BKA Management Committee

Chair Steve Davidson chair@killis.org.uk
Membership Andy Frew 01555 880 409 support@killis.org.uk
Editor Jim Warner 0208 769 2738 editor@killis.org.uk
Website William King 07754 700 925 webmaster@killis.org.uk
Treasurer Glyn Cartwright treasurer@killis.org.uk
Secretary Paul Carter secretary@killis.org.uk
Social Media Paul Wyatt socialmedia@killis.org.uk
Despatch Jim Sutton despatch@killis.org.uk
Species Maintenance John Holt speciesmaintenance@killis.org.uk

Contact all the MC contact-us@killis.org.uk

Membership enquiries to Andrew Frew
Articles for inclusion in Killi-News should be sent to Jim Warner

Please note that should you be unsatisfied with the actions of the MC and have not been able to resolve them we have an Ombudsperson Ted Sedman ombudsman@killis.org.uk