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Join Us/Renew Membership

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Why join?

By joining the British Killifish Association you increase the circle of killi-lovers who appreciate these fascinating and mostly beautiful fish. You help contribute to the captive breeding and maintenance of species that have become endangered in the wild and help promote wider understanding of the pressures on many wild populations. BKA Members share knowledge, expertise and most importantly fish and eggs of many species and participate in collecting trips, even contributing stock for scientific investigations. We collaborate with other National Killifish Associations, attending some of their Conventions and inviting them to ours.
We hold regional shows/auctions where you can see a range of killis up close and talk face to face with knowledgeable keepers. Once a year we hold a weekend Convention with a show, auctions and talks by renowned aquarists/scientists from around the globe.   We welcome novices and experienced, young and old and from any background. The only criterion is a wish to learn more about killis.

Members receive the following

  • All colour bi-monthly journal ‘Killi-News’, containing articles on all aspects of killi-keeping together with descriptions of new species, collecting trip reports
  • Beginners guide to keeping killis
  • Rules of the Association
  • Access to the Membership Area of the website
  • Fish and Egg List to purchase/sell killis
  • Preferential access to regional shows and the Annual Convention
  • Contact List of Members so you can keep contact with fellow enthusiasts and find those who live close by
  • BKA merchandise including pens, mugs, keyrings, books and clothing
  • All this and ample opportunities to explore the wonderful world of killis


Membership Fees (2021/22)

  • Digital (.pdf only) Worldwide £10
  • Postal UK £22
  • Postal Europe £29
  • Postal Worldwide £39

Please note that all postal memberships that are taken out or renewed for 1st September or later will increase by £2.

If you have any changes to contact details or other Membership issues, please email
General enquiries:

For those who use Facebook we also have a BKA Subscribed Members Facebook group, accessible only to current members

BKA Constitution


BKA Privacy Notice

Data Protection Act 2018 – How and why we use your personal data and your rights regarding this.

A) The British Killifish Association (BKA) only collects personal data directly from its Members. We store data that includes, names, addresses, contact phone numbers, e-mail addresses and financial information.
We do not collect personal data from any other sources. We do not share personal data except in cases where we need to pursue payment default or when lawfully required to do so.
We process data so that we can maintain our obligations as an Association to:

  1. Send out Killi-News and Killifish-related materials
  2. Provide access to our website and social media groups
  3. Publish Contact details that allow our members to make contact with each other for the purpose of distributing/acquiring fish, egs and information.
  4. Maintain financial and other records required to run the Association

Points 1 and 2: we process data for ‘Contractual’ reasons as membership constitutes an agreement between the Association and its Members for certain benefits.
Point 3: we process data for a ‘Legitimate Interest’, believing that it is fundamental to the aims of the Association and Members would expect this. We understand that for a number of reasons individual Members may not wish some of their personal data to be shared in this way. We therefore also seek ‘Consent’ at the time of joining or renewing for each piece of personal data that is included. Otherwise Name, Membership number and country are all that is published.
Point 4: we store and process financial data to ensure that we can comply with ‘Legal obligations’ to account for income and expenditure and transactional records of receipts and payments.

B) We retain personal data only for as long as we require it. In most cases this will be no longer than 3 months after your membership expires. Some data, relating to financial transactions may need to be retained until the next set of accounts are accepted.

C) Under Data Protection legislation you have certain rights in relation to your personal data. Depending on certain circumstances you have the right to:

  • Be informed – about use of your personal data. This privacy notice is provided/available to all Members so that we do this.
  • Access – to the personal data we hold on you. You can do this by contacting the Data Controller of the Association, either in writing or verbally. Rectification – if personal data about you is inaccurate we must amend it
  • Erasure – if you no longer want us to have your data you can request that it be deleted. Unless there is a good reason we must do this.
  • Restrict processing – if you do not want us to process your data in certain ways, again we must have a good reason not to comply with your request.
  • Data portability – you can request that a copy of your data be provided to you or direct to another Data Controller in a format that can be easily used.
  • Object – you can object to us using your data in certain circumstances.
  • You also have rights in relation to automated decision making and profiling. We do not have any automated decision making and do not undertake profiling.
  • For further information or to access your rights you can contact the Data Protection Officer.

All content is copyright of the various authors, photographers, videographers and contributors who have allowed its use by the British Killifish Association (BKA).