Registering for the site

Contrary to the original intention it has not proved possible to auto enrol BKA members. Please use the ‘Log In‘ button on the top menu to access the registration form. It would be helpful if you could select a username in the following format:-
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This is not absolutely necessary but will simplify future upgrades and automation. You must use the same e-mail address that you used to register as a BKA member. If you have never provided an e-mail address to the BKA registrar we will need to contact you to verify that you are a member.

Another great Convention

The BKA Convention took place last weekend and featured a wide array of stunning killis. Chairman Gordon Temperley walked away with Best in Show and our guest speaker Alberto Reis from the APKA (Portugese Killifish Association ) also took several awards. The standard of entries meant that several categories were closely contended and the ‘Breeders Teams’ (consisting of 3 males and 3 females) covered Eurasia, Africa and South America. At the subsequent auction these beautiful fish started several bidding wars, though as usual there were plenty of quality fish to be had at good prices.

A full write up will be appearing in Killi-News. Why not join the BKA and read all about it?

Start planning for the Convention

The BKA Convention is just around the corner, well October 4th to 6th but bookings have already started so don’t hang about. Full details available on the Convention page. We look forward to seeing you there.

North West Group Auction/Show

One of our regional group shows took place on Sunday 5th May. Experienced killi keepers were on hand to chat with about their favourite subject, as well as a small, but stunning range of species were entered for the show. As always the highlight is the auction where BKA members offer their surplus breeders and young fish. Low turnout this year due possibly to the unusual decent bank holiday weekend weather but still an enjoyable day for those who attended. Still one of the best places to obtain quality fish that have been well-cared for.

The new site for the British Killifish Association

Welcome to the official website of the British Killifish Association. We exist to help further the appreciation of the egg laying Cyprinodontiformes – Killifish and we are:-

Dedicated to the study, propagation and publication of knowledge pertaining to Killifish.

Killifish comprise a large group of fish, growing from less than 2cm long to over 20cm. They are found predominantly in sub-Saharan Africa and South America, usually in tropical or sub-tropical zones. But their adaptability has allowed them to spread into temperate areas as well and species can be found in North America, Europe and parts of Asia. From small hill streams and mountain lakes to large rivers, pools, estuaries and even along some shorelines. Most of them are relatively small (under 10cm) and colourful, at least the males are. They have a reputation as being difficult to keep but this is not actually the case. Learning the differences between them can be as fascinating as watching them and many aquarist have fallen under their spell. They are relatively short lived fish but that is countered by the ease with which many can be spawned and raised in modest aquaria. Keeping successive generations thriving is a common aim of the killi enthusiast and the robust nature of the eggs makes distributing them to other aquarists a simple matter. So why not join the BKA?