Aphanius anatoliae

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B.K.A. Information Pamphlet New Series No.1 November 1991

Name : Aphanius anatoliae anatoliae (Leidenfrost, 1912) with 3 other subspecies: splendens, transgrediens, sureyanus.

Sub-genus: none.

Etymology: from Anatolia (Anadolu), the asiatic part of Turkey (origin).

Type locality: Jazla Jazla, in the Lykaonic steppe, near Karaca Mountains, Central Turkey.

Synonymes: Cyprinodon anatoliae Leidenfrost 1912, Cyprinodon lykaoniensis Leidenfrost 1912, Aphanius chantrei meandricus Aksiray 1948, Aphanius chantrei obrukensis Aksiray 1948, Aphanius chantrei flavianalis Aksiray 1948, Aphanius chantrei aksaranus Aksiray 1948, Aphanius chantrei meridionals Aksiray 1948, Aphanius burduricus iconii Aksiray 1948.

Related Species/group : Aphanius chantrei

Scientific Key Datas: D=9-14; a+9-15; LL=26-29 n=24.

Common name: Anatolian pupfish.

Populations/aquarium: Beysehir Golu, Egridir Golu, Aksaray.

Biotope : springs, brooks, marshes and rivers, in an area of ancient lakes (pre-pleistocene); dwells near banks in fresh and brackish water.

Distribution : surroundings of Great Salt Lake, Tuz Golu, an other neighbouring lakes; Menderes and Upper Sakaraya Rivers.

Advised especially for : experienced hobbyist.

Maintenance and Breeding : should be kept in hard tap water, with 1-2 teaspoons of sea salt; breeding is not difficult in F1, but becomes harder and harder; hatching period is about 6 to 12 days; fry do not swim before their yoke is consumed, then they eat Artemia nauplii; growth is slow; frequent water changes, a must.

Max. size : Male 40mm. Female 50mm.

Life span : 30 months.