Plesiolebias bitteri

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B.K.A. New Pamphlet No.4

Name: Plesolebias bitteri Costa, 1990

Remarks: Costa (1991) is not sure of the generic name of his species: it is distinctive from the other Plesolebias by osteological characters, the frontal scalation and the number of circumpeduncular scales.

Sub genus: None

Etymology: Dedicated to F.Bitter, a German aquairist, who 'discovered' the fish.

Type locality: Paraguay, without any more detail ( aquarium fish imported with no precise origin from Paraguay to Germany).

Synonymes: Cynolebias spec. "Paraguay"; Seegers, 1988.

Related Species/group: Plesolebias lacerdai and Plesolebias glaucopterus.

Scientific Key Datas: D = 11-12; A = 17-18; LL = 27-29 G-type frontal scalation

Common name: None

Populations/aquarium: "Paraguay"

Biotope: No information; most probably, temporary body of waters.

Distribution: Unknown.