Home Page of the British Killifish Association

Home Page of the British Killifish Association

Aphyosemion ogoense – one of many beautiful Killis.

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Welcome to the British Killifish Association. We were officially formed in 1965 by a group of avid killiphiles who met at The Three Horseshoes, Witton Lane, West Bromwich on Sunday 20th June. Twenty one members elected officers for a Management Committee. But the meeting may never have taken place without the prior efforts of Mick Packwood. Mick started a newsletter back in 1964. A main order of business at that first meeting was the formation of a group of 12 experienced breeders to propagate new species and keep them in the hobby. The Chair of that committee was tasked with the job of obtaining those ‘new’ killis. The emphasis on trying to retain killi species in the hobby remains a core objective of our Association.

BKA members over the years have organised or participated in numerous collecting trips to find killis in the wild, including a number of previously unknown species. They have given their time to conservation projects and collaborated with zoos, public aquaria and ichthyologists to advance our knowledge of killis (informally considered to comprise all egg-laying species of the order Cyprinodontiformes – the tooth carps). The same order includes the livebearers and many aquarists keep species from the two different groups.

Despite what might appear to be a niche specialisation, it is worth noting that killis can be found from high altitude Andean lakes to sea-level estuarine marshes. From the tropics to temperate zones in water that can range from highly acidic to strongly alkaline and from almost pure to almost saline. They range in size from a couple of centimeters to over twenty centimeters and include insectivores, planktivores, omnivores and piscivores. The range is huge and whatever your water conditions there are killi species that you can keep.

Please browse around our publicly accessible pages for a flavour of this fascinating group of fish. And when you’re ready head over to the Join us page to sign up. The world of Killifish awaits!

Andy Patel (Chair)

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