At the Management Committee Meeting on 15th April 2020 the decision was taken to cancel this year’s Convention.

Our concern was and is the Covid-19 situation. As anticipated and confirmed today by Government, movement restrictions are likely to remain in place until June and may continue beyond that in some areas. This will undoubtedly affect our ability to carry out preparations in a safe, lawful and timely manner. We also took into account that travel plans and booking time off from work are likely to be affected in unpredictable ways. Many of our regular attenders are elderly and we do not wish to put them, or anyone else, at increased risk. The uncertainty is unsettling for all of us and on balance we did not see that delaying a decision offered any tangible benefits.

Relevant third parties will be contacted within the next week to inform them of the decision. We will shortly be consulting the full membership on the 2021 Convention to see what would attract more people to the event.

Our apologies for any inconvenience and/or upset caused. Please stay safe.

BKA Management Committee

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