cover drawing = Epiplatys dageti)

pP3 New Species New Names (Aphyosemion dargei, A.bualanum, A.edeanum, A.ahli, A.pasheni) R.H.Wildekamp

p7 The Sub-Genus Aphyobranchius (Aphyobr.lueki, Aphyobr.janjapi) A.J.Rowley

p11 Interesting New Nothobranchius (N.taeniopygus, N.robustus) Ian Sainthouse

p13 Secretary’s Notes G.Carter

p14 It Pays To Keep Your Eyes Open P.K.Webber

p18 Noticeboard

p19 Egg and Fish List

1988 Issue 275 Jul (cover drawing = Cynopoecilus species?)

p3 New Species New Names (Cynolebias sandrii, Cyn.fluminensis, Cyn.marmoratus, Cyn.cyaneus, Cyn.xavantei, Cyn.panatelensis, Cyn. Spec.Paraguay) R.H.Wildekamp

p11 Some Speculation on the Role of Temperature in Sex Ratio imbalance Anthony Pinto

p14 Fishworld ’88 Len Eldridge

p15 Spinal Deformities – Why? Frank Youngman

p17 Keeping Killies in the Outdoor Pool (placed outside beginning May) Steve Andrews

p18 Letters

p20 Egg and Fish List

1988 Issue 276 Aug (cover drawing = Aphyosemion coeleste Ruud Wildekamp)

p3 Aphyosemion coeleste E.Purzl & W.Wachters translated by June Elphick based on original German I.P.
Fundulopanchax (Aphyosemion) puerzli A.Surge, T.Addis, T.Soper and PK.Webber originally published killi-news 223,225

p10 International Killi Show – Copenhagen.

p12 European Championship 
p13 Convention Latest 

p13 Sandown Park Exhibition 
p14 Letter from Les. 

p15 Noticeboard 

p16 Egg and Fish List

1988 Issue 277 Sep (cover drawing = species?)

p3 Nothobranchius jubbi J.Kadlec  

p8 Breeding Non-annual Killifish ‘the natural method’ D.Astbury and E.Jones

p9 Ultratherm Heating Mat F.J.Youngman

p11 Something You Might Like To Know About Cynolebias whitei R.Cox

p14 Aphyosemion gabunense marginatum L.Seegers and O.Bohm

p16 Never Been to a Group Meeting, Show, Auction or Convention – Read On: P.Riley
p18 Stubborn Fungal Attacks

p19 Noticeboard

p20 Egg and Fish List

1988 Issue 278 Oct (cover drawing = Aphyosemion bualanum Ruud Wildekamp)

p2 Chairman’s Report

p3 Aphyosemion bualanum Forms (A.bualanum NDOP A.bualanum BAMENDJINDA A.bualanum KOUPA MATAPIT,  A.bualanum FOUMBAN, A.bualanum FOUMBOT, A.bualanum JAKIRI, A.bualanum BANKIM, A.bualanum NDIKINIMEKI, A.bualanum kekemense,  A.bualanum NGAOUNDERE, A.bualanum BATOURI, A.bualanum DIANG,  A.bualanum NTUI,  A.bualanum MBAM ) P.Lakermi

p16 Convention Fish Show Results 

p18 Letter P.Tillyer

p20 Egg and Fish List 

p20 Noticeboard

1988 Issue 279 Nov (cover drawing = Fundulopanchax (Aphyosemion) ndianus R.A.Heap)

p3 Killifish of the Sub-Genus Paraphyosemion (Kottelat 1976) (Fundulopanchax (A.) gardneri, F. (A) cinnamomeus, F. (A) ndianum, F. (A) mirabile, F. (A) Amieti and F. (A)  spoorenbergi) Jaroslav Kadlec
p15 Letter Convention 1988

p19 Noticeboard, Chairman’s Report 

p20 Egg and Fish List

1988 Issue 280 Dec+1989 Jan (cover drawing = Nothobranchius species?)

p3 Notholebias (Cynolebias) minimus – a switch spawner? Bob McDonnell AKA  

p6 Two for the price of one culturing grindal and microworms together Dave Stolworthy

p7 Jim Collett – obituary

p8 Nothobranchius jubbi – errata lan Sainthouse

p9 Chairman’s Report

p10 Census 1989?

p11 A dramatic reduction of egg incubation time for Nothobranchius rachovi Arthur Walker
p14 Sending eggs overseas
Paul Carter

p16 More wild killies Brian Sell

p19 European championship 1988 

p21 Letter about membership Frank Youngman

p23 Death Valley convention field trip 1988 Roger Brousseau AKA 23

p25 Noticeboard

p28 Egg and fish list

Killi-News 1989

1989 Issue 281 Feb (cover drawing = Aphyosemion species?)

p3 Uganda ’88  Part 1 (N.robustus) Ian Sainthouse

p7 The Xanthoric Form of Aphyosemion australe, Rachow 1921 Jaroslav Kadlec
Aphyosemion ogoense pyrohore RPC

p16 Noticeboard
p18 an Unfair Reputation
Jim Gasior 

p20 Egg and Fish List

1989 Issue 282 Mar (cover drawing = Spectrolebias species?)

p3 Uganda ’88 Part 2 Ian Sainthouse  

p7 Some Notes on the Type Locality of Nothobranchius robustus and also the activities. of Dr F.L.Vanderplank in the Nearby Shinyanga District circa 1940 Ian Sainthouse  

p12 Chairman’s report

p13 Switch Spawning Cynolebias Brian Horsfall  

p14 Cynolebias constanciae – Also a Switch Spawner? Adrian Burge  

p15 Growth Rate Charles Zammit

p17 Noticeboard

p18 One Way to Write an Article Paul Carter

p20 Egg and Fish List 

1989 Issue 283 Apr (cover drawing = Nothobranchius species?)

p3 Uganda ’88 Part 3 Ian Sainthouse

p6 Notes on the formation of some man-made biotopes for Nothobranchius Ian Sainthouse
p10 Thoughts
Paul Carter

p11 Selective Breeding Charles Zammit

p13 Water incubating Nothobranchius eggs Part 1 Charles A Nunziata

1989 Issue 284 May (cover drawing = Aphyosemion elberti?)

p3 Uganda ’88 Part 4 Ian Sainthouse  

p6 Water Incubating Nothobranchius Eggs Part 2 Charles A. Nunziata 

1989 Issue 285 June (cover drawing = blank)

p3 Chairman’s report

p4 Uganda ’88 Part 5 Ian Sainthouse  

p6 Water Incubating Nothobranchius Eggs Part 3 Charles A. Nunziata 
p13 A twin-headed fry Charles Zammit

1989 Issue 286 July (cover drawing = Austrolebias nigripinnis?)
p2 Editorial
Garry Carter

p3 Chairman’s report Brian Tate

p4 Austrolebias (Cynolebias) bellottii Hans van Es

p9 Fishworld and Fish keeping Exhibitions ‘89 Len Eldridge  
p11 Fundulus confluentus Red Les McCathie  

p16 Joergan Scheel Jean Huber 

1989 Issue 287 Aug (cover drawing = Aphyosemion rectogoense Rudd Wildekamp)

p1 Anablepsoides (Rivulus) luelingi. (Seegers 1984) Henrik Korzen (Reproduced from the SKS Journal No 4 and 5 1988 Translated by Nettie Walsh)

p6 Uganda ‘88 Part 6. (Nothobranchius robustus, Aplocheilichthys vitschumbaensis, Aplocheilichthys bukobanus, N.taeniogypus)  Ian Sainthouse

p10 Uganda ‘88 Part 7 (Nothobranchius robustus) Ian Sainthouse

p14 A novices beginning (Austrolebias (Cynolebias) nigripinnis ‘Sagastorne’) Dave Drohan

1989 Issue 288 Sep (cover drawing = Fundulopanchax (A.) robertsoni Rudd Wildekamp)

p2 The Need for a Proper census – P.Lewis  

p3 I’m not Joking Mike McCathy

p5 Chairman’s Report Brian Tate

p6 The Genius Rachovia Part one (R.brevis, R.maculipnnis, R.hummelincki, R.pyropunctata) Jaroslav Kadlec  
p14 Killifish from the Wild on Fundulopanchax (A.) gardneri “Odegi” Brian Sell

1989 Issue 289 Oct (cover drawing = Epiplatys chevalieri Rudd Wildekamp)

p3 Water Quality or lack of it Mike McCathy

p4 The Genus Rachovia Part two Maintenance and breeding (R.brevis, R.maculipnnis, R.hummelincki, R.pyropunctata, Riv.stellifer, Pterolebias zonatus, Austrofundulus limnaeus, Terrantos dolichopterus, Pterolebias hoignei) Jaroslav Kadlec

p13 Pterolebias maculipinnis=hoignei fact or fiction? Adrian Burge

p15 Aphyosemion congicum Pat Rirnmer

1989 Issue 290 Nov (cover drawing = Aphyosemion schwoiseri Rudd Wildekamp)

p2 Chairman’s Report – Brian Tate

p4 Follow Up on water softening Jugs (causing sudden deaths after water change) Mike McCarthy

p5 Reasonably Controlled Culturing of Inexpensive Live Foods (outdoor culturing of mosquito’s, bloodworm’s, daphnia, copepods and small crustacea) Scott Davis

p10 Observations on the Maintenance and Breeding of Aphyosemion cameronense (A.herzogi) Rudiger Wagner
p15 Loss of Size & Colour in Killifish
Pat Rimmer

1989 Issue 291 Dec (cover drawing = Pterolebias zonatus Rudd Wildekamp) p3 Point’s of View Roy Willerton

p5 Rivulus cryotocallus Michel Ippersiel

p9 Convention 1989 Report – Len Eldridge  

p13 Chairman’s Report – Brian Tate

p14 From Eggs to Fry (controlling fungus in eggs)? – John Wilkinson

p15 Frozen Worms – A. Dutton

Killi-News 1990

1990 Issue 292 Jan (cover drawing = Rochovia brevis Rudd Wildekamp)
p2 Fruit Fly’s the Easy Way Roy Willerton

p4 Book Reviews Mike McCathy & Tim Addis

p7 Chairmans Report Brian Tate

p8 Epiplatys roloffi re-visited Paul Webster  

p12 Controlling Hydra Brian Horsfall

1990 Issue 293 Feb (cover drawing = Rochovia pyropunctata Rudd Wildekamp)

p3 Some Killies from Southern Gabon Part 1 (Aphyosemion primigenium, Plataplochilus chalcopyrus, Epiplatys singa, Epiplatys huberi) Friedrich Bitter

p7 Some Killies from Southern Gabon Part 2 (Aphyosemion joergenscheeli, Aphyosemion ocellatum, Aphyosemion citrineipinnis) Friedrich Bitter  

p15 Chairman’s Report Brian Tate

1990 Issue 294 Mar (cover drawing = Rochovia hummelincki Rudd Wildekamp)  

p2 Raising Healthy Fry M. Hynd

p7 Nomenclature J.P.Vandermissen

p12 Awkward breeders (or not) (Aphyosemion coeleste, A.pyrophore Komono Blue) Mike McCathy
p14 Switch Spawners (
Cynolebias constanciae) Kevin Gaunt

1990 Issue 295 Apr (cover drawing = Epiplatys sexfasciatus Ken McKeighen Jnr.)

p2 Chairman’s Report – Brian Tate.

p3 The French in the Congo – C Bordat

p13 New Fish, New Names – Nothobranchius sp. “Chisanga Loup”, Nothobranchius sp. “Chunga”, N. Spec. “Kafue River “, N.spec. “Kayuni State Farm”, N.spec “lochiavar” and N.spec. “Nega Nega” all are: Nothobranchius KafuensisFriedrich Bitter  

p14 Aphyosemion loussenseD.S.Langdon

1990 Issue 296 May (cover drawing = Aphyosemion cognatum Rudd Wildekamp) p3 The Auction Frank Cochrane

p7 Type Locality: Belinga (Gabon) Roland Numerich

p11Adventures with Epiplatys dageti Steven Jones. 

p14 Aphyosemion cognatum Pat Rimmer. 

p16 Proposed Rule Change.

1990 Issue 297 Jun (cover drawing = Epiplatys sexfasciatus Rathkei Rudd Wildekamp)

p3 Technical Information (writing small articles for Killi-News e.g. New species, New names) Eric Bowden
p6 A Reflected Beauty –
Epiplatys Sexfasciatus with its subspecies (Epiplatys sexfasciatus “baroi”, “Nigeria”,”Makondou””Gabon”,”rathkei”,”togolensis”)  Winfried Stenglein
p16 Hot Air (raising air-pumps from the floor may warm your tanks?)
Mike McCarthy

1990 Issue 298 Jul (cover drawing = 25th BKA Convention and AGM University of Hull)
p2 Chairman’s Report
Brian Tate  

p3 Callopanchax (Roloffia) occidentale Alan Higginbottom  

p5 Not suitable for beginners Alan Higginbottom

p6. Point of View (preventing fungus on eggs) Mike Hansell

p8 Rivulus xiphidius Peter Schneider

p13 Platoplochilus ngaensis & Platoplochilus miltotaenia Adrian Burge

1990 Issue 299 Aug (cover drawing = 25th BKA Convention and AGM University of Hull)

p2 Observations on the maintenance and breeding of Aphyosemion herzogi (A.maculatum, A.joergenscheeli, A.occellatum) Rudiger Wagner

p7 Point of View – Roy Willerton

p9 Green Bodied Fundulopanchax (Aphyosemion) (Fundulopanchax gardneri Rayfield)- Steve Andrews

p10 Cyolebias costaePaul Baker

p12 My New Cynolebias (Cynolebias alexandri Ceibous Albino) Paul Baker

p13 Aphyosemion ogoense lutete (A.ogoense Ottogartneri, A.opoense caudofasciatum, A.ogoense ogoense) Pat Rimmer

1990 Issue 300 Sept (cover drawing = 300th celebration)

p2 Chairman’s Report Brian Tate 

p4 Roloffia Crossing Experiments Vollrad Etzel &Heinz O.Berkenkamp
p13 Blue flashes from the Congo
Aphyosemion coeleste Norbert Dadaniak 

1990 Issue 301 Oct (cover drawing = Rochovia pyropunctata Rudd Wildekamp)
p2 Chairman’s Report
Brian Tate 

p3 My Experiences with Cynolebias Boitonei Chris Cheswright

p6 Cameroon 89 Part 1 “Lacustre” And Back Wolfgang Ebert  

p14 Stubborn Eggs Peter Watkins

p16 Special Announcement

1990 Issue 302 Nov (cover drawing = Rochovia pyropunctata Rudd Wildekamp)
p2 Chairman’s Report
Brian Tate 

p6 Hull 1990 – another successful Convention. Peter Watkins.

p8 Show Results

p9 Convention 1990 The Organising Group Members Views. Peter Riley

p14 Minutes of AGM

1990 Issue 303 Dec (cover drawing = Plancterus zebrinus drawing by Rudd Wildekamp)

p2 Chairman’s Report Brian Tate

p7 A beginners Guide to Raising Lyretails Aphyosemion australe Ken Mckeighen Jnr

p9 An Open Forum. Brian Horsfall

p9 Plancterus zebrinus Ken Mckeighen Jnr

p12 Mesoaphyosemion maintenance and breeding A.calliurum, A.ahli, A.heinemanni, A.ogoense, A.striatum, A.cameronense, A.ocellatum, A.louessense  and A.australe Peter Watkins

p16 Request for Help I am interested in Aphanius and Valencia species (Aphanius iberus Estontit, Aphanius apodus) Hermon Mecus

Killi-News 1991

1991 Issue 304 Jan (cover drawing = Chromaphyosemion loennbergi Rudd Wildekamp)
p2 Chairman’s Report
Brian Tate 

p4 Part11. The Killies around Edea Wolfgang Eberl

p10 Chromaphyosemion bitaeniatum Ijebu-ode Wolfgang Eberl  

p15 My trip to Gambia Roger Gladwell  

1991 Issue 305 Feb (cover drawing: Aphyosemion oeseri Ruud Wildekamp)
p2 Chairman’s Report
Brian Tate  

p4 Aplocheilichthys katangae Paul Carter  

p7 Aphyosemion oeseri: a killifish reports Bernd Jande  
p9 Diapause in eggs Chris Cheswright  

p12 Nothobranchius korthausae Klaus Szafranek  
p15 Cynolebias boitoni Brian Smith 

1991 Issue 306 Mar (cover drawing: Simpsonichthys (Cynolebias) boitoni Ruud Wildekamp)

p3 New Names, New Species Part 1. (Campellolebias brucei, C.chrysolineatus, C.dorsimaculatus, Terranatos dolichopterus, Cynopoecilus melanotaenia, Leptolebius aureoguttatus, L.citrinipinnis, L.fluminensis, L.marmoratus, L.minimus, L.nanus, L.sandrii, Plesiolebias xavantei and P.glaucopterus.) Ruud Wildekamp

p9 New Names, New Species Part 2. (Leptolebias minimus, L.fractifasciatus, L.cruzi, Cynolebias zonatus, Cynolebias flammeus, Cynolebias flavicaudatus, Cynolebias notatus and Cynolebias griseus) Ruud Wildekamp

1991 Issue 307 April (cover drawing: Moema portugali Ruud Wildekamp)
p2 Chairman’s Report
Brian Tate

p3 New Species, New Names. Part 3 Ruud Wildekamp

p11 Fitting Out a Fish Room on the Cheap A.Gilbert

p13 Tips for the Aquarium Builder A.Gilbert

p14 Some Reflections Dennis Peet

1991 Issue 308 May (cover drawing: Epiplatys dageti monroviae Ruud Wildekamp)

p2 Chairman’s Report Brian Tate

p4 New Species New Names part 4 (Melanorivulus (Rivulus) pictus, Melanrivulus (Rivulus) apiamici, Melanorivulus (Rivulus) pinima, Melanorivulus (Rivulus) vittatus, Melanorivulus (Rivulus) decorates, Krypolebias (Rivulus) campelloi, Melanorivulus (Rivulus) zygonectes) Ruud Wildekamp

p10 Fish for the novice from the genus Aphyosemion Aphyosemion striatum Richard Cox

p12 Epiplatys dageti ‘Monroviae’ Steven Jones

1991 Issue 309 June (cover drawing: Nematolebias (Cynolebias) myersi Ruud Wildekamp)

p3 Chairman’s Report Brian Tate

p3 New Species, New names (Rivulus bolivianus, Anablepsoides (Rivulus) beniensis, Anableopsodies (Rivulus) limoncochae, A. (Rivulus) bahianus, A. (Rivulus) erberi, Kryptolebias (Rivulus) brasiliensis) Ruud Wildekamp
p8 Cynolebias myersi Brian Smith

p10 Aphyosemion zygaima Montessi CMB89/1 “one of many” Garry Carter

p14 Sorting out the bugs, separating live foods Frank Cochrane

1991 Issue 310 July (cover drawing: Chromaphyosemion (A.) bivittatun Multicolor Ruud Wildekamp)
p2 Chairman’s Report
Brian Tate

p4 Breeding Chromaphyosemion bivittatum ‘Funge’ Andy Wyldes  

p6 Simple Syphon System – A.Buckley

p12 Egg Incubation Fundulopanchax sjoestedti Brian Horsfall  

p16 Book review – Killifish (A Complete Pet Owners Manual – Steffen Hellner) Len Eldridge

1991 Issue 311 Aug (cover drawing: Aphyosemion ogoense pyrophore Ruud Wildekamp)
Aplocheilichthys johnstoni Bob Gunn

p5 Convention 8 Page Pullout

p13 Aphyosemion pyrophore Poubara Pat Rimmer  

p16 New Product – GAST Blowers Garry Carter

1991 Issue 312 Sep (cover drawing: Aphyosemion celiae winifredae)
p2 Chairman’s Report
Brian Tate

p4 Aphyosemion celiae Frank Cochrane

p8 BKA Accounts 1990/1991 Treasurer.

p10 BKA A.G.M. Agenda

p10 Aphyosemion bualanum “Diang” Karlheinz Kohler

p13 How I Started P.Harle.

1991 Issue 313 Oct (cover drawing: Chromaphyosemion (A.) riggenbachi Yabassi P.Mathays)

p2 Chairman’s Report Brian Tate

p3 The Sub-Genus Chromaphyosemion Part One (1. What is a Chromaphyosemion, 2 The species in the sub- genus, 3 Geographical distribution) Olivier Legros

p16 Eddie Jones – Obituary

1991 Issue 314 Nov (cover drawing: Epiplatys sexfaciatus rathkei Ruud Wildekamp)

p2 Chairman’s Report – Brian Tate 

p5 Fish Keeping Exhibitions 1991 – Len Eldridge

p7 Chromaphyosemion Part 2 (3 cont.) Nature of the soils, Competition between Rivulins, 4 Ecology, 5 Maintenance and breeding) – Olivier Legros

p14 Point of Veiw – George Molloy 14

1991 Issue 315 Dec (cover drawing: Chromaphyosemion bivittatum Ndian P. Mathays)

p2 Chairman’s Report Brian Tate

p4 Killifish as Predators (Rivulus hartii) C.Paxton

p7 Continuation of Chromaphyosemion Part 3 6. Behaviour, 7. Diseases, 8. The Species Olivier Legros
Anablepsoides (Rivulus) lungi Peter Schneider

Killi-News 1992

1992 Issue 316 Jan (cover drawing = Map of Cameroon)

p2 Chairman’s Report Brian Tate. 

p3 Moving Fish Brian Tate. 

p5 Killies of the “Cameronense” Group in Cameroon (Part 1) Wolfgang Eberl

1992 Issue 317 Feb (cover drawing = Location map of Wolfgang Eberl’s 1990 trip.)

p2 Chairman’s Report Brian Tate

p4 Killies of the “Cameronense” Group in Cameroon – (Part 2 Aphyosemion cameronense, A. raddai, A. herzogi, A. exiguum, A. helleri, A.amoenum, A.edeanum, A.calliurum, A.amieti, A.obscurum, A.ahli, Procatopus similis, Chrom. (A.) riggenbachi, A.puerzli, A.franzwerneri) Wolfgang Eberl

1992 Issue 318 Mar (cover drawing = Aphyosemion wildekampi Ruud Wildekamp)

p2 Chairman’s Report Brian Tate

p4 The Sub-Genus Chromaphyosemion – part 4 Chromaphyosemion riggenbachi Olivier Legros
p10 In Retrospect – Dennis looks at some old articles that still are useful after 20 years
Dennis Peet
Aphosemion wildekampi Ralf Fredrich

1992 Issue 319 Apr (cover drawing = Fundulopanhax (A.) gardneri gardneri)

p2 Chairman’s Report Brian Tate

p4 Gast Report (R1102 Regenair blower – final report) Garry Carter

p5 Fundulopanchax (Aphyosemion) gardneri (part 1 general care ) Roger Gladwell
Chromaphyosemion (A.) loennbergi Bill Drake

1992 Issue 320 May (cover drawing = Fundulopanhax (A.) gardneri nigerianum Kaduna)

p3 BKA Convention 1991 Keith Wilbraham  

p7 Fundulopanchax (A.) gardneri (part 2 Different populations of F. (A.) gardneri gardneri, F. (A.) gardneri mamfense, F. (A.) gardneri lacustre, F. (A.) gardneri nigerianum🙂 Roger Gladwell  

p15 Nature’ s Way (Alternative Killifish husbandry) Matthew Bradby

1992 Issue 321 Jun (cover = Chromaphyosemion (A.) splendopleure Data)
p2 Chairman’s Report Brian Tate

p4 Aphyosemion exiguum A. Pinto

p9 Scriptaphyosemion (Roloffia) fredrodi A. Pinto

p13 Chromaphyosemion (A.) slendopleure Kopongo 1 Bill Drake

p16 Brine shrimp Mike McCarthy

1992 Issue 322 Jul (cover = Fundulopanchax (A.) gardneri nigerianum Abakalbi)

p2 Chairman’s Report Brian Tate

p5 Obituary Roy Willerton

p7 Fundulopanchax (A.) gardneri (Part 3 Fundulopanchax (A.) gardneri nigerianum Misaje, Rayfield, Makurdi, Nsukka, Udegi, Baissa, P82, Ossing, Mamfense, Lacustre, Eyoumojok, Mamfense Eymojok Blue, Abuja) R. Gladwell  

p15 Natural breeding of Pseudepiplatys (Ep.) annulatus Colin Paton

1992 Issue 323 Aug (cover drawing = (Simsonichthys (Cynolebias) myersi Ruud Wildekamp)
p2 Chairman’s Report Brian Tate

p6 Fundulopanchax (A.) amieti, an experience – George Molloy

p10 In Search of Cynolebias myersi Jim Hutchings

p13 Observations on Aphyosemion striatum Geoff Smith

1992 Issue 324 Sept (cover drawing = Aphyosemion bua1anum kekemense)
p2 Chairman’s Report
Brian Tate

p4 Aphyosemion ogoense Gunther Schmaus

p7 Notes on Mop Colours Steve Sellers

p8 Aphyosemion mimbon Karlheinz Notzon

p12 Central African / Cameroons Trip Wolfgang Grell & Karl-Heinz Kohler

1992 Issue 325 Oct (cover drawing = Fundulopanhax (A.) robertsoni)
p2 Editorial comment

p3 Chairman’s Report Brian Tate

p4 Aphyosemion exiguum A Pinto

p9 Daphnia at Home Johnny Walker

p10 A method of culturing micro-worms. Dick Armstrong.

p12 Fundulopanchax (Aphyosemion) cinnamomeus

p15 French Convention 1992 Peter Watkins

1992 Issue 326 Nov (cover drawing = Austrolebias (Cynolebias) viarius)

p2 Editorial comment

p3 Chairman’s Report Brian Tate

p4 Sub-genus Chromaphyosemion Part 5 Chromaphyosemion bitaeniatum Oliver Legros

p14 Sp. Main Report Mike Hansell

p15 Dutch Convention Rod Roberts

p17 Cites (Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Flora and Fauna) Update (Valencia hispanica) Mike Hansell

p19 Hints on White and Grindal worm cultures Dick Armstrong

p20 Letter (publication of review of Rivulus) from J. Huber

1992 Issue 327 Dec (cover drawing = Nothobranchius ? )

p2 Editorial comment 

p3 Chairman’s Report

p4 The sub-genus Chromaphyosemion (part 6) Chromaphyosemion loennbergii Oliver Legros
p12 Wingless Fruit Fly
Dick Armstrong

p13 Do You Know This Fish? Epiplatys macrostigma? Eric Bowden Tech. Editor

p14 Preparing Fish Food Charles Zammit

p15 BKA Library Service Eric Bowden Tech. Editor

Backpage – Alan Goldsmith writes 

Killi-News 1993

1993 Issue 328 Jan (cover b/w photo = Epiplatys multifasciatus H. Prat)

p2 Editorial comment

P2 Jesse Cocks writes – A homemade filter

p7 Sub-genus Chromaphysosemion (part 7 Chromaphysosemion splendopleure, Chrom.multicolour, Chrom. volcanum, Chrom. 1oennbergii, Chrom. riggenbachi) Oliver Legros

p14 Simple Filter John Rundle

p15 Eggs Incubator Les McCarthy

1993 Issue 329 Feb (cover b/w photo = Aphyosemion ahli M.Chauche)

p18 The sub-genus Chromaphysosemion (part 8 Chromaphyosemion volcanum (+colour photo), Chromaphyosemion species no1 Monea) Oliver Legros  

p26 Aphyosemion Labarrei (+colour photo) Tim Addis

p29 An Interlude with Aphyosemion Labarrei George Molloy

1993 Issue 330 Mar (cover b/w photo = Nothobranchius jubbi Jubbi Kenjiro Tanaka)

p34 Sub-genus Chromaphysosemion (part 9 Chromaphyosemion species no 2, Chrom. splendopleure, Chrom. volcanum, Chrom. bivittatum, Chrom. 1oennbergii, Chrom. riggenbachi, Chrom. species No.3.) Oliver Legros

p43 Aphyosemion arnoldi (+photo) Tim Addis

p45 Pronothobranchius Kiyawense Hans Van Es

1993 Issue 331 Apr (cover b/w photo = Aphyosemion bualanum N’tui)

p50 The sub-genus Chromaphysosemion (part 10) Appendices (Comments on Scheels “Atlas of Killifish of the old World”, Key to female Chromaphyosemions) Oliver Legros 

p58 Aphyosemion bualanum N’tui some observations Peter Parry

p60 Split Level Filtration Les McCathie

p63 Fast Fish Growth Charles Zammit

back cover – A new book – “A review of Rivulus – Ecobiogeography relationships”

1993 Issue 332 May (cover b/w photo = Austrolebias (Cynolebias) viarius Kenjiro Tanaka)

p66 Austrolebias (Cynolebias) alexandri (C.elongatus, C.adloffi, C.viarius, C.alexandri, C.bellottii, C.nigripinnis) Jaroslav Kadlec

p70 Aphyosemion rectogoense Anthony Pinto

p74 Aquatic Conservation Network Report (Fundulopanchax gardneri, Valencia Hispanica, Aphanius iberius) Mike Hensell

p75 Aphyosemion calliurum  (+colour photo) Tim Addis

p77 Chairman’s Report

p79 Introducing Chromaphyosemion lugens and Chromaphyosemion poliaki Eric Bowden Tech. Ed.

p80 Killi-Club de France Convention 1993 Peter Watkins

Back cover Convention 1993

1993 Issue 333 Jun (cover b/w photo = Diapteron georgiae)

p82 The Sub-Genus Diapteron (Diapteron georgiae, Diapteron cyanostictum, Diapteron abacinum, Diapteron seegersi, Diapteron fulgens) Jaroslav Kadlec

p94 Chairman’s Report

Opinion Tech. Editor Cover 

1993 Issue 334 Jul (cover b/w photo = R. ogoense Malinga).

P98 Aphyosmion decorsei Norbert Kulhmann

P100 Aphyosmion decorsei RCA/ 82/ 3 M. W. Jones

p104 BKA Information Library An Update Eric Bowden Tech. Ed.

p105 Nothobranchius kirki Chilwa Hans van Es.

p107 Obituary – George Etches

p107 The Aquatic Conservation Network. Mike Hensell

p108 A Native Killifish of Malta (Aphanius fasciatus) Anthony Doublet

p110 Melanins the colour black Charles Zammitt

p112 A Beginner’s View on Rearing Fry Pseudepiplatys annulatus Kasene using Apple snails with fry Barry McKnight

1993 Issue 335 Aug (cover b/w photo = Fundulopanchax (A.) gardeneri Rayfield)

p114 Aphyosemion melanoptern Tim Addis

p116 Aphyosemion melanoptern Pat Rimmer

p118 Breeding and Care of Aphyosemion melanoptern Peter Parry

p120 Fundulopanchax (Aphyosemion) sjoestedti Observations of the Blue Gularis George Mamonov

p124 Fundulopanchax (Aphyosemion) walkeri spurelli Hans van Es

p126 Chairman’s Report

1993 Issue 336 Sep (cover b/w photo = Aphyosemion louessense RPC 24)

p130 Aphyosemion maculatum Tim Addis

p132 Cynolebias bokermanni and Nothobranchius melanospilus breed in the same way Eric Byatt

p134 Aphyosemion louessense Gandji cmbb 89/3 David Mellor

p137 Scriptaphyosemion fredrodi Anthony Pinto

p141 Nothobranchius furzeri Hans van Es

p143 Chairman’s Report

1993 Issue 337 Oct (cover b/w photo = Nothobranchius sp. Tan 93/4 b/w photo)
p146 Aphyosemion exigoideum Tim Addis

p148 Search for Killifish in South Africa part 1 Trevor Wood

p154 Scriptaphyosemion etzeli Yer Bir SL89 Les McCathie 

p157 BKA 1993 Convention Report

p159 Obituary – John Wilkinson BKA 528

1993 Issue 338 Nov (cover b/w photo = Fundulopnanchax (A.) walkeri Kutunse)

p162 Platoplochilus miltotaenia Eduard Purzl

p166 Book Review – Review of Rivulus – Ecobiogeography Relationships. J.H.Huber. Eric Bowden 285-11 Tech. Editor

p168 Book Review – A world of killies Volume 1. Atlas of Oviparous Cyprinodontiform fishes of the world. R.H.Wildekamp Eric Bowden 285-11 Tech. Editor

p170 Letter to Editor Moran and Mugridge  

p175 My way with Microworms Peter Parry

1993 Issue 339 Dec (cover b/w photo = Aphyosemion schioetzi Mgombe Z91)
p178 Aphyosemion bamilekorum Tim Addis

p180 South American Annuals group Dave Wood

p181 Cynolebias cyaneus Hans van Es

p183 Nimbapanchax viridis N’Zerekore GRC 90/175 Les McCathie

p186 Letters -A Letter from Ruud WILDEKAMP to Eric Bowden

p192 Chairman’s Report

Killi-News 1994  

1994 Issue 340 Jan (cover b/w photo = Austrolebias (Cynolebias) nigripinnis)

p2 Aphyosemion ahli Tim Addis

p5 Experiences with Leptolebias (L.minimus, L.citrineipinnis, L.ladigesi, L.NSC2) Chris Cheswright
p7 Experiences with
Diapteron georgiae Eric Bowden Tech. Ed.

p9 Dr. J. H. Huber writes about Rivulus colours and feeding

p11 Moran and Muggeridge- a reply Eric Bowden Tech.

p14 Novices’ Page -first foods for fry Eric Bowden Tech.

1994 Issue 341 Feb (cover = Map of Collection Locations Cameroon)

p18 Collecting Trip to Cameroon (Nothobranchius rubroreticulatus, Chromaphyosemion splendopleure Doula, Epiplatys sexfasciatus +more) Rod Roberts  

p40 Trevor Wood Writes 

1994 Issue 342 Mar (cover b/w photo= Aphyosemion gabunense gabunense)
Aphyosemion gabunense gabunense Frank Cochrane

p46 Epiplatys lamottei Tim Addis

p49 Members Write

p56 A new Killifish disease Karl Doering AKA 

1994 Issue 343 April (cover b/w photo = Fundulopanchax (A.) gardeneri Misage)

p58 Recent Imports from West Africa (CI 1/93. – Epiplatys sexfasciatus Lagos, CI 2/93 – Epiplatys bifasciatus, CI3/93. Epiplatys fasciolatus fasciolatus, CI4/93. Pseudepiplatys annulatus, CI 5/93 – Micropanchax rancureli Species CI 6/93 – A. (Ro1) geryi CI 7/93 – A. (Rol) roloffi CI 8/93 – Epiplatys fasciolatus fasciolatus CI 9/93 – Epiplatys chaperi schreiberi) Tim Addis  

p66 Problems with Brine Shrimp Frank Cochrane

p67 Neofundulus paraguayensis Hans van Es

p70 Simple Killie Keeping Pat Dalton

1994 Issue 344 May (cover colour photo = Scriptaphyosemion (A.(Rol)) liberiense schmitti)

p74 Foreword by Eric Bowden Tech. Ed.

p76 A Review of Roloffia (Archiaphyosemion guineense, Arch.jeanpoli, Arch.maeseni, Arch.petersi, Arch.viride, Scriptaphyosemion brueningi, Scr.chaytori, Scr. etzeli, Scr. geryi, Scr. guignardi, Scr. liberiense, Scr. Liberiense schmitti, Scr. roloffi) Les McCathie
p89 Medium for White Worms
M. Nicholson

p91 Cynolebias affinis Hans van Es

1994 Issue 345 June (cover b/w photo = Aphyosemion exigoideum Ngoadoula?)

p94 Review of Roloffia Pt. 2 Sub-genus –Archiaphyosemion (Archiaphyosemion guineense, Nimbapanchax jeanpoli, Archiaphyosemion maeseni, Nimbapanchax petersi, Nimbapanchax viride) Senus Callopanchax substrate-spawning (Callopanchax occidentale, Callopanchax huwaldi, Callopanchax toddi, Callopanchax monroviae)   Les McCathie

p107 Another Commercial Import (Scriptaphyosemion geryi) Eric Bowden Tech.Ed

p108 Aphyosemion rectogoense Collecting in Gabon and code correction Allan &Barbara Brown

1994 Issue 346 July (cover b/w photo = Callopanchax (A. (Rol)) occidentale)

p110 Substrate Spawning Roloffia (Callopanchax occidentale, Callopanchax huwaldi, Callopanchax toddi, Callopanchax monroviae) Les McCathie

1994 Issue 347 Aug (cover b/w photo = Nothobranchius eggersi)

p126 Search for Nothobranchius in Zambia May 1994 (Nothobranchius sp. Kayuni, N. sp. “Kafue National Park”(Luansanga Stream) and N. sp. “Chunga”, N. symoensis and N. malaissei) Trevor Wood

p133 Water Paul Carter

p136 Water Quality

1994 Issue 348 Sep (cover b/w photo = Aphyosemion batesii Awae)

p142 Collecting Nothobranchius rachovii in Beira (N.kuhntae,  N.orthonotus, N.melanospilus, N.guentheri, N.kafuensis ‘Nega Nega’) John Rosenstock

p151 Aphyosemion batesii Tim Addis

p155 North East Yorkshire Group Open Show -Wiggington (July 17th) Report Simon Brophy  

1994 Issue 349 Oct (cover b/w photo = Nothobranchius elongatus U11)

p158 Aplocheilus blockii Tim Addis

p160 Fruit Flies A food for all seasons Les McCatnie

p162 Filtration Tim Addis

p166 Nothobranchius elongatus Hans Van Es

P168 Guide to Importing Fish An Explanation of the Controls Governing the Movement of Live and Dead Fish and Gametes into and front Great Britain Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food, May, 1994.

p172 Members Corner 

1994 Issue 350 Nov (cover b/w photo = Fundulopanchax (A.) walkeri)
Austrolebias (Cynolebias) nigripinnis Hans Van Es

p176 Messages from members

p177 Convention report 1994 & show results

p184 Fish house notes 1994 Eric Bowden Tech. Ed

back page The Kent Group B.K.A. introduction Chris Cheswright

1994 Issue 351 Dec (cover b/w photo = Aphyosemion schioetzi mgombe 291/1)

p190 The African Killifishes of the sub genus Gularopanchax (Fundulopnchax (A.) gulare, Fundulopnchax (A.) deltaense, Fundulopnchax (A.) kribianum, Fundulopnchax (A.) fallax, Fundulopnchax (A.) schwoiseri ) Jaroslav Kadlec

p197 Obituary Eric Saunders (BKA 235)

p198 Additional Fish House notes 1994 Eric Bowden Tech. Ed.

p200 Aphyosemion amieti (Radda 1976) Tim Addis

p202 Melanorivulus (Rivulus) punctatus (Boulenger 1895) Dave Wood

p203 Some Experiences with fish photography Mike Packwood

Killi-News 1995

1995 Issue 352 Jan (cover colour photo = Aphyosemion passaroi n. sp. by R. Lutje)

p3 Aphyosemion passaroi, A New Species from South Eastern Gabon, with a Unique Colour Pattern. (+A. ocellatum) Jean H Huber

p10 The Care and Breeding of Pachypanchax omalonotus Roger W. Langton

p13 MEMBER’S CORNER. Tim Addis 4-4 Chairman. Laimosemion (Rivulus) agilae, Rivulichthys sp. staecki, A. striatum

p15 Aphyosemion puerzli Steve Carpenter (BKA 283-06)

p16 Chairman’s Report – Tim Addis

p18 Infusoria and its culture Eric Bowden

1995 Issue 353 Feb (cover colour photo = Rachovia Pyropunctata by Rod Roberts).

p16 The annual Killifishes of Venezuela Part 1 Maracaibo Basin and Coastal Plain Species (Austrofundulus limnaeus Austrofundulus transilis Austrofundulus stagnalis, Rachovia hummelincki, Rachovia brevis, Rachovia maculipinnis, Rachovia splendens, Rachovia pyropunctata) Thomerson & Taphorn  

p30 Obituary – Fred Cripps

1995 Issue 354 Mar (cover colour photo = Pterolebias hoignei and Pterolebias zonatus by Rod Roberts)
p32 The annual Killifishes of Venezuela Part 2 Species of the Orinoco Llanos
(Rachovia maculipinnis, Astrofundulus transilis, Austrofundulus limaeus, Pterolebias zonatus, Pterolebias hoignei, Rivulus stellifer, Terranatos douchopterus) Thomerson & Taphorn  

1995 Issue 355 Apr (cover colour photo = Fundulopanchax (A.) gardneri by Andy Wyldes)

p47 Outdoor Killies (F.gardneri, Nematolebias whitei) Andy Wyldes

p49 Scriptaphyosemion (Roloffia) geryi C1 6/93 an update Tim Addis

p51 Scriptaphyosemion (Roloffia) cauveti species Kindia a new non-annual species of Roloffia? Christian Cauvet

p53 Breeding Daphnia at Home N. `Johnny’ Walker

p54 Fish House Notes an update (storing eggs on peat) Eric Bowden Tech.Ed.

p57 A Nothobranchius Update Eric Bowden Tech.Ed.

p58 Members’ Corner Tim Addis

p60 Convention News Garry Carter

1995 Issue 356 May (cover colour photo = Cynolebias bellottii by Tim Addis).  

p63 My experience of keeping some species of Cyrolebias at Lower Temperatures (Austrolebias (Cynolebias) nigripinnis, Cynolebias melanotaenia, Austrolebias (Cynolebias) bellottii, Cynolebias affinis, Cynolebias alexandri) Jaroslav Kadlec

p66 A.C.N. Madagascar Project (Pachypanchax omalonotus, Leptolucania ommata, Fundulus similis, Fundulus chrysotus, Fundulus notatus, Cyprinodon variagatus) Mike Hansell

p68 Civilised Collecting Expedition Wayne Wright

p72 Fish House Notes 1/95 Eric Bowden Tech.Ed.

p76 Infusoria Tom Ridgeway

1995 Issue 357 Jun (cover colour photo = Aphyosemion primigenium GBN 88/6 by Mike Packwood)

p78 Aphyosemion primigenium (Aphyosemion exigoideum, Aphyosemion striatum, Aphyosemion australe Epiplatys multifasciatus, Epiplatys ansorgii, Plataplochilus spec.) Jaroslav Kadlec

p80 Nothobranchius Update 2 (Nothobranchius .sp. Caprivi 95/1, N. ugandensis, N. spec. Odienya, N. kafuensis loc. Nega Nega, N. neumanni, N. lourensi)  Eric Bowden Tech. Ed.

p87 New Fishes New Names (Nothobranchius spec. TAN 93/X) John Rosenstock

p89 Fish House Notes No.2 (Water quality, Aphyosemion amieti, N.rubripinnis) Eric Bowden Tech. Ed.

1995 Issue 358 Jul (cover colour photo – Leptolebias citrinipinnis by Mike Packwood)

p93 Endangered species (Campbellolebias brucei,Cyprinodon elegans (Texas), Cyprinodon diabolis (Nevada), Cyprinodon radiosus (California), Cyprinodon nevadensis calidae (California), Cyprinodon nevadensis pectoralis (Nevada), Empetrichthys latos (Nevada),  Cyprinodon latifasciatus (Mexico),Valencia hispanica (Spain), Cynolebias whitei, Cyn.constanciae, Cyn.marmoratus, Cyn.minimus, Cyn.opalescens, Cynolebias boitonei, Cyn. Splendens, Oryzias latipes Oryzias marmoratus, psuepiplatys annulatus) George Mamonou

p98 Bloodworms and Tubifex sources and hazards Eric Bowden Tech. Ed  

p101 Book Review “Aphyosemion of the cameronense group by N.Dadaniak, R.Lotje and W.Eberl” Jean H. Huber  

p102 The largest Brazilian Cynolebias: Cynolebius wolterstorffi (Megalebias (Cynolebias) elongatus) Jaroslav Kadlec
p104 Nothobranchius sp. ZMTW 94 Nanzhila river Eric Bowden Tech. Ed.
Leptolebias cinrinipinnis Steve Carpenter

p107 More on Mites (Collembola springtails) John Rundle

1995 Issue 359 Aug (cover colour photo = Aphyosemion joergensheeli “PEG 93/4” by Reinhard Lutje)  
p108 Aphyosemion joergenscheeli Dadaniak, Lutje & Eberl. 

p121 Letter from the Chairman Tim Addis

p122 Epiplatys grahami? Dave Wood

1995 Issue 360 Sep (cover colour photo = Austrolebias (Cynolebias) alexandri by Jaroslav Kadlec)
Austrolebias (Cynolebias) alexandri Jaroslav Kadlec

p126 Fundulopanchax (A.) sjoestedti Wauri Eric Bowden

p128 Rivulus roloffi Wayne M. Wright

p132 Letters to the Editor

p134 Proposed Ethics Code Jean H. Huber

p136 K.F.N. Report.

1995 Issue 361 Oct (cover colour photo = Nothobranchius willerti by W. Stenglein)

p139 Tanzania ’95 (Nothobranchius nemanni, N.taeniopygus, N.melanospilus, N.lourensi, N.rubripinnis, N.eggersi, N.janpapi, N.ocellatus, N. foerschi, N. palmqvisti, N.volleleri, Pantanodon padoxys, Aply. Kongoranensis, Aply. lacustris) Ian Sainthouse

p142 New Fish New Names (Nothobranchius patrizii, Nothobranchius microlepis, Nothobranchius jubbi, Nothobranchius luekei, Nothobranchius willerti, Pterolebias zonatus, Pterolebias hoignei, Pterolebias staecki, Pterolebias longipinnis, Laimosemion (Rivulus) nicoi, Rivulichthys luelingi, Pterolebias rubrocaudatus, Pterolebias xiphophorus) Dieter Ott

p146 Give them a name to be known by. The system of classification of fishes. Mark Duffell

p149 Fish Keeping – A Wife’s View Carole Gunn

p151 Convention ’95

p152 BKA Convention 1995 Show results

p154 Ode of a Fishkeeper’s wife Irene De Luca

1995 Issue 362 Nov (cover colour photo = Nothobranchius korthausae by Jaroslav Kadlec)
Nothobranchius North to South John Rosenstock SKS

p167 Fish Through the Post. Cliff Griffiths.

p168 The Novice John De Luca

p169 Obituary Roy Mathers

1995 Issue 363 Dec (cover colour photo = Chromaphyosemion (A.) bivittatum Funge by Jaroslav Kadlec)
Pseudepiplatys annulatus Some hints on keeping, spawning and identifying Steve Jones

p172 An experience with Nothobranchius kafuensis Arthur Walker

p173 Chromaphyosemion poliaki A further member of the sub-genus Chromaphyosemion Jaroslav Kadlec
Epiplatys sexfasciatus Wayne Rakestrow

p178 Fundulopanchax puerzli Beginning with semi-annuals Jim Gasior

p182 Killie basics Dan Frase

Killi-News 1996

1996 Issue 364 Jan (cover colour photo = Epiplatys lamottei Rod Roberts).  

p1 Time for a Fish House (Pterolebias lonipinnis, Moema piriana, Cynolebias adloffi, Cynolebias leteoflammulatus, Cynolebias uruguensis, Leptolebias minimus, Leptolebias citrinipinnis, Simpsonichthys (Cynolebias) boitonei, Terranotus dolichopterus) Chris Cheswright

p4 Culling Killies – (1985 FAAS publication award winner Category I – Best General article on famil of fish) Lou Sandberg (Greater Detroit Aquarium Society)

p10 Letter to the Editor (Rivulus milesi) George Mamonov

p11 Collecting Fish in Brazil (Cynolebias flavicaudatus BS 94/1 loc Manga) Cal Him

p14 Epiplatys lamottei Tim Addis

1996 Issue 365 Feb (cover colour photo = Aphyosemion exigoideum Rod Roberts)
p16 Systematics of
Roloffia – fauna of Sierra Leone part 1Eckhard Busch
p20 Wild Collections of Killifish 1950-1995 Roger Langton a book review 

p21 Aphyosemion exigoideum some personal observations Peter Watkins

p23 Daily and yearly movement of the devils hole pupfish Cyprinodon diabolis Baugh and Deacon
p26 Youth encouragement
Mike Jannetta

p27 Aphyosemion dargei Bob Gunn

p29 The 4 musketeers (Jack, Mick, Bill and Jeff)  Bill Drake

p30 Chromaphyosemion species No 2 LEC93/26 Bill Drake

1996 Issue 366 Mar (cover colour photo = Nothobranchius eggersi Jaroslav Kadlec)

p31 Nothobranchius for Beginners (N.foerschi, N. guentheri, N.palmquisti, N.elongatus, N.rachovii, N.taeniopygus, N.kafuensis, N.furzeri, N.eggerzi, N.kirki, N.melanospilus ) Ted Steadman

p41 Cyndonichthys (Rivulus) magdalenae George Mamonov

p44 Breeding and raising Cyndonichthys (Rivulus) tenius Jim Gasior

1996 Issue 367 Apr (cover colour photo = Nothobranchius korthausae Red Jaroslav Kadlec)

p46 The Genus Orestias (Simsonichthys (C.) boitonei, Orestias agassii agassii, Orestias agassii tschudii, Orestias luteus, Oresnas cuvieri, Orestias pentlandii, Orestias ispi) W. Villwock

p56 Two colour variaties of Nothobranchius korthausae (N. guentheri, N. palmquisti, N. foerschi, N. melanospilus, N. rachovii, N.jubbi) Jaroslav Kadlec

p59 Killi Mart (review of the Collingham auction) Tim Addis

1996 Issue 368 May (cover colour photo = Nothobranchius sp Caprivi 95/1 B.R. Watters)

p62 Search for Nothobranchius in central southern Africa. (N species Capri 95/1, N.breini, Aplocheilichthys johnstoni, Aplocheilichthys hutereaui, Aplocheilichthys katangae) Brian Watters & Trevor Wood

p72 Killies on the net not in the net Mark Armstrong

p73 Obituary Dick Armstrong

p74 Roloffia species CU92 Adrian Burge

p75 Glossary of Scientific Terms Dr. J.H. Huber

Back page Killi-News index 1995

1996 Issue 369 Jun (cover colour photo = Nothobranchius melanospilus Ifakara R.H. Wildekamp) 

p77 Tanzania ’95 Part 1 Arusha to Dar es Salaam via Mikumi (N.neumanni, N.taeniopygus, N.melanospilus, N. steinforti, N.lourensi, N.sp. Ifakara, N.sp. Kilombero, N. sp. Kisaki) Ian Sainthouse

p86 Glossary of Terms cont. Dr. J.H. Huber.

p90 Aphyosemion wildekampi Edd Kray CAS.

1996 Issue 370 Jul (cover colour photo = Nothobranchius ocellatus TAN 95/9 R.H. Wildekamp)

p92 Tanzania ’95 Part 2 Rufiji river (Nothobranchius rubripinnis, N.luekei, N.eggersi, N.janjapi, N.melanospilus, N.ocellatus) Ian Sainthouse

p98 Importation of Diapteron seegersi (D.georgiae, D.fulgens, D.cyanostictum, D.abacinum, Epiplatys neumanni, Aphyosemion punctatum) G.Passaro & W.Eberl

p106 Obituary Jim Lee

1996 Issue 371 Aug (cover colour photo = Nothobranchius vosseleri TAN 95/19 Mombo R.H. Wildekamp)
p107 Tanzania ’95 Part 3 Dar es Salaam to Arusha (
Nothobranchius melanospilus, N. janpapi, N. foerscgi, Nothobranchius species Bagamoyo TAN95/13, Aplocheilichthys lacustris, N.palmqvisti, N. lourensi, Pantanodon podoxys, N.vosseleri, Aplo. maculatus) Ian Sainthouse

p114 Nomenclature & Systematics Applied to the Cyprinodonts species and genera: Definitions, state of the art. Pt 1 Nomenclature its code and the ICZN commission Jean H. Huber

1996 Issue 372 Sept (cover colour photo = Rachovia brevis Richard Cox) 

p123 A hobbyists experience with South American annuals (Cynolebias flammeus, Cynolebias myersi, Leptolebias flumminensis, Neofundulus paraguayensis, Rachovia brevis, Rachovia pyropunctata, Austrofundulus limnaeus, Pterolebias peruensis, Pterolebias Xiphophorus, Pterolebias phasianus, Renova oscari, Terranatos dolichopterus, Cynolebias magnificus) Steve Carpenter

p131 The nomenclature and Systematics applied to the Cyprinodont species and genera: definitions, state of the art part 2 Jean H.Huber

1996 Issue 373 Oct (cover colour photo – Nothobranchius ugandensis, red caudal phenotype, north of Luwero, Central Uganda Ruud Wildekamp)
p139 The Nothobranchius of Uganda, with description of a new polymorphic species (Cyprinodontiformes: Aplocheilidae) (Nothobranchius ugandensis) Ruud Wildekamp

1996 Issue 374 Nov (cover colour photo – Aphyosemion gabunense gabunense, male Mike Packwood)
Aplocheilichthys maculatus “Zinga” Tan 95/12 Brian Watters and Roger Langton

p159 Fundulosoma thierryi Eric Bowden Tech. Ed.

p162 Aphyosemion gabunense gabunense Frank Cochrane

p164 BKA Convention Results 1996

1996 Issue 375 Dec (cover colour photo – Aphyosemion gabunense marginatum, male Mike Packwood)
Epiplatys neumanni J.P. Vandersmissen

p173 Aphyosemion elberti Colin Kilgour

p176 Chromaphyosemion bivittatum Funge Jamie Dockery

p178 Doncaster Fayre Bill Drake

p179 Breeding Procatapus abberans Jacqueline Cammidge

p180 BKA Convention Impressions Stan Langdon

p181 Variability in Fundulopanchax (A.) gardneri Richard Cox

Killi-News 1997

1997 Issue 376 Jan (cover colour photo = Austrolebias (Cynolebias) luteoflammulatus Juan J. Reichert)

p1 A listing, with details of the bibliography and distribution of the species of the Genus Austrolebias (Cynolebias) (Steindachner 1876) Found in the republic of Uruguay, July 1994 J.J. Reichart (This translation by Dave Wood, BKA.) 

p8-15 Geography of West Africa Part 1 (Geology, Climate, Vegetation, Rivers, Soils) M. Wessels

1997 Issue 377 Feb (cover colour photo = Aphyosemion striatum Mike Packwood.)
Cyndonichthys (Rivulus) magdalenae George Mamonov

p19 Geography of West Africa.Pt2 (The rivers and their ecology) Mark Wessels
p30 Obituary Howard Pattison BKA 459-02

p31 Ki11i Calendar Andy Gabbutt

1997 Issue 378 Mar (cover colour photo = Laimosemion (Rivulus) xiphidius Peter Parry.)

p33-35 Laimosemion (Rivulus) xiphidius J. Kadlec  

p36-39 Geography of West Africa Part 3 (Senegal and Gambia) (Epiplatys bifasciatus, Epi. spilargyreus, Scriptaphyosemion geryi, Scrip. Guignardi, Fundulosoma thierryi, Micropanchax normani, Pronothobranchius kiyawensis, Aplocheilichthys spilauchen)  M. Wessels

p40-45 Suprgeneric Systematics J.H. Huber  

p46 Rivulus obscurus River Purus A. Burge

1997 Issue 379 Apr (cover colour photo = Fundulopanchax (Aphyosemion) fallax Moauka Rod Roberts.)
p47-51 Geography of West Africa Part 4 (Guinea Bissau and the Republic of Guinea) (
Scriptaphyosemion (A.) cauveti, Scriptaphyosemion (A.)  geryi, Scriptaphyosemion (A.)  guignardi, Scriptaphyosemion (A.) guineense, A. jeanpoli, A. maeseni, Nimbapanchax (A.) viride, Aply. spilauchen, Epiplatys annulatus, Epi. barmoiensis, Epi. biafasciatus bifasciatus, Epi. facsiolatus fasciolatus, Epi. guineensis, Epi. hildegardae, Epi. lamottei, Epi. spilargyreius, Micropanchax kabae, Mic. lamberti, Mic. Nimbaensis, Mic. normani, Mic. pfajji). M. Wessels p52 Aphyosemion calliurum T. Addis
p53-56 Suggestions on Switch Spawners (Fundulopanchax (A.) amieti, Fund. (A.) puerzli, Fund. (A.) spoorenbergi., Fund. (A.) sjoestedti (Blue Gularis)) J. Gasior

p56 Obituary Gary Carter, Vice Chairman BKA

p57-58 Update of Nothobranchius eggersi (Old and New) M. Agnew

p59-60 A New Nothobranchius population from Namibia: Nothobranchius spec. Caprivi 95/1 J.Kadlec

1997 Issue 380 May (cover colour photo = Epiplatys sexfasciatus Lagos Rod Roberts.)

p61-72 Geography of West Africa Part 5 (Sierra Leone, Liberia, Ivory coast and Ghana) (A. bertholdi; A. brueningi; A. guineense; A. chaytori; A. etzeli; A. geryi; A. /iberiense; A. maeseni; A. monroviae; A. occidentale; A .petersi, A. roloffi; A. toddi; A. schmitti; A. viride; A. walkeri; Aply. spilauchen; Ep. annulatus; Ep. barmoiensis; Ep. azureus; Ep. bifasciatus bifasciatus; Ep. bifasciatus taeniatus; Ep. chaperi chaperi; Ep. chaperi schreiberi; Ep. chaperi sheljuzhkoi; Ep. chaperi spillmanni; Ep. coccinatus; Ep. dageti dageti; Ep. dageti monroviae;Epi . fasciolatus fasciolatus; Ep. etzeli; Ep. fasciolatus tototaensis; Ep. fasciolatus zimiensis; Ep. joslanae; Ep. lamottei; Ep. nja/aensis; Ep. olbrechtsi olbrechtsi; Ep. o/brechtsi dauresi; Ep. olbrechtsi kassiapleuensis; Ep. olbrechtsi puetzi; Ep. roloffi; Ep. ruhkopji; Ep. spilargyreius; Ep. togolensis; Foe. flavipinnis; Fund. thierryi; Mic. nimbaensis; Mic. normani; Mic. pfaffi; Mic. rancureli; Mic. schioetzi;N. kiyawensis.) M. Wessels

p73-74 Aphyosemion maculatum J.Kadlec

1997 Issue 381 Jun (cover colour photo = Aphyosemion louessense 33 Mike Packwood)

p75-77 Geography of West Africa Part 6 (Togo and Benin) (A. bitaeniatum; A. calliurum;A. filamentosum; Aply. spilauchen; Ep. bifasciatus taeniatus; Ep. grahami; Ep. chaperi chaperi; E. spilargyreius; Ep. togolensis; Foe. jlavipinnis;Fund. thierryi; Mic. bracheti;Mic. keilhachi; Mic. normani;Mic. macrophthalmus macrophthalmus) M. Wessels  

p78-80 Collecting Fish in Brazil Cynolebias flavicaudatus BS 94/1 loc Manga Cal Him

p81-82 Cynolebias flammeus J.Kadlec

p83-85 A killifish from Tanzania Nothobranchius taeniopygus J.Kadlec

p86-88 Pterolebias peruensis J.Kadlec

1997 Issue 382 Jul (cover colour photo = Fundulopanchax (Aphyosemion) walkeri Kutense Mike Packwood.)
p89 Geography of West Africa part 7 Nigeria (
Fundulopanchax (A.) arnoldi, Chromaphyosemion (A) bitaeniatum; Chromaphyosemion (A) bivittatum, Aphyosemion calliurum, Fundulopanchax (A.) deltaense, Fundulopanchax (A.) filamentosum; Fundulopanchax (A.) gardneri clauseni, Fundulopanchax (A.) gardneri gardneri, Fundulopanchax (A.) gardneri mamfense, Fundulopanchax (A.) gulare, Fundulopanchax (A.) ndianum, Aphyosemion powelli, Aphyosemion scheeli, Fundulopanchax (A.) sjoestedti, Fundulopanchax (A.) spoorenbergi, Procatopus aberrans, Procatopus similis, Aplocheilichthvs spilauchen, Epiplatys biafranus, Epiplatys taeniatus, Epiplatys grahami, Epiplatys infrafasciatus infrafasciatus, Epiplatys bifasciatus, Epiplatys spilargyreius, Epiplatys togolerrsis, Epiplatys longiventralis, Foerschichthys flavipinnis, Micropanchax kingii, Micropanchax macrophthalmus hannerza, Micropanchax macrophthalmus macrophthalmus, Micropanchax normani, Micropanchax pfaffi, Micropanchax scheeli, Nothobranchaus kiyawensis) Mark Wessels

p95 Aphyosemion celiae celiae (Fundulopanchax cinnamomeus, Aphyosemion australe, Aphyosemion meinken Callopanchax (A, Rol) toddi) Jim Gasior

p97 Obituary Tom Scates

p98 Aphyosemion ogoense ottogartneri “Lutete” Colin Kilgour

p100 Nothobranchius elongatus Walter Kern

1997 Issue 383 Aug (cover colour photo = (Rivulus) magdalenae Peter Parry)

Front cover – Obituary John Wilson BKA 293-12

p103 Geography of West Africa. Part 8 Upper Volta, Mali and Niger Republic (Scr (A.) guignardi, Ep. bifasciatus bifasciatus, Ep. spilargyreius, Fund. thierryi, Mic normani, Mic. pfaffi, N kiyawensis) Mark Wessels

1997 Issue 384 Sep (cover colour photo = Aphyosemion primigenium GBN 88/6 by Mike Packwood)
p117 Fish Photography
Mike Packwood

p120 Cynolebias flammeus & Cynolebias flavicaudatus. Chris Cheswright

p122 Book Review “Aqualog Killifishes of the World: Old World Killies 1, by Lothar Seegers. ISBN 3- 931702-25-1” Chris Cheswright

p123 Cynolebias flammeus Bill Drake

p124 Nothobranchius guentheri Arthur Walker

p126 Rivulus as Live Animals Pt2 Dan Fromm

1997 Issue 385 Oct (cover = Aphyosemion scheeli Ed Purzl)

p131 Aphyosemion Scheeli (A.marmoratum, A.oeseri) Bruhier & Vandersmissen

p136 A new killie Book, a review of “Breeding Killifish by Roger W Langton” Peter Watkins
p137 Humpty & Friends.
Peter Riley

p138 Rivulus as Animals Pt3. (Lampeyes – eyes lighting up behaviour in Rivulus) Dan Fromm
Nothobranchius guentheri Arthur Walker

1997 Issue 386 Nov (cover colour photo = Epiplatys huberi PEG93/2 Reinhard Lutje)
Epiplatys huberi PEG 93/2 Guido Passaro and Wolfgang Eberl

p153 Convention 1997 results

p158 The view from the Chair Andy Gabbutt

1997 Issue 387 Dec (cover colour photo = Fundulopanchax gardneri nigerianum yellow 2 males Richard Cox)
p159 West African rivulens
Fundulopanchax gardneri nigerianum J. J. Scheel

p170 Chairman’s report Andy Gabbutt

p171 Killifish in the community tank some observations Jim Warner

Killi-News 1998

1998 Issue 388 Jan (cover colour photo = Fundulopanchax (Aphyosemion) cinnamomeus M.Addicott) Editorial comment

p1 Fundulopanchax cinnamomeus J.J.Scheel  

p8 Fish House Diary Tim Addis Aided and Abetted by Alan Green. 

p11 Love at first bite! An extract from The Times of 22nd December, 1997. Contributed by Bill Mathew and Ron Pickering (Erythrinus and Laimosemion (Rivulus) agilae) 

p12 Raising the Fundulopanchax gardneri Akure – Against the Odds” Meloney A. Hoyt, KAS. Reprinted from The Kitsap Aquarian, May 1991, (no volume listed) 

1998 Issue 389 Feb (cover colour photo = Epiplatys chaperi “Kumasi” Mel Addicott)

p15 Epiplatys dageti and Epiplarys chaperi (Ep. grahami, Ep. macrostigma, Ep. sheljuzhkoi, Ep. sexfasciatus) H Stenholt Clausen, J. J. Scheel

p23 New Species are being presented (Cynolebias patriciae, Cynolebias alexandri and Cynolebias affinis Cynolebias vandenbergi, Cynolebias monstrosus) H. Meeus

p26 Fish House Diary (A. kribianum, Fundulopanchax(Aphyosemion) batesii) Tim Addis Aided and Abetted by Alan Green

A view from the chair Andy Gabbutt

1998 Issue 390 Mar (cover colour photo = Aphyosemion louessense CMB889/3 Mike Packwood)

p30 Aphyosemion louessense, (Pellegrin 1933) Jaroslav Kadlec Translated by Peter J. Watkins

p32 Fish House Diary (Growing on Brine Shrimp) Tim Addis Aided and Abetted by Alan Green

p35 A new Nothobranchius Nothobranchius fuscotaeniatus Editorial Synopsis

p38 new method for culturing Drosophila Carlos Cabrera SEC 94

p40 Nothobranchius elongatus Arthur Walker BKA 426

p41 Collecting Fundulus in Colorado (Fundulus zebrinus kansae, Fundulus sciadicus) Edd Kray of the Colorado Aquarium Society. Reprinted from the “Colorado Aquarist”, publication of C.A.S

p43 A view from the chair Andy Gabbutt

1998 Issue 391 Apr (cover – Nothobranchius ocellatus Ruud Wildekamp)

p44 The genus Nothobranchius (including recommended incubation times) Brian R Watters

p49 New species described (Triginectes aplocheiloides, Renova oscari, Pterolebias obliquus) Herman Meeus
p53 Recent imports from Kinshasa (
Aphyosemion christyi, A.cognatum, A.decorseii) Tim Addis

p55 The breeding and raising of Rivulus tenuis Jim Gasior

p57 Fish House diaries (Fundulopanchax kribianus, Epiplatys infrasfasciatus) Tim Addis

1998 Issue 392 May (cover colour photo – Aphanius mento Andy Wyldes)
p59 Aggression in
Aphyosemion Angel Cabtrta SEC

p66 Fish house diaries Tim Addis & Alan Green

p69 Cynolebias constanciae Paul Burchell

p71 View from the chair Andy Gabbutt

1998 Issue 393 Jun (cover colour photo – Aphyosemion australe chocolate)

p74 Arguments for pure killifish populations Wolfgang Ebrel (DKG Editor)

p79 Keeping and breeding Nothobranchius foerschi Adrian Burge  

p82 Fish house diaries (Aphyosemion elberti Diang, Epiplatys sangmelinensis) Tim Addis & Alan Green
p86 View from the chair replies

1998 Issue 394 July (cover = Aphyosemion ogoense ogoense GHP 801/24 Mike Packwood)
Aphyosemion ogoense pyrophore RPC18 an unfair reputation as hard to breed. Jim Gasior
p92 Some personal observations on Killifish aggression
Jim Warner

p93 The view from the Chair Tim Addis and Alan Green

p94 Convention 1998. This is an Advert.

p96 Fish House Diaries Tim Addis Aided and Abetted by Alan Green.
p99 Killi-News The First Twelve Issues from Sept 1965.
Tim Addis

1998 Issue 395 Aug (cover colour photo – Fundulopanchax puerzli Mel Addicott)  

p102 Suggestions on switch Spawners (e.g. F.amieti, F.puerzli, F.spoorenbergi, F.sjoestedti) Jim Gaiser
Aphyosemion dargei Jaroslav Kadlec

p107 Say it understand it Donna M Recktenwalt

p109 Killidata update Dr Jean Huber

p111 A closer look at an old disease – velvet Mark Wessels

p114 Fish house diaries Alan Green and Tim Addis

1998 Issue 396 Sep (cover colour photo = Fundulopanchax kribianus Tim Addis) 
p118 A new import of Fundulopanchax kribianus from Cameroon Tim Addis
Ichthyophthirius multifiliis Mark Wessels

p125 Fish house diaries Tim Addis and Alan Green

p129 Pachypanchax sakaramyi Paul Burchell

p131 View from the chair Mark Wessels

1998 Issue 397 Oct (cover colour photo = Fundulopanchax (Aphyosemion) fallax RH. Wildekamp)
Fundulopanchax gularis Jaraoslav Kadlec

p137 Glugea anomala Brian R Watters

p139 Members letters

p141 Fish house diaries Tim Addis

p145 View from the Chair Andy Gabbutt

1998 Issue 398 Nov (cover colour photo = Aphyosemion ogoense ogoense RPC207 Mike Packwood)
Cynolebias of Argentina Pablo Calvino &Hosanna Echevarria. 

p149 Fish House Diaries Tim Addis & Alan Green 

p152 Convention Minutes & Results 

p159 Convention as I Saw It. John De Luca

p160 View from the Chair Andy Gabbutt

1998 Issue 399 Dec (cover colour photo = Cvnolebias viarius Kenjiro Tanaka)

p162 Aphyosemion hanneloreae (A.hofmanni, A.coeleste, A.joergenscheeli, A.ocellatum) Angel Cabrera
p165 Cultures of
Collembola (Folsomia candida – springtails) Carlos Cabrera

p168 What’s New Jean Huber

p169 Fish House Diary Tim Addis & Alan Green

p171 Lucania goodei (L.parva) Paul Burchell

p173 Scriptaphyosemion (Roloffia) guignardi Tim Addis

p174 View from the Chair Andy Gabbutt

Killi-News 1999

1999 Issue 400 Jan (cover colour photo – Aphyosemion obscurum “KEK 98/23” by Uwe Kaempf)

p1 Aphyosemion obscurum “KEK 98/23” a report about capture, maintenance and breeding Uwe Kaempf
p6 Distribution of
Nothobranchius species/populations by country Brian Watters

p10 Fish house diary Tim Addis aided and abetted by Alan Green

p11 new species, new names Nothobranchius flammicomantis Richard Sproson

p12 Cynolebias gymnoventris Jaroslav Kadlec

p14 Adapting salt creek pupfish (Cyprinodon salinus) to fresh water Thomas M Baugh

1999 Issue 401 Feb (cover colour photo – Chromaphyosemion (A.) alpha by M.Chauche)

p16 Chromaphyosemion alpha A new species with a distinctive colour pattern and a dead-end southern Distribution J.H. Huber

p26 Chromaphyosemion No.2 alpha Bill Drake

p28 New species, new names Cynolebias gilbertoi Richard Sprosson

p29 Fish house diary Tim Addis aided and abetted by Alan Green

1999 Issue 402 Mar (cover colour photo – Anablepsoides (Rivulus) hartii ‘San Augustin’ by Haus Buchberger)
Anablepsoides (Rivulus) hartii “San Augustin” Andreas Lettner Translated by Wolfgang Eberl

p34 Notes about Pseudoepiplatys annulatus George Mamonov

p36 My First Twelve Months as a killi keeper Dr. D. Trainer

p40 Scotland the brave John de Luca

p41 New Names New Species (Scriptaphyosemion cauveti) Richard Sproson

p43 Fish House Diary (Austrolebias (Cynolebias) nigripinnis, Chromaphyosemion riggenbachi, Ps annulatus) Tim Addis&Alan Green

1999 Issue 403 Apr (cover colour photo – Epiplatys grahami by Hub Heltzel)
p46 West African Rivulins
Epiplatys grahami H.S. Clausen & J.J. Scheel

p52 New Species, New Names Fluviphylax Richard Sproson, Technical Editor
p54 The Flavour of Collingham
John de Luca

p55 A view from the Chair Andy Gabbutt

p58 Aplocheilus lineatus Hans-Joachim Richter Translated by William Charlton

1999 Issue 404 May (cover colour photo – Diapteron cyanostictum Makokou Blue by Jaroslav Kadlec)
Diapteron Care & Breeding (D.abacinum, D.georgiae, D.fulgens, D.seegersi, D.cyanostictum) Angel Cabrera Rodriguez

p70 Seeing is Believing (Using black dog biscuits to colour microworms) Peter Riley.

p71 Fish House Diary Tim Addis & Alan Green

p73 View from the Chair Andy Gabbutt

1999 Issue 405 Jun (cover colour photo –Aphyosemion cognatum Kwambila Kinshasha by Ed Purzl) front cover – Obituary Beryl Scates

front cover Editorial comment

p74 The Aphyosemion cameronense group: Some experiences. Angel Cabrera Rodriguez

p82 Aphyosemion cognatum Tim Addis

p85 KEK98 New information from Cameroon Uwe Kampf, Wolfgang Eberl, Anreus Kliesch

Back cover BKA Convention agenda

1999 Issue 406 Jul (cover colour photo – Anablepsoides (Rivulus) hartii San Augustin by Haus Buchberger)
Anablepsoides (Rivulus) hartii “San Augustin” Andreas Lettner DKG

p91 The Chromaphyosemion from Bioko Island and some interesting information about correct

labelling of a commercially imported killifish strain Legros, Cabrera & Eberl

p91 Does Chromaphyosemion (A) bitaeniatum exist on the Island of Bioko? Killi-Contact 4/97: 1-6, August- October 1997. Association Killiphile Francophone de Belgique Olivier Legros  

p95 Aphyosemion bitaeniatum “CI95”, NOT Aphyosemion bitaeniatum “Bioko Island”

Angel Cabrera Rodriguez

p100 Two biotopes of Aphanius fasciatus in Slovenia Herman Meeus

p102 View from the Chair Andy Gabbutt

1999 Issue 407 Aug (cover colour photo – Nothobranchius sp. Tangawizi TAN 98/7 by Finn Larsen)

p103 Tanzania 1998 (Nothobranchius melanospilus, N. vosseleri, N. steinforti, N. taeniopygus and N. neumanni,

N. palmquisti, N. janpapi, N. eggersi, N. annectens, N. ocellatus, N. fuscotaeniatus, N. luekei, N. albimarginatus, N. foerschi, N. rubripinnis Aplocheilichthys kongoranensis) Finn Larson SKS
p109 Fish House.Net (freezing mosquito rafts, confused flour beetles)
Tim Addis

p113 New species, new names: Anablepsoides (Rivulus) monticola Richard Sproson Tech. Ed.

p116 Laimosemion (Rivulus) xiphidius Angel Cabrera Rodriguez

p117 Letter response to Aphanius fasciatus in Slovenia article Charles Zammit

p118 View from the Chair Andy Gabbutt

1999 Issue 408 Sep (cover colour photo – Nothobranchius ornatus by Finn Larsen)
Nothobranchius ocellatus Finn Larsen SKS

p124 Cynolebias melanotaenia Steve Saunders Canada

p127 Fish House.Net Tim Addis

p130 View from the Chair Andy Gabbutt

p131Group News

1999 Issue 409 Oct (cover colour photo – Aphysoemion tirbaki)

p133 A new species of Cyprinodont fish, Aphyosemion tirbaki n. sp. (Cyprinodontiformes: Aplocheilidae) from Gabon, with further evidence of the frontier species concept. Jean Huber

p149 Fish House Net Tim Addis

p151 View from the Chair Andy Gabbutt

Back page – Sunday day visitors to the convention Peter Riley

1999 Issue 410 Nov (cover colour photo – Cynolebias magnificus by Frans Vermuelen) 

p152 Nothobranchius rubripinnis Jaroslav Kadlec

p155 New Names New Species (Spectrolebias semiocellatus, Cyprinodon bobmilleri) Richard Sproson Tech. Ed.

p158 Fish House Net Tim Addis

p161 Show Results and AGM Minutes

1999 Issue 411 Dec (cover colour photo – Epiplatys fasciloatus totaensis by M Packwood)
p168 In the Beginning
Mick Packwood

p173 BKA Short History Dave Ellis

p174 London Group Report The Late John Open

p175 It all Starts Somewhere Brian Tate

p176 New Names New Species Simpsonichthys similis Richard Sproson

p178 Rivulus cylindraceus Paul Hoskisson

p180 View from the Chair Andy Gabbutt

Killi-News 2000

2000 Issue 412 Jan (cover colour photo – Aphyosemion ogoense ottogartneri)

p1 Killi-News No. l. Bill Devison

p6 Killi Data 2000 Jean Huber

p12 Fish house Net (Fundulus majalis, Fp. Walkeri GH2, Pituna poranga) Tim Addis p15 Scriptaphyosemion (Aphyosemion) geryi Steve Quick

2000 Issue 413 Feb (cover colour photo – Pachpanchax sakaramyi)

p16 The natural history and aquarium husbandry of Pachypanchax sakaramyi the lost killifish of Madagascar (Pach. playfairii) P.V. Loiselle & J. Ferdenzi

p26 Culturing Grindal Worms John Rundle

p28 Cultering White worms Keith Hand

p30 Fish House Net (Daphnia, vinegar eels, killing Hydra) Tim Addis

2000 Issue 414 Mar (cover colour photo = Epiplatys mesogramma)

p32 Some experiences with Aphyosemion joergenscheeli Jim Warner

p34 Observations on Pterolebias longipinnis George Mamonov

p36 View from the Megaaphyocyno Chair

p37 New species, new names The genus Rivulus and its allied (Rivulus robustus, Kryptolebias (Rivulus) marmoratus, Rachovia) Richard Sproson

p42 Nothobranchius kafuensis Jaroslav Kadlec

p45 British Killifish Association website Julian Haffegee

2000 Issue 415 Apr (cover colour photo = Pterolebias hoignei Rod Roberts also: Epiplatys mesogramma)
p47 The genus
Pterolebias (Pterolebias zontus, Pterolebias hoignei, Pterolebias longipinnis, Rachovia maculipinnis, Pyerolebias bokermanni, Pterolebias rubrocaudatus, Pterolebias phasianus, Pterolebias maculipinnis, Pterolebias wischmanni, Pterolebias poranga, Pterolebias staecki) Jaroslav Kadlec

p59 Fundulopanchax (Aphyosemion) arnoldi Tim Addis

p61 View from the MegaaphyocyanoChair (review of Killi-Data 2000) Andy Gabbutt

2000 Issue 416 May (cover colour photo – Aphyosemion elegans)

p63 Mud Hatching of Nothobranchius virgatus & Nothobranchius aff. rubrorticulatus Marc Bellmans
p73 Weybridge Meeting Roving Correspondent

p75 Aphyosemion bamilkorum Tim Addis

2000 Issue 417 Jun (cover colour photo – Cynolebias affinis)

p77 Aphyosemion primigenium Steve Davidson

p79 A letter from Peter Aldridge -re BKA CD

p80 Fish Tim Addis

p85 Welcome to Malta (Aphanius fasciatus) Charles Zammit, Brian Tate and Herman Meeus
p88 Letter re
Aphyosemion australe George Molloy

p89 Collecting Annual Eggs Eric Brown

p90 Where are they Now (A.rectogoense, A.louessense, A.thysi) Steve Davidson

2000 Issue 418 July (cover colour photo – Simpsonichthys zonatus)

p91 Experiences with Simpsonichthys zonatus and Leptolebias minimus Mick Packwood  

p95 Convention Agenda

p97 New Species New Names Simpsonchthys marginatus Richard Sproson

p99 Fish House Net (A.caudofasciatum RPC91/11, Ep.barmoiensis, Cynolebias zonatus, Cynolebias flammeus) Tim Addis

p103 View from the Chair Andy Gabbutt

p104 Census Request Simon Norris

2000 Issue 419 Aug (cover colour photo – Nothobranchius species MOZ99/4)

p105 Trip to Mozambique 1999 (Nothobranchius orthonotus, Notho. Spec. MOZ99/1-11, Notho. rachovii black) Trevor Wood

2000 Issue 420 Sep (cover colour photo – Aphyosemion bualanum Ndikinimeki)

p122 Epiplatys lamottei Tim Addis

p124 Your Letters (Nematolebias whitei, Fundulopanchax skoestedti, Pachypanchax sakaramyi, Pach. omolonotus)

p126 Fish house Net (Daphnia, valid Fundulopanchax species, Aphyosemion bualanum N’tui, A. dargei) Tim Addis

p132 Accounts and Balance Sheet

p134 View from the Chair Andy Gabbutt

2000 Issue 421 Oct (cover colour photo – Cynolebias magnificus)

Save Brazilian killies (Rivulus brasiliensis, Simpsonichthys costae, Pleseolebias aruana, Leptolebias sandrii, Leptolebias marmoratus, Leptolebias leitaoi, Simpsonichthys marginatus, Simpsonichthys boitonei, Campelollebias brucei, Campelollebias dosimaculatus, Cyn. carvalhoi, Simp. flammeus, Simp. notatus, Cyn. griseus, Simp. trilineatus, Simp. alternatus, Simp. ghisolfii, Stenolebias bellus, Simp. santanae, Simp. multiradiatus, Cyn. leptocephalus, Simp. bokermani, Simp. zonatus, Simp. magnificus, Lepto. cruzii. Simp. constanciae) Dalton Nielsen

KFN Convention Roving Correspondent

Fish House.Net (What induces a killifish to spawn?) Tim Addis

2000 Issue 422 Nov (cover colour photo – Anablepsoides (Rivulus) monticola)

p149 Anablepsoides (Rivulus) montecola (Laimosemion (Rivulus) corpulentes, Anableopsodies (Rivulus) derhami, A. (Rivulus) jucundus) Richard Sproson

p151 Weybridge Revisited

p155 Buxton Convention Report

p159 New species, new names Fluviphylax palikur (Fluviphylax pygmaeus) Richard Sproson

p161 The view from (under) the convention chair Andy Gabbutt

p162 Feeding Fry Henri De Bruyn  

2000 Issue 423 Dec (cover colour photo – Rivulus roloffi)

p164 Fish Collecting in the Dominican Republic (Rivulus roloffi, Rivulus higuey, Kryptolebias (Rivulus) marmoratus, Kryptolebias (Rivulus) ocellatus, Cyprinidon Bondi, Cyprinidon nicholsi, Cyprinodon “spec. Lago Enriquile”, Cyprinodon variegatus) Henri de Bruyn  

p167 Convention AGM Minutes

P171 Show Species Listing

p175 German Elegans-workgroup species maintenance progrqm

p176 It’s all their fault N.E.Yorks Correspondent

p177 A Water ‘Otter Steve Davidson BKA 407

Killi-News 2001

2001 Issue 424 Jan (cover colour photo – Fundulopanchax sjoestedti Dwarf Red A BKA photo)
Fundulopanchax sjoestedti Richard Cox  

p4 Killi Data Update Jean H. Huber

p10 Fish House Net Tim Addis

2001 Issue 425 Feb (cover – Anablepsoides (Rivulus) ornatus Hiroshi Nakashima)

p16 Las Cabezas de San Juan: Particular population of Aphanius iberus H de Bruyn & J Van Der Zee
Anablepsoides (Rivulus) ornatus ‘Padre Isla 1996’ Paul Hoskisson

P23 A.K.F.B. CONGRESS 2001

p24 Posting Fish Wayne Wright

p26 Fp. sjoestedti and a couple of other things – A Reply Steve Andrews

p28 Fish House Net Tim Addis

2001 Issue 426 Mar  (cover colour photo – Simpsonichthys alternatus Maurice Chauche)

p31 Simpsonicthys alternatus Costa and Brasil 1994 (S.stellatus) Hans van Es

p33 New Species, New Pituna compacta Richard Sproson, Technical Editor

p36 Kryptolebias (Rivulus) marmoratus in Florida Henri De Bruyn 6638 Bradenton, FL

p37 The Chad-Cameroon Pipeline Project (Aphyosemion bualanum, Chrom. splendopleure, A.ahli, A.dargei, Fp.batesii, A. sp.aff cameronense) Mark Wessels

p43 Epiplatys ruhkopfi Berkenkamp & Etze1,1980. Adrian Burge

2001 Issue 427 Apr (cover colour photo – Nothobranchius sp. aff furzeri Richard Cox)

p46 Mozambique two years on (MOZ 99/4, MOZ99/10, MOZ 99/9, MOZ 99/7) Peter Riley
p52 Moz 99/4 or
Nothobranchius aff.furzeri? Richard Cox

p54 Cupboard killies Paul Carter

p57 In the Beginning Peter Aldridge

p59 How do you say that again? Jim Warner

p60 Group auctions another view Phil Norden

2001 Issue 428 May (cover colour photo = Chromaphyosemion (A.) splendopleure Bombe Geert van Huijgevoort)

p61 Chromaphyosemion splendopleure Bombe CXC 23 Bill Drake

p63 News letter No3 J. H. Huber

p68 Fish House Net Tim Addis

p72 New species, new names Aphanius (Lebias) stiassnyae Richard Sproson

p74 View from the Chair Andy Gabbutt

2001 Issue 429 June (cover white booklet – Aplocheilus panchax)

p75 Working with Gnatholebias zonatus (and others) Dr Roger Brousseau
p78 Mozz 99/4 or
Nothobranchius aff.furzeri (Part II) Marc Bellemans

p81 Trying to maintain genetic diversity in species maintenance Dave Koran
p83 Convention 2001
Ian Sainthouse  

p84 Kerala (India) Kovalam area (Aplocheilus) Roger Gladwell

2001 Issue 430 July (cover white booklet – Nothobranchius virgatus Marc Bellemans)
Nothobranchius virgatus (N.guentheri) Marc Bellemans

p91 Reflections of Goa (Aplocheilus linneatus) Roger Gladwell

p98 Simpsonichthys stellatus Hans van Es

2001 Issue 431 Aug (cover white booklet – Fundulopanchax batesii Mbamdjok Ed Purzl)
Fundulopanchax batesii Boulenger, 1911 Jaroslav Kadlec

p104 Cover glasses. Eric Brown. Queensland

p105 Epiplatys ruhkopfi Update

p106 Some Notes on an Epiplatys from Bissaing, Cameroon (Ep.infrafasciatus) Roger Gladwell
p108 Freeing Nothobranchius from Glugea. Marc Bellemans
p111 What’s your view (Auctions)? Steve Davidson BKA 407
p112 View from the Chair Andy Gabbutt

2001 Issue 432 Sep (cover white booklet – Simsonichthys bokermanni Christian Rosskopf)

p113 Simpsonichthys bokermanni de Carvalho and Da Cruz, 1985. Jaroslav Kadlec

p115 Conservation project (Aphyosemion cognatum TAAG2000/1, Fundulopanchax walkeri GH2 Ghana and loc13 Agboville, Chromaphyosemion riggenbachi various colour forms) Tim Addis

p119 Staging construction Steve Donaldson

p121 Fundulopanchax gardneri Abuja Roger Gladwell

p123 Brine Shrimp Hatchery Eric Brown

p124 View from the Chair Andy Gabbutt

Auctions my view Tim Addis

2001 Issue 433 Oct (cover white booklet – Nothobranchius kafuensis K.S.F. ZAM97/1 Trevor Wood)
p125 A Search for Nothos’ in Zambia 1997 (
Nothobranchius kafuensis, N. furzeri, Nothobranchius species ZMTW/94, Nothobranchius species Mansa ZAM 97/2 ) Trevor Wood

p160 View from the Chair Andy Gabbutt

2001 Issue 434 Nov (cover white booklet – Austrolebias luteoflammulatus Km205 R9 Jaroslav Kadlec)

p137 Austrolebias luteoflammulatus Jaroslav Kadlec

p140 Beruwala Area Sri Lanka (Aplocheilus dayi werneri) Roger Gladwell

p142 Conservation project Tim Addis

p145 New Species, New names Cynolebias ibicuiensis Richard Sproson

p146 Spawning and hatching annual killies (Simpsonichthys magnificus, Aphyobranchius janpapi) Dave Wood
p148 AGM view from the chair
Andy Gabbutt

2001 Issue 435 Dec (cover white booklet – Aphyosemion rectgoense Allan Brown)

p149 Aphyosemion rectgoense BBA/GAB/90/27 the natural habitat Alan and Barbara Brown
Aphyosemion rectgoense long term maintenance John Holt

p157 Brine shrimp – a good investment? Steve Davidson

p158 Nothobranchius species Caprivi Arthur Walker

p160 View from the Chair Andy Gabbutt

Convention results 2001.  

Killi-News 2002

2002 Issue 436 Jan (cover– Austrolebias nigripinnis Andy Wyldes)

p1 Nothobranchius rachovii black Moz 99/11 Trevor Wood

p4 Fundulopanchax gardneri P82 Roger Gladwell

p6 Diapteron georgiae LEC 93/2 Derek Jordan

p8 Conservation project (Aphyosemion christyi, Fundulopanchax arnoldi Ughelli) Tim Addis
p12 Egg Husbandry
Eric Brown

2002 Issue 437 Feb (cover = Nematolebias whitei Andy Wyldes)

p13 Aphyosemion amoenum Son Mayo EMS90/8 Mark Wessels

p16 Austrofundulus limnaeus Schults 1949 Jaroslav Kadlec

p19 Origins of Nematolebias whitei Robert Ellerman

p21 The Taxonomy of South American annual killifish Richard Sproson
p25 A view from the chair
Andy Gabbutt

2002 Issue 438 Mar (cover = Chromaphyosemion lugens M. Chauche)
Chromaphyosemion lugens Bill Drake

p29 Nothobranchius furzeri some comments Richard Cox

p32 The old ways… Tim Addis

p34 Dry Fry food Paul Carter

p35 Aphyosemion exiguum George Mamonov

p37 A view from the chair Andy Gabbutt

2002 Issue 439 Apr (cover = Nothobranchius kafuensis Nega Nega Tim Addis)

p38 Nothobranchius kafuensis Nega Nega where are they now? Tim Addis and Alan Green

p39 A killifish from Tanzania Nothobranchius taeniopygus Jaroslav Kadlec

p42 Chromaphyosemion (Aphyosemion) alpha “Santa Clare” GJS 00/34 an update (Chrom.alpha PK 16/3, PK 18, CapEsteriias LEC 93/26) Bill Drake

p55 Aplocheilus blockii the ‘dwarf green panchax” Eric Brown

p46 breeding a surprise acquisition – Epiplatys chaperi “Kumasi” (Epiplatys dageti) Bill Phillips

p49 Experiences with Epiplatys infrasfasciatus Adrian Burge

2002 Issue 440 May (cover = Simpsonichthys fulminantis Andy Wyldes)

p50 from Couvier to Costa, a brief history of South American Killifish (Micromoema xiphophora, Kryptolebias (Rivulus) brasiliensis, Cynolebias porosus, Cyn. elongatus, Cyn. bellottii, Cynopoecilius melanotaenia, Cynolebias nigriipinnis, Cynolebias wolterstorffi, Cyn. adloffi, Cynolebias constanciae, Cyn. carvalhoi, Nematolebias whitei, Rachovia brevis, Trigonectes strigabundus, Cynolebias picturatus, Pituna compacta, Cynolebias zonatus) Dave Wood

p57 The social behaviour of killifish George Mamanov

p61 View from the Chair Andy Gabbutt

2002 Issue 441 Jun (cover = Epiplatys fasciolatus fasciolatus Bo, Liberia Ed Pürzl)

p62 Description of a new species belonging to the genus Fundulopanchax (avichang) F. Malumbres & R. Castello  

p64 Conservation project (Epiplatys fasciolatus, Scriptaphyosemion geryi, Poropanchax normanni, Kryptolebias (Rivulus) marmaratus, Cyndonichthys (Riv.) tenius, Anablepsoides (Riv.) sp. aff. rubrolineatus) Tim Addis

p66 Breeding programmes; co-operative management, whys? hows? and limitations Dr. Paul Hoskisson

p72 a view from the chair Andy Gabbutt

p73 Results of phylogenetic analysis of Epiplatina (Comprising of Aphyoplatys, Epiplatys and Pseudepiplatys) Richard Sproson

2002 Issue 442 Jul (cover – Aphyosemion exiguum Akomo Ed Pürzl)

p74 A taxonomic and nomenclatural history of the sub genus Kathetys, background on the species in Kathetys Ken Laraza

p84 Known collection codes for the Kathetys group. Monty R Lehmann

p85 A view from the chair Andy Gabbutt

2002 Issue 443 Aug (cover– Aphyosemion bamilekorum Ed Pürzl)

p86 Distribution of the Kathetys complex in Cameroon and the Central African republic (A.elberti, A.dargei, A.exiguum, A.bamilekorum) Monty R Lehmann

2002 Issue 444 Sep (cover = Lamprichthys tanganicanus G. Melandri)
Lamprichthys tanganicanus George Mamonov

p100 New species, new names Aphyosemion hera Richard Sproson
p106 Killi Data update
Jean H.Huber

p110 Micro eel culturing Peter Riley

p111 Genera listings J.H Huber 2000

p114 Incubation cupboard love!! Andy Gabbutt

2002 Issue 445 Oct (cover = Renova oscari (best in show) Andy Wyldes)
Fundulopanchax sjoestedti Tim Addis

p120 Convention report Buxton 2002 Andy Gabbutt

p122 Convention results 2002

p125 AGM view from the chair Andy Gabbutt

2002 Issue 446 Nov (cover = Aphyosemion calliurum Ed Pürzl)

p127 of the Cross River Basin with Particular regard to Aphyosemion Cameronense (Chrom. bivittatatum, Chrom. splendopleure, Fundulopanchax cinnamomeus, Fp. sjoestedti, A. calliurum, A. scheeli, A. oeseri, Fp. marmoratum, Fp. gardneri, Fp. mirabile, A. ndianum and A. cameronense) Mark Wessels

p132 Fishrooms Stephen Davidson

p137 New Names, New Species Austrolebias periodicus Richard Sproson
p138 View from the Chair Andy Gabbutt

2002 Issue 447 Dec (cover = Fundulopanchax filamentosus Ed Pürzl)

p140 Fundulopanchax filamentosus (Fp.filamentosus Benin, Fp.filamentosus Ikeja, Fp.filamentosus Ouidah, Fp.filamentosus Lagos, Fp.filamentosus Lome, Fp.filamentosus Ibefon, Fp.filamentosus east of Badagri, Fp.filamentosus Badagri roundabout, Fp.filamentosus Togo)  Tim Addis

p145 The Convention – A reply Stephen Davidson

p147 A method of Freezing Brine Shrimp Charles Zammit

p150 Littleborough Auction Tim Addis

p151 A Christmas view from the chair Andy Gabbutt

Killi-News 2003

2003 Issue 448 Jan (cover = Pseudepiplatys annulatus Monrovia Ed Pürzl)

p1 Epiplatys (Pseudepiplatys) annulatus (Epiplatys fasciolatus, E. barmoiensis, Callopanchax occidentallis, Scriptaphyosemion liberiense) Paul Carter 

p4 Obituary Willie Duffin

p5 A wild Rivulus from Ecuador (Anablepsoides (Rivulus) aff. intermittens or Anablepsoides (Rivulus) iridescens) Joe Boulterman

p6 Nothobranchius rachovii albino Tim Addis/Ralph Tran

p7 Fundulopanchax arnoldi (Fundulopanchax deltaensis, Fundulopanchax filamentosus) Tim Addis

p12 Convention – A Reply Bob Gunn

View from the Chair Andy Gabbutt

2003 Issue 449 Feb (cover = Pronothobranchius kiyawensis Ed Pürzl)

p17 Pronothobrancius kiyawnsis A review of current conservation efforts in 2002 Tim Addis
p28 a view from the chair
Andy Gabbutt

2003 Issue 450 Mar (cover = Rachovia pyropunctata BBL 01/02 Richard Cox)

p29 Venezuela – Then and now fourteen years of change (Austrofundulus limnaeus, Austrofundulus transilis, Rochovia brevis, Rchovia pyropunctata, Rachovia hummelinki, Rachovia maculipinnis, Gathnolebias hoignei, Gathnolebias zonatus) Dr Roger Brousseau

2003 Issue 451 Apr (cover = Nothobranchius rachovii Mick Packwood)

p49 Nothobranchius rachovii (Beira, MOZ 99/1, MOZ 99/2, MOZ 99/3, MOZ 99/7, MOZ 99/9, MOZ 99/10 MOZ 99/11) Bob Morsenski

p54 Killi Data newsletter Dr Jean Huber

p61 View from the chair Andy Gabbutt

2003 Issue 452 May (cover = Aphyosemion joergenscheeli Morgans Juhl)

p62 Collecting in the Land of Aphyosemion joergenscheeli Part one (A. bamilekorum, A. bualanum, A.mimbon, A.ocellatum, A. citrineipinnis, Epiplatys huberi, Epi. Ansorgii, Aplocheilichthys spilauchen) Morgans Juhl
p70 Working with Aphyosemion elegans group (A.christyi) Tim Addis

2003 Issue 453 Jun (cover = Nothobranchius nubaensis n sp SUD 02/03 Marc Bellemans)

p75 Travelling in the land of Aphyosemion joergenscheeli part two (A.hofmanni, A.ocellatum, A.coeleste) Morgens Juhl

A new species from Sudan Nothobranchius nubaensis n sp a BKA Separatum Marc Bellemans

2003 Issue 454 Jul (cover = Aphyosemion hanneloreae GJS00/14 Morgans Juhl)

p83 Travelling in the land of Aphyosemion joergenscheeli part three (A. primigineum, Plataplochilus sp. GJS00/22, A.gabunense boehmi, A.gab.gabununense, A.mimbon, A.ocellatum, A. citrineipinnis, Epiplatys huberi, Epi. Singa, Epi. Sexfasciatus, Epi. Ansorgii, Aplocheilichthys spilauchen,  A.striatum, A.australe, A.alpha, A.hera, A.hofmanni, A.marginatum, A.coeleste) Morgens Juhl

p92 Epiplatys ansorgii Massana GJS 00/2 (Boulenger 1911) West Gabon (Epi.singa). Adrian Burge

p94 New species, new names Simpsonichthys auratus Richard Sproson, Technical Editor

2003 Issue 455 Aug (cover = Scriptaphyosemion cauveti)
p96 Scriptaphyosemion cauveti a newly described, colourful killie Christian Cauvet (translated by Gary Elson)
p105 Nigeria 2003 (
Aphyosemion calliurum, Epiplatys biafranus, Poropachax scheeli, Epiplatys cf grahami, Chromaphyosemion bitaeniatum) Stefano Valdesalici

2003 Issue 456 Sep (cover = Aphyosemion pascheni)

p109 Maintaining Aphyosemion pascheni festivum KRK 98/6 Bob Merritt
p111 DIY Fish tanks
Dave Wood

p113 Killifish embryology – a review part 1 non-annual species Mark Wessels
p118 BKA Management committee reports 2002-2003

2003 Issue 457 Oct (cover = Jordanella floridae Tony Terceira)

p122 Jordanella floridae 126 years on since the first collection Tim Addis
p126 Killifish embryology A review part 2 annual species Mark Wessels
p129 Convention results 2003

p134 A view from under the convention chair Andy Gabbutt

2003 Issue 458 Nov (cover = Aphyosemion exiguum Ed Pürzl))

p135 Geographic distribution of Aphyosemion exiguum Boulenger, 1911 with some remarks on its peripheral locations. Wolfgang Eberl

p145 New Simpsonichthys and new “names, combination and use” (Simpsonichthys flavicaudatus, Simpsonichthys flagellates, Simpsonichthys delucai, Simpsonichthys Alternatus, Simpsonichthys. Brunoi) Stefano Valdesalici  

p146 New Aphanius (Aphanius villwocki, Aphanius anatoliae and Aphanius danfordii) Stefano Valdesalici 

 2003 Issue 459 Dec (cover = Simpsonichthys constanciae)
Aphyosemion species GS2 Steve Davidson/Tim Addis
p151 Killifish embryology pt3 Diapause
Mark Wessels
p155 Downsizing
Paul Webber

Killi-News 2004

2004 Issue 460 Jan (cover = Nothobranchius geminus Julian Hafaggee)

p1 The Sub Genus Aphyobranchius (Nothobranchius (A.) janjapi, N.(A.)lukei) Ian Sainthouse

p5 New Names New Species Cynopeocilus fulgens Richard Sproson

p7 New Names New Species Cynopoecilus intimus Richard Sproson

p9 Colour Differences in Cynopoecilus (Cynopoecilus melanotaenia, Cynopoecilus intimus, Cynopoecilus fulgens, Cynopoecilus multipapillatus, Cynopoecilus nigrovittatus) Stefano Valdesalici

p11 Plants in the Aquarium (Water Wisteria (Synnema triflorum), Indian fern (Ceratopteris thalictroides), Echinodorus tenellus, Java moss (Vesicularis dubyana) Gordon Clarke

p13 A view from the chair Andy Gabbutt

2004 Issue 461 Feb (cover = Cyprinodon variegatus variegatus Santa Rosa Island Hubert Wischmann)
p13 The subspecies of
Cyprinodon variagatus (Cyprinodon variagatus, Cyp.var.artifrons, Cyp.var.baconi, Cyp.var.hubbsi, Cyp.var.riverendi, Cyp.var.ovinus) Charles Nunziata

p22 New names new species Cynopeocilus nigrovittatus and multipapillatus Richard Sproson

p25 A view from the chair Andy Gabbutt

p25 Obituary – Peter Watkins

2004 Issue 462 Mar (cover = Callopanchax occidentalis Teme Yellah Alf Persson)
p26 “My way” of taking fish photos
Alf Persson

p35 Using CO2 gas in the aquarium Gordon Clarke

p37 Spawning mops Peter Riley

2004 Issue 463 Apr (cover = Aphanus sophiae Richard Cox)

p38 Aphanius sophiae Persepolis Bob Gunn

p40 Aphanius vladykovi Fish in a cardboard box Peter Riley

p43 Aphanius killiflash (Aphanius anatoliae, Aphanius iberius) Jean Huber
p46 Gleanings from BKA Internet killitalk (Glugea)
Jules Haffegee
p47 ICZN Ruling Lebias vs Aphanius  p48 Conservation update Tim Addis
Epiplatys CDs Adrian Burge

2004 Issue 464 May (cover = Gathnolebias zonatus Tony Terceira)

p51 South American Annuals (Austrolebias nigripinnis, Plesiolebias sp. Xingu, Simpsonichthys reticulatus, Cynopecilus melanotaenia, Leptolebias aureoguttatus, Rachovia pyropunctata, Austrolebias wishmanni, Gathnolebias zonatus, Megalebias monstrosus, Simpsonichthys fulminantes) Dave Wood

p58 New species, new names Moema heterostigma Richard Sproson

p60 Moema quiii Huber 2003

2004 Issue 465 Jun (cover = Aplocheilus species Pinsubraji Tony Pinto)

p64 India and Goa 2003 (Aplocheilus kirchmayeri, Aplocheilus linneatus) Tony Pinto
p75 View from the chair
Andy Gabbutt

2004 Issue 466 Jul (cover = Chromaphyoseion (A.) poliaki TAAG 2003/12 Tim Addis)
p1 Conservation update 2004
Tim Addis

2004 Issue 467 Aug (cover = Nothobranchius rachovii Nhangau MT03/4 Fernando Rodrigues)
p76 Notho – Safari “MT 2003” (
Nothobranchius rachovii, Nothobranchius orthonotus) Filipe Torre
p86 Conservation a reply
Ian Stephenson

p87 View from the chair Andy Gabbutt

2004 Issue 468 Sep (cover = Epiplatys fasciolatus puetzi the Epiplatys CD)

p89 The Epiplatys of the Ivory coast and Ghana (E.chaperi, E.Fasciolatus, E. olbrechtsi, E.etzeli, E.sexfasciatus, E.bifasciatus, E.spilargyreous, E.dageti) Charles Nunziata

p97 Epiplatys zenkeri or Epiplatys baroi? Dr. Werner Neumann

p99 Treasurers report

p100 A view from the chair Andy Gabbutt

2004 Issue 469 Oct (cover = Fundulopanchax rubrolabialis Richard Cox)

p101 A trip to the SKS Convention 2004 Tim Addis and Dick Cox

p104 What are todays biggest challenges for a better knowledge of killifish part 1 Dr. Jean Huber
p109 Members comments
Richard Cox

p113 An AGM view from the chair Andy Gabbutt

Convention results 2004

2004 Issue 470 Nov (cover = Aphanius fasciatus Emile Farmer)

p114 Collecting for Aphanius fasciatus Emile Farmer

p118 What are todays biggest challenges for a better knowledge of killifish part 2 Dr. Jean Huber

2004 Issue 471 Dec (cover = Aphanius mento Tony Terceira)

p127 Aphanius fasciatus a native Killie Emile Farmer

p131 What are todays biggest challenges for a better knowledge of killifish? Part 3 Dr. Jean Huber
p139 view from the chair
Andrew Gabbutt

Killi-News 2005

2005 Issue 472 Jan (cover = Aphanius fasciatus Charles Zammit)

p3 The Plight of Aphanius fasciatus in Malta – Charles Zammit

p6 Beginning with Killies Part 1 What you need to get started Tyrone Genade

p8 The New Conservation Project

p10 Fundulopanchax sjoestedti Warri Roger Gladwell

p13 The DKG’s annual meeting and convention in May 2005. Bernd Schwabe, President DKG Dresden

2005 Issue 473 Feb (cover = Nothobranchius flammicomantis Kisaki TAN 95/5 Marc Bellemans)
Aphanius dispar (Falluja, Iraq) – Charles Zammitt
p15 Beginning with Killies Part 2 Some Good Beginners’ Fish (Fundulopanchax gardneri, Aphyosemion striatum, Aphyosemion australe, Epiplatys dageti monroviae, Nematolebias (Simsonichthys whitei, Nothobranchius foerschi, Chromaphyosemion bitaeniatum, Fundulopanchax spoorenbergi) Tyrone Genade
p17 Wild Killifish from Peru (Aphyolebias peruensis, Meoma, Anablepsoides (Rivulus) christinae, Laimosemion (Rivulus) rectgocaudatus, Anablepsoides (Rivulus) peruensis, Anablepsoides (Rivulus) speciosus, Anablepsoides (Rivulus) autratus, Melanorivulus (Rivulus) cf rubrolineatus Pena Negra) Mike Jacobs

p23 A View from the Chair Andy Gabbutt

p24 Letter to the editor Ted Sedman (579-03)

2005 Issue 474 Mar (cover = Aphyosemion louessense Malinga JH 212 Richard Cox)

p25 Aphyosemion louessense Malinga JH212 D.S. Langdon

p27 Beginning with Killies Part 3 Non-Annual Egg Collection Tyrone Genade

p30 Beginning with Killies Part 4: Annual killifish egg collection Tyrone Genade

p33 Beginning with Killies Part 5: Egg and fry care Tyrone Genade

p36 Sundays Workload John Rundle

p37 My experience with Epiplatys chevalieri by Jim Warner

p38 New Species, New Names Austrolebias jaegari Richard Sproson, Technical Editor

p39 DNA analysis of Orestias reveals new insights into their taxonomy Dr Paul A Hoskisson
p40 A View from the Chair
Andy Gabbutt

2005 Issue 475 Apr (cover = Nothobranchius melanospilus)

p41 New Species, New names, New Simpsonichthys species (Simsonichthys brunoi, Simsonichthys cholopterx, Simsonichthys delucai, Simsonichthys flagellatus, Simsonichthys radiosus, Simsonichthys reticulatus, Simsonichthys suzarti) Richard Sproson

p45 Brine Shrimp Culturing David Wood

p47 Beginning with Killies Part 6 (Nutrition and disease) Tyrone Genade

p51 Internet Gleanings

2005 Issue 476 May (cover = wild Rivulus weberi, collected in Panama)

p53 Panama 2004 (Rivulus brunneus, Rivulus birkahni, Rivulus weberi) Alan Green

p57 Photos of Panama Fish (Rivulus brunneus, Rivulus birkahni, Rivulus weberi, Rivulus frommi, Rivulus hildebrandi) Dave Baker

p60 Anablepsoides (Rivulus) atratus Tim Addis

p64 Pronothobranchius kiyawensis. Revisited – New location. Dr. Karsten Modz

p66 Fundulopanchax Conservation update Derek Jordan

p67 A view from the Chair Andy Gabbutt

2005 Issue 477 Jun (cover = Aphyolebias schleseri Mike Jacobs)

p69 Beginning with Killies Part 7 (Trade) Tyrone Genade

p73 What’s that mean….? A not too serious look at zoological nomenclature Dave Wood

p75 Newly described South American Fishes (Aphyolebias boticarioi, Austrolebias arachan, Austrolebias varzeae, Krypolebias brasiliensis, Moema apurinan, Prorivulus auriferous, Rivulus amanapira, Rivulus caurae, Rivulus duckensis, Rivulus kirovskyi, Rivulus simplices, Rivulus uakti, Rivulus uatuman, Simpsonichthys carlettoi, Simpsonichthys radiosus, Simpsonichthys suzarti, Aphyolebias claudiae, Aphyolebias manuensis, Aphyolebias schleseri, Moema hellneri, Moema heterostigma, Moema nudifrontata, Moema ortegai, Moema quiii, Rivulus paracatuensis, Rivulus parnaibensis, Rivulus romeri, Simpsonichthys brunoi, Simpsonicthys cholopteryx, Simpsonichthys delucai, Simpsonichthys flagellates, Simpsonichthys reticulatus) Tyrone Genade

2005 Issue 478 Jul (cover = Oryzias latipes B. Chan)

p81 Bring them back Alive Zambia 2000 (Nothobranchius and Aplocheilichthys) Glen “Zambezi” Melhuish B.Sc.

p87 Palludarium Adrian Burge

p89 Infusoria – What is It? John Rundle

p92 A Look at Rice Fish with information from Gong Sang (Beijing) (Oryzias latipes, Oryzias javanicus, Oryzias celebesensis) Dave Wood

2005 Issue 479 Aug (cover = Rivulus frenatus 40-mile creek Guyana Frans Vermeulen)

p93 South American Annuals (Simpsonichthys fulmanantis, Austrolebias nigripinnis, Rivulus magdalene, Rivulus ornatus, Cynolebias albipunctatus, Aphyolebias wischmanni, Rivulus stellatus, Rivulus marmoratus, Rivulus xiphidius) Dave Wood
p97 The Genus Cynolebias (Cynolebias albipunctatus, Cynolebias griseus, Cynolebias microphthalmus Cynolebias perforatus, Cynolebias itapicuruesnsis, Cynolebias porosus, Cynolebias vazabarriensis, Cynolebias gilbertoi, Cynolebias altus, Cynolebias leptocephalus, Cynolebias attenuates, Cynolebias gibbus, Megolebias elongatus) Stefano Vadesalici

p102 Killis Taldea Convention Dave Baker

p103 Weybridge Auction Report

p104 Treasurers Report

2005 Issue 480 Sep (cover = Aphyosemion christyi Ed Purzl)

p105 Identification of a small collection of Aphyosemion from Zaire in the Munich Museum (Z.S.M.); with further comments on the validity of the known Components of the elegans Superspecies Part 1. (Aphyosemion christyi, Aphyosemion plagitaenium, Aphyosemion castaneum, Aphyosemion margaretae, Aphyosemion chauchei, Aphyosemion schoutedeni, Adamas formosus, Aphyosemion ferranti, Aphyosemion lujae, Aphyosemion congicum, Aphyosemion melanopteron, Aphyosemion cognatum, Aphyosemion elegans, Aphyosemion schioetzi, Aphyosemion lamberti, Aphyosemion rectogoense, Aphyosemion lefiniense, Aphyosemion decorsei) Dr J. H. Huber

p116 View from the Chair Andy Gabbutt

2005 Issue 481 Oct (cover = Aphyosemion sp. aff. elegans Bombala Maurice Chauche)

p117 Identification of a small collection of Aphyosemion from Zaire in the Munich Museum (Z.S.M.); with further comments on the validity of the known Components of the elegans Superspecies Part 2. (Aphyosemion christyi, Aphyosemion plagitaenium, Aphyosemion castaneum, Aphyosemion margaretae, Aphyosemion chauchei, Aphyosemion schoutedeni, Adamas formosus, Aphyosemion ferranti, Aphyosemion lujae, Aphyosemion congicum, Aphyosemion melanopteron, Aphyosemion cognatum, Aphyosemion elegans, Aphyosemion schioetzi, Aphyosemion lamberti, Aphyosemion rectogoense, Aphyosemion lefiniense, Aphyosemion decorsei, Aphyosemion pollo) Dr J. H. Huber

p127 New Species, New Names, New Rivulus (Rivulus amanapira, Rivulus caurae, Rivulus paracatuensis, Rivulus duckensis, Rivulus kirovskyi, Rivulus parnaibensis, Rivulus romeri, Rivulus uakti) Richard Sproson
Back cover – Examination of peat for eggs what are we actually looking for? – with picture (Rachovia pyropunctata) Richard Cox

2005 Issue 482 Nov (cover = Nothobranchius eggersi Ruhoi River TAN98/12 Alf Persson)

p129 Nothobranchius eggersi (Blue) A New Form (Nothobrachius korthausae, Nothobrachius melanospilus, Nothobrahcius janpapi, Nothobranchius annectens, Nothobranchius lourensi) Stefano Valdesalici

p135 A view of Killifish for Beginners (By a beginner) Pt. 1 (Epiplatys dageti Monrovia, Aplocheilus lineatus, Aphyosemion australe, Aphyosemion striatum, Fundulopanchax (Aph.) walkeri, Pseudepiplatys annulatus, Fundulopanchax (Aph.) sjoestedti, Fundulopanchax (Aph.) gargneri) James Mould

p139 New Species New Names African Species (Aphyosemion etsamense, Aphyosemion plagitaenium, Chromaphyosemion melanogaster, Chromaphyosemion puntulatum, Epiplatys chaperi samborskii, Fundulopanchax gresensi, Nothobranchius hassoni, Nothobranchius nubaensis, Nothobrachius rosenstocki, Poropanchax stigmatopygus) Richard Sproson

p140 Two new species of the genus Chromaphyosemion (Chromaphyosemion melanogaster, Chromaphyosemion punctulatum) Rudolf Pohlmann

p141 A View from the Chair Andy Gabbutt

2005 Issue 483 Dec (cover = Aphyosemion punctatum Ed Purzl)

p142 Care and Breeding of Aphyosemion punctatum Tyrone Genade

p147 Killifish for Beginners Pt.2 (Aphyosemion australe gold; Fundulopanchax. gardneri Akure; Epiplatys dageti monroviae; Aphyosemion louessense Malinga JH212 and Aplocheilus lineatus, Epiplatys chevalieri, Callopanchax (Aphy.) occidentale) James Mould

p151 Care and Breeding of a recent commercial import Cyndonichthys (Rivulus) weberi Dr. Paul A. Hoskisson
p154 View from the Chair
Andy Gabbutt

Killi-News 2006

2006 Issue 484 Jan (cover = Austrolebias cf particuae Rio de Oro Pablo Calvino)

p1 Austrolebias cf particae (Neofundulus ornatipinnis) Pablo A. Calveno

p10 My Introduction to fish keeping, or all good things come to those that wait Allyson Sharpe

p12 New Turkish, Central and South American Species (Aphanius villwocki, Austrofundulus guajira, Austrofundulus leohoignei, Austrofundulus leoni, Austrofundulus rupununi, Cyprinodon suavium, Cyprinodon salvadori, Cyprinodon esconditus, Kryptolebias sepia, Melanorivulus (Rivulus) cyanopterus, Melanorivulus (Rivulus) dapazi, Melanorivulus (Rivulus) egens, Melanorivulus (Rivulus) litteratus, Melanorivulus (Rivulus) rossoi, Melanorivulus (Rivulus) rutilicaudus, Melanorivulus (Rivulus) scalaris) Richard Sproson

2006 Issue 485 Feb (cover = Spectrolebias semiocellatus Richard Cox)

p14 Water Incubation of South American annual fish eggs Nothobranchius guentheri, Nothobranchius rachovii, Simsonichthys magnificus, Maratecoara lacortei, includes incubation times for Simpsonichthys, Gnatholebias and Maratecoara) Dan Katz

p21 Infoweb 9 Killi-Data Online Dr. Jean Huber

2006 Issue 486 Mar (cover = Simpsonichthys nielseni UFRJ 6060 Minas Gerais Dr. Wilson Costa)

p26 Aphanius of the anatoliae complex (Aphanius anatoliae anatoliae, Aphanius anatoliae sureyanus, Aphanius anatoliae splendens, Aphanius anatoliae transgrediens) Emile Farmer

p34 Letters Page

p35 Sex Ratios in Aphyosemion species, Experiments with Aphyosemion celiae winfredi and Aphyosemion australe gold Stan Langdon

p36 New Species New Names (Aphyosemion etsamense, Austrolebias univentripinnis, Simsonichthys nielseni) Richard Sproson

2006 Issue 487 Apr (cover =Aphanius mento “Elbistan” Emile Farmer)

p39 Aphanius mento The Orient killifish Emile Farmer

p44 Feeding growing Nothobranchius (and other killies) (N.furzeri) Tyrone Genage
p48 Letter from

p49 Notes on Pituna compacta Dalton Nielsen

p51 West Country Group Report John Rundle

Back page – Discussion document for future conduct of BKA auctions Andy Gabbutt

2006 Issue 488 May (cover = Simpsonichthys trilineatus C198/BDF Dan Katz)

p52 Aphyosemion hera A killie from Northwest Gabon Peter Ulhmann

p56 Scientific Names Pt.1 David Wood

p60 Viagem Ao Cerrado Mineiro Trip to the Open Mining Pasture (Simpsonichthys trilineatus, Simsonichthys alternatus, Simpsonichthys deluccai, Simpsonichthys zonatus, Simpsonichthys auratus, Simpsonichthys rufus, Simpsonichthys paralellus, Simpsonichthys satanae) Dalton Nielsen, Bruno Graffino & Francisco Falcon

2006 Issue 489 Jun (cover = Fundulopancxhax deltaensis Ed Pürzl)

p65 The Case of fallax – gularis deltaensis-schwoiseri kribianus reviewed after two visits to the Natural History Museum London Dr. J. H. Huber

2006 Issue 490 Jul (cover = Austrolebias luzardoi sp. n F. Prieto)

p81 Notes on Cynolebias itapicuruensis (Costa 2001) (Cynolebias porosus, Cynolebias albipunctatus, Cynolebias perforates, Cynolebias griseus, Cynolebias leptocephalus, Cynolebias microphthalmus, Cynolebias gilbertoi, Cynolebias attenuatus, Cynolebias vazabarriensis, Cynolebias altus, Cynolebias gibbus) Rogerio Suzart

p86 New Names New Species (Austrolebias luzardoi Austrolebias reicherti, Austrolebias alexandri Austrolebias nigripinnis, Austrolebias affinis Austrolebias periodicus, Austrolebias arachan, Austrolebias charrua, Austrolebias nigrofasciatus, Austrolebias minuano) Richard Sproson

p87 Epiplatys sexfasciatus Mile 11 (Epiplatys infrasciatus)  Adrian Burge

p88 Scientific Names Part 2 David Wood

p90 Letter from Jean Huber

p91 Epiplatys lamottei Tim Addis

2006 Issue 491 Aug (cover = Aphyosemion australe A BKA photo) p93 What is the meaning of “Cap Esterias”? Wolfgang Eberl

p101 A view from the chair

p102 Keeping and breeding Nothobranchius foerschi Adrian Burge

2006 Issue 492 Sep (cover = Pseuepiplatys annulatus “Monrovia” Ed Pürzl)

p105 Hints on Pseuepiplatys annulatus some hints on keeping, spawning and identifying Steve Jones
Ichthyophthirius multifiliis “Ich” Mark Wessels
p110 North East Yorkshire show and auction report Jackie Cammidge Show sec.

p111 New Species, New Names (name changes Aug 2005-July 2006) Richard Sproson Tech Ed.
p112 Live bloodworms and tubifex sources and hazards
Eric Bowden

p115 Aphyosemion dargei (Amiet, 1987) Bob Gunn

Back cover – Editorial Comment Richard Cox  

Obituary – Cliff Griffiths one in a million

2006 Issue 493 Oct (cover: Aphanius fasciatus G Churchill)

p117 Looking for Aphanius fasciatus Malta 2006 Tim Addis

p120 Sardinia 2005 “Aphanius fasciatus paradise” Stefano Valdesalici

p122 Velvet A closer look at an old disease Mark Wessels

p125 Fundulopanchax Conservation Paul Carter

p127 Fundulopanchax amieti Tim Addis

2006 Issue 494 Nov (cover = A.castaneum HZ 85/8 Blue form M Chauche)

p129 On the identity of Aphyosemion christyi (Boulenger, 1915) A. schoutedeni (Boulenger 1.920) and A. castaneum Myers, 1924 Pisces Cyprinodontiformes Aplocheilidae. Jouke R. van der Zee and Jean H. Huber

2006 Issue 495 Dec – (cover = Nothobranchius rachovii MOZ 99/9 Julian Haffegee)
p141 BKA Convention 2006
David Baker

p145 Show results and photos Julian Hafagee

insert An AGM view from the chair

insert BKA 41st AGM

Killi-News 2007

2007 Issue 496 Jan (cover – Austrolebias nigripinnis Andy Wyldes)

p1 Making a Sump Tank Gordon Clarke  

p4 Convention 2006 Helen Knutton-Alcroft

p10 New imports of killies into the USA (2006) (Pseudepiplatys annulatus, Epiplatys fasciolatus, Aplochilichthys spilauchen, Procatopus similis) Tim Addis

p12 View from the Chair Andy Gabbutt

2007 Issue 497 Feb (cover = Aphyosemion primigenium GBN 88/6 Mick Packwood)

p13 Remarks on the differences between “GBN 88/10” and the other populations of Aphyosemion primigenium (Radda & Huber 1977) Wolfgang Eberl.

p23 Killies in the outside world! Roger Gladwell

p25 A letter from the secretary

2007 Issue 498 Mar (cover – Aphyosemion amoenum BKA photo)

p25 Aphyosemion amoenum a colourful killifish from Cameroon Wolfgang Eberl

p33 A Personal Experience with Laimosemion (Rivulus) xiphidius (Diapteron georgiae, Pseudepiplatys annulatus) Colin McCourt

p36 Epiplatys sexfasciatus Akampka Adrian Burge

p37 New Names New Species (Austrolebias toba, Austrolebias apaii) Richard Sproson

p38 Letter from – How did you first get started with killies? (Aplocheilus panchax, Jordanella floridae, Aphyosemion austral, Aphyosemion vexillifer) Tim Addis

2007 Issue 499 Apr (cover = Austrolebias vandenbergi wild male Ruta 81km 1841, GAK-Salta 3/06)

p3 A trip to the Chaco Salteno (Trigonectes aplocheiloides, Papiliolebias bitteri, Austrolebias vandenbergi, Neofundulus cf. paraguayensis) M. Fourcade, J. Larran, R. Stassen

Obituary Glen Richard Melhuish

2007 Issue 500 May (cover – Nothobranchius janjapi Ruvu 2001-50 Alf Persson)

p55 Discovering Nothobranchius flammicomantis (Nothobranchius lourensi, Nothobranchius geminus, Nothobranchius kilomberoensis, Nothobranchius eggersi, Nothobranchius aff. melanospilus, Nothobranchius rubripinnis, Nothobrachius leukei, Nothobranchius janpapi) Ian Sainthouse

p59 Fairways and Fartits – a naturalists break in Murcia (Aphanius iberus) David Armitage

p62 Experiences with Fartits – Aphanius iberus locally known as Fartet Peter Riley

p64 Simpsonichthys igneus (Simpsonichthys reticulatus) Steve White

Back cover Editorial comment Richard Cox signing off as Editor Richard Cox

2007 Issue 501 Jun (cover – Aphyosemion joergenscheeli Nguambanga GJS 00/13 Alf Persson)

p67 Aphyosemion joergenscheeli (Huber and Radda 1977) Experiences of maintenance and breeding Bob Merritt 

p71 Killi For Joy (Nothobranchius guentheri, Aphyosemion striatum, Aphyosemion austral, Fundulopanchax gardneri nigerianus Akampka) Ali Sharpe BKA 855-10

p74 Fundulpanchax husbandry (Fundulopanchax cinnamomeus, Fundulopanchax puerzli) Paul Carter

p76 RO units: A modern approach for softwater killis Laurie Halford BKA 325-11

2007 Issue 502 Jul (cover – Aphanius saourensis ‘Mazzer” by Heiko Karst)

p79 ZSL Cyprinodontid Conservation Conference 2007 Jim Warner

p84 Redditch auction report Dave Baker

p86 Extreme tolerance of oxygen starvation by a South American annual Dr. Paul A. Hoskisson
p87 New species, new names
Richard Sproson

p88 “You are bidding on 20 hand-counted eggs…’ Dave Baker

p89 Egg and fish list

p90 A View from the Chair Andy Gabbutt

2007 Issue 503 Aug (cover = Fundulosoma thierryi Alf Persson)

p91 Take me around the Volta, Walter (Epiplatys bifasciatus, Epiplatys chaperi, Epiplatys spilargyreius, Fundulosoma thierryi, Poropanchax normani) David Armitage

p99 Fundulosoma thierryi GHN 06, Location 2 Peter Riley

p101 Colony Breeding of Fundulopanchax nigerianus John Phelps

p103 A view from the chair Andy Gabbutt

2007 Issue 504 Sep (cover = Aphyosemion splendopleure ‘Doula’ Ed Pürzl)

p103 What to do when breeding a new plant-spawner Killifish (Fundulopanchax cinnamomeus) Paul Carter, Dave Wood, Tyrone Genade and Trevor Kershaw

p106 Brine shrimp (will it or won’t it) hatch Mike Clark

p108 New species, new names (Fundulopanchax kamdemi ‘Korup National Park’)

p109 Going for Gold -Breed Aphyosemion australe ‘gold’ (Aphyosemion striatum, Fundulopanchax gardneri clauseni ‘Akure’) Ali Sharpe

p112 An AGM view from the chair Andy Gabbutt

2007 Issue 505 Oct (cover = Gnatholebias zonatus ‘Finca’ BBL 01-6 BKA Convention 2007 Best in Show Julian Haffegee)

p115 Review of the BKA Convention 2007 Dave Baker

p119 BKA Convention 2007 Show Results

p120 BKA 42nd Annual General Meeting 2007

2007 Issue 506 Nov (cover = Fundulopanchax sp. aff. nigerianus ‘Innidere’ Julian Haffegee)
p127 My method for preparing beef heart
Paul Carter

p129 Austrolebias bellottii Hans van Es

p131 Fundulo-flummoxed — Which gardneri… or is it nigerianus? Jim Warner

p134 Banana worm cultures David Baker

p136 Inside my Fish Room…  Paul Carter

p137 North East Yorkshire Group — November 2007 Peter Riley

2007 Issue 507 Dec (cover = Aphanius mento Jim Warner)

p139 Inside my fish room…  Trevor Kershaw

p141 A Festive View from the Chair Andy Gabbutt

p143 Outdoor killifish (Valencia letourneuxi ‘Pinios River’, Aphanius danfordii ‘Soysalli’, Aphanius apodus ‘Ain M’Lila’, Aphanius mento ‘Kirk Goz’) Jim Warner

p146 Fundulus zebrinus Ken McKeighen Jnr.

p148 Grindal Worm (Enchytraeus buccholzi) Dr R. C. Armstrong F.Z.S.

p149 Midland Charity Auction Report David Baker

Killi-News 2008

2008 Issue 508 January (cover = Aphyosemion australe ‘Chocolate’ Jim Warner)

p1 Chromaphyosmeion (Aphyosemion) bitaeniatum (Chromaphyosemion splendopleure) Wolfgang Eberl
p4 Killi quiz
Jim Warner

p6 The BKA online breeders database Julian Haffegee

p10 Further breeding experiences of Aphyosemion australe Helen Knutton-Allcroft on behalf of the NEYG p11 AIK Killifish Show 2008

p12 A View from the Chair Andy Gabbutt

2008 Issue 509 February (cover = Rivulus cylindraceus Cascade de Soares Jim Warner)

p13 Two habitats of Rivulus in Costa Rica (Rivulus cf isthmensis, Cynodonichthys (Rivulus) uroflammeus uroflammeus, Cynodonichthys (Rivulus) uroflammeus siegfriedi, Cynodonichthys (Rivulus) fuscolineatus, Cynodonichthys (Rivulus) rubripunctatus, Cynodonichthys (Rivulus) hildebrandi) Wolfgang Dittmann  
p19 The BKA online breeders database Pseudepiplatys annulatus Julian Haffegee  

p21 Receiving killifish eggs Paul Carter  

p23 A collector’s tale (Nothobranchius neumanni, Lacustricola bukobanus ) Ian Sainthouse  

2008 Issue 510 March (cover = Rachovia pyropunctata ‘Bachaquero’ BBL 01-02 Julian Haffegee)

p25 Looking for Aphanius dispar richardsoni (Aph. mento mento, Aph. mento striptus, Aph. Richardsoni, Aph. Dispar, Aph. Fasciatus) Barbara Nicca  

p34 Looking for eggs in peat Wright Huntley

p36 Aphyosemion zygaima Garry Carter

2008 Issue 511 April (cover = Aphyosemion herzogi GEMHS 00-16 Julian Haffegee)

p37 Maintaining and breeding report for Aphanius dispar richardsoni Barbara Nicca

p43 Breeding problems? (old and new method to find a solution) Dave Wood  

p45 2007… A year of change Steve Davidson

p48 Heat tolerance among four species of Gabon Aphyosemion (Aphyosemion cameronense, Aphyosemion herzogi bocthleri, Aphyosemion. lamberti, Aphyosemion punctatum) Tyrone Genade

2008 Issue 512 May (cover = Fundulopanchax puerzli M. Addicott)

p49 Fish photography with a Fuji S7000 camera Iggy Tavares

p53 Pürzl’s puzzle John Robertson

p56 There’s a moral here somewhere (Gnatholebias zonatus) Chris Cheswright
p58 Some forgotten chemicals that may be of use to you
Tyrone Genade

2008 Issue 513 June (cover = Simpsonichthys delucai Julian Haffegee)

p61 BKA Convention 2007 – A retrospective Charles Zammitt

p66 Some notes on Aphyosemion lamberti ‘Abouni’ K00 66 Tyrone Genade
p69 Egg & fish list

p70 A decade of Nothobranchius rachovii ‘Beira’ 98 Tyrone Genade

p72 A View from the Chair Andy Gabbutt

2008 Issue 514 July (cover = Aphanius anatoliae anatoliae ‘Kovada Kanal’ Emile Farmer)

p73 The Aphanius anatoliae complex: A Killi-TAG FAITAG project conservation update. Emile Farmer
p77 BKA Convention 2008 Leaflet.

p82 Midland Charity Auction Report Jim Warner

p83 Mop making Mike Clark

p84 New species, new names (Austrolebias toba, Austrolebias apaii) Richard Sproson

2008 Issue 515 August (cover = Chromaphyosemion species ‘Mamelles’ KV03-39 Julian Haffegee)
p85 A question about
Aphyosemion (bivittatum multicolour) and my view Bill Drake

p88 Another collector’s tale Ian Sainthouse

p90 Annual BKA financial accounts

p92 Aphyosemion australe: history and breeding Tyrone Genade

p94 Species, sub-species, populations… etc. David Wood

2008 Issue 516 September (cover = Nothobranchius symoensi ‘Luapula River’ ZAM 07-4 Tyrone Genade)
p97 Breeding
Nothobranchius rosenstocki and Nothobranchius symoensi Tyrone Genade

p101 Notes on Fundulopanchax species ‘Butatong’ RIM 2001 Roger Gladwell 55-5

p103 Egg & Fish List

p104 Fruit flies as a source of killifish food Dr Paul A Hoskisson

p107 New species, new names (Austrolebias juanlangi, Austrolebias litzi) Richard Sproson

p108 Obituary Keith Wilbraham

p109 BKA Convention – frerquently asked questions Ian Sainthouse

2008 Issue 517 October (cover = Epiplatys roloffi BKA archives)

p109 A new fish room Steve Davidson  

p113 Panchax… Why not try them? (Epiplatys fasciolatus zimiensis, Epiplatys dageti, Epiplatys chaperi, Aplocheilus dayi, Aplocheilus lineatus, Aplocheilus blocki, Aplocheilus kirchmayeri, Aplocheilus panchax, Aplocheilus parvus, Epiplatys sexfasciatus, Pachypanchax playfairi, Pachypanchax sakaramyi, Pachypanchax omalonotus, Epiplatys spilargyreius, Epiplatys lamottei, Epiplatys infrafasciatus, Epiplatys grahami, Pseudepiplatys annulatus) David Wood

p117 An AGM View from the Chair Andy Gabbutt

p119 New species, new names (Austrolebias nachtigalli, Austrolebias paranaensis, Austrolebias salviai) Richard Sproson

2008 Issue 518 November (cover = Aphyosemion aureum ‘Boudanguila’ GEB 94-9 Class 7 winner, BKA Convention Show 2008 Iggy Tavares)

p121 BKA Convention 2008 

p126 Convention Show results Jim Warner

p131 BKA Convention Prize winners

AGM minutes Insert

2008 Issue 519 December (cover = Aphyosemion splendopleure (volcanum) ‘Mambanda’ CCM 50 Iggy Tavares)

p133 Description of three new Chromaphyosemion species from Cameroon (Chrom. koungueense (Dizangue), Chrom. omega (Kopongo), and Chrom. melinoeides (spec. Nr. 6)) Rudolf Pohlmann

p141 … and that’s why they look like that Dave Wood

p143 A new fish room – part 2 Steve Davidson

Killi-News 2009

2009 Issue 520 January (cover = Aplocheilus lineatus Vorca Beach Iggy Tavares)

p1 Maintaining Nothobranchius foerschi Tyrone Genade

p3 Growing plants with killifish. Ed Seeley

p8 Observations: Goa 2004 (Aplocheilus species ‘Candolim’, Aplocheilus species ‘Baga’) Roger Gladwell

p10 Speciation… Again! (Nothobranchius steinforti Kimamba T79/9, Simpsonichthys chacoensis PYEH 15/6, Aphyosemion ogoense BSWG 97/13, Laimosemion (Rivulus) agilae Rivière d’Hervieux GP 05/18) Dave Wood cover – A view from the chair Tom Soper

2009 Issue 521 February (cover = Aphanius fasciatus ‘Buzaqq’ Gordon Zammit)

p13 Aphyosemion (elberti) bualanum ‘Nanga-Eboko’ CXC 14. Steve Davidson

p16 Reconditioning power filters Charles Zammit

p18 Fads and fashions (Inbreeding) Dave Wood

p20 My introduction to Aphanius species and breeding Aphanius fasciatus (A.mento, A.dispar) Dave Clarke
p24 New species, New names
Aphanius isfahanensis Jim Warner

2009 Issue 522 March (cover = Pseudepiplatys annulatus Iggy Tavares)

p25 Fundulus escambiae my Starheads (Fund.notti, Fund.blairae, Fund.dispar, Fund.lineolatus, Fund.cingulatus, Leptolucania ommata) Heiko Kärst

p31 Nothobranchius guentheri Paul Carter  

p33 Plataplocheilus ngaensis and Plataplocheilus miltotaenia Adrian Burge

p35 New species, new names (Cyprinodon pisteri, Cyprinodon albivelis, Cyprinodon arcuatus) Richard Sproson

p35 Obituary Jeffrey Allen

2009 Issue 523 April (cover = Chromaphyosemion (A.) splendopleure ‘Mem River’ Ed Pürzl)

p37 Chromaphyosemion in the coastal plain between Kribi and Campo (Chrom. loennbergii, Chrom. melanogaster and Chrom. melinoeides, Chrom. punctulatum, Chrom.splendopleure, Chrom. malumbresi, Chrom. lugens) Rudolf Pohlmann  

p42 Simpsonichthys boitonei (Simp.santanae) Steve White  

p46 Epiplatys dageti dageti Jim Humphreys  

p47 My new population of Aphyosemion cyanostictum: ‘Yekara’ BDBG 04/24 Steve Davidson  

2009 Issue 524 May (cover = Callopanchax occidentalis ‘Moyamba’ Ed Pürzl)

p49 Outdoor Killifish II, mento as anything! Aphanius danfordii ‘Soysali’, Aphanius sophiae ‘Persepolis’, Aphanius mento ‘Kirk Göz’, Valencia letourneuxi ‘Pinios River’, Aphanius apodus ‘M’Lila’) Jim Warner

p51 Callopanchax occidentalis Alan Higginbottom

p53 BKA Convention 2009 pull-out

p57 Killifish: Myths and Realities (Beginners advice ?) Dave Wood

p61 New species, new names Nothobranchius krammeri Jim Warner

2009 Issue 525 June (cover = Chromaphyosemion loennbergii ‘Kribi’ Ed Pürzl)

p61 Description of new species: Chromaphyosemion malumbresi from Equatorial Guinea (Chrom. punctulatum, Chrom.melanogaster, Chrom. kouamense, Chrom.(ecucuense), Chrom.(erthron)) Rudolf Pohlmann

p69 Yet another collector’s tale (Lamprichthys tanganicus, Lacusricola centrailis, Nothobranchius robustus) Ian Sainthouse

p71 New species, new names (Austrolebias varzeae, Simpsonichthys carlettoi, Aphyolebias boticarioi, Moema apurinan) Richard Sproson

2009 Issue 526 July (cover = Pachypanchax arnoulti ‘Betsiboka’ Jim Warner)

p73 An overview of the new Pachypanchax species (P.arnoulti, P.patriciae, P.sparksorum, P.varatraza) Jim Warner

p79 The Genome of the Medaka (Oryzias latipes) Dr Paul A Hoskisson  

p81 A microworm culture that does not stink Tyrone Genade

p83 Fundulopanchax spoorenbergi Jim Warner

2009 Issue 527 August (cover = Pseudepiplatys annulatus Iggy Tavares)

p85 Observations on the maintenance and breeding of Aphyosemion cameronense (A.herzogi) Rudiger Wagner
p89 Goa revisited – 2008
Roger Gladwell

p91 Killis In The Community Graham Beek

p94 Flour beetles (Tribolium confusum): A simple, easy to rear live food for your fish Tyrone Genade

p96 New species, new names (Simpsonichthys virgulatus, S.fasciatus, S.gibberatus, S.janaubensis, S.mediopapillatus, S.macaubensis) Richard Sproson

2009 Issue 528 September (cover = Austrolebias cf patriciae Pablo Calviño)

p97 Killifish from the Paraguayan Chaco– should they be kept cool? (Austrolebias vandenbergi, Megalebias monstrosus, Neofundulus ornatipinnis, Papiliolebias bitteri, Pterolebias longipinnis, Simpsonichthys chacoensis, Austrolebias patriciae, Trigonectes aplocheiloides, and Trigonectes balzani) Dr. Vollrad Etzel p105 All change again – Building a fish room Roger Gladwell  

p108 Killi feeding habits Jim Warner  

2009 Issue 529 October (cover = Fundulopanchax deltaensis Iggy Tavares)
p109 BKA Convention 2009.
Jim Warner

p115 BKA Convention 2009 Show Special Trophies

p116 BKA Convention 2009 Show results 

Insert BKA 44th AGM minutes 

2009 Issue 530 November (cover = Laimosemion (Rivulus) agilae ‘Fourgassier Fr Guy’ 07-5  Iggy Tavares)
p121 Chromaphyosemion ecucuense sp. GEMC 2006/7 (Guinea Equatorial Malumbres Consuelo) Bill Drake
p123 Weybridge Auction report

p123 Redditch charity auction – December 6th

p124 Laimosemion (Rivulus) xiphidius revisited. Colin McCourt

p127 Malta update (Aphanius fasciatus) Tim Addis

p128 Inbreeding and why we should all think about it! Ed Seeley

2009 Issue 531 December (cover = Aphyosemion australe ‘Park Mondah’ Roger Gladwell)
p133 Some notes on
Fundulopanchax nigerianus ‘Innidere’ Roger Gladwell

p135 Preventing velvet in soft water aquariums Tyrone Genade

p137 Aphysemion australe ‘Park Mondah’ Roger Gladwell

p139 Live fish and egg transportation Colin McCourt

p141 Festival of fish Jim Warner

p143 Blue flashes from the Congo – Aphyosemion coeleste Norbert Dadaniak

Killi-News 2010